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Letters to the Editor

I just wanted to say thank your for publishing the recent article about the real Jesus. The essay was well researched and written.

At times when the mention of Jesus is seen as taboo, I applaud your courage to make this story available to your readers. It is a message that all need to hear.

Merry Christmas,

/s/Shawn Stone
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Hidden Valley
Escondido, CA

To the Editor,

In a day when the news media spins articles and "shades the truth" it is refreshing to have a newspaper that is committed to the truth and not political correctness. Our country was founded upon its citizens discussing the facts and arriving at the truth. Sad to say, our current culture has lost its drive for the truth and is engrossed in moral and spiritual relativism. You showed real objectivity and courage to publish the article on the historical Jesus. Jesus Christ has a message that our people and country needs to hear! It is a message of hope and reconciliation.

Thank you

/s/Walt Neiswender
San Diego County, CA.

Thank you so much for publishing the article on Jesus, especially during these Christmas holidays when life's busyness sometimes keeps us from the true meaning of the season. I encourage you to continue to include articles of this nature in The Paper.

Merry Christmas,

K. Johnson
San Diego County, CA.
I just finished reading Mr. Gomez's article on "The Historic Jesus". It was so well written, very informative. But most importantly, I wanted to thank you for publishing it. Being a Christian myself, I'm so often offended by the depiction of Christians and who we believe in and frustrated with the censorship of such writings. Once again, thank you. I look forward to other such articles.

Nancy Snow
San Diego County, CA.

Gold Fever

Just recently I began to read your paper and have found the articles both enlightening and entertaining....I arrived here from Las Vegas, NV., actually from the Atlantic coast, but I had to move on as the recession (more likely major depression) has forced me to go further in search of employment.

Nevertheless, I persist and persevere in the hopes that something (idealogical or financial value) will have made this suffering seem insignificant. Then my life would have meaning to me and my family.

Now the purpose of my letter is, after reading the front page article (Escondido's Gold! December 16th, 2010 Volume 41-No.50) by Frank Lorey, I am intrigued by Mr. Lorey's writing of local history. As a homeless man of fifty one years of age, and living in the streets having to rely on the services or support of the local Christian Missions and whatever other services I can get a hold on; I am tempted to go search for gold.

I want to ask if it is possible to communicate with Mr. Lorey for the purposes of drawing some ideas that will give me guidance as to where to mine for gold? I would like to ask him some questions and maybe he will provide me with answers.

And if I struck it rich! Enough money for myself and my family, the rest I will donate to charities, I will do so, as I am not an extremely selfish or egotistical person.


Brother Benno Foundation

Editor’s Note: Thank you for writing. We will forward your email, your email address and phone number to Mr. Lorey.

Another Gomez Fan . . .

Dear Paper, please give my email to the writer of the Jesus article, Frederick Gomez.

I like the way he writes and his photo and biography were way too cool! I would love to know more about him! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

My name is Jennifer O'Reilly.
San Diego, County

And yet another . . .


I am writing about your recent paper in which you published an article about the historic Jesus. Thank you.

In spite of the fact that a significant majority of Americans claim to follow Jesus, many in the media consider Christains to be superstitious and ignorant and anything that might encourage them to be dangerous.

Kevin Relyea
San Diego County, CA.

A Prize Winner!

Greetings, Lyle!

I was your November winner of the $250 gift certificate from Gem N' Loans. I redeemed it at the Oceanside store where the employees were VERY friendly and enthusiastic.

Thank you!

/s/Anita Palmer
San Diego County, CA.



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