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Untitled Document Places Where We Like to Eat . . and Why
by lyle e davis

Those who know me know that I haven’t missed a whole lot of meals. I enjoy good food, good drink, and good service.

There are a number of excellent places in North San Diego County where we often dine. You can usually find us at one of them for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes, dinner.

In no particular order, we like:

The Broken Yolk Cafe in San Marcos (also a location in La Costa). Outstanding service with waitresses that are not only very attractive but they all come with a built in smile and cheery disposition. The menu is outstanding but they are only open till 3pm so it’s breakfast or lunch here, not dinner. Portions are so generous that we often have to ask for a box to take the rest of our food home and enjoy it either later that day, or the next.

Jalapeno Grill, Escondido: Long time restaurateur, Ray Alto, he of the famed Fireside Restaurant (which we sorely miss), and also the owner of La Tapatia, opened this restaurant near Grand and Centre City Parkway in Escondido. The wait staff know us so well there that they automaticall order the Mini-Prime-Rib sandwiches when I walk in; lately, however, I’ve fallen in love with another superb dish, the Salad Bowl with Chicken Asada; you also get your choice of any or all of Lemon White Rice, Black or Pinto Beans, Picdo de Gallo, Cotija Cheese, Jack and Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce and Mexican Crema. All for $5.95!

When in the mood for Italian you’ll likely find us at Dominic’s, in the Regal Theatre Shopping Complex. Here again, the staff knows me well enough that when I walk in they automatically order the Italian Sausage with Peppers. It comes with a side of Spaghetti . . . and they start you out with a dipping sauce and tasty breadsticks that will often ruin your appetite because you eat so many of them before your entre arrives. No problem, that which we are unable to eat, we take home in a box and eat it the next day.

If in the mood for Mediterranean, we head over to Paradiso, also in the Regal Theatre complex. Typically, we order the Chicken dish with Greek Salad.

If we want good ‘down-home’ cooking, we head for Charlies, located at 210 N. Ivy Street, in Escondido. Fridays, we often get their Fish Dinners . . . with mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetable, and soup. Other nights we ‘ll pick up Liver and Onions . . . also with salad and soup.

Another restaurant we love, but don’t get to as often as we like, is Carmela Cucina Italiana - as the name suggests, excellent Italian food . . . but my favorite there is Chilean Sea Bass; also, do NOT miss ordering Carmela’s soup. They are out of this world!

If we’re in the mood for Mexican, we hit the Acapulco in Escondido. We don’t care for the San Marcos location nearly as much as the Escondido one. The ambiance and the decor - the food just seems to taste better here.

For Japanese, we head back to Escondido and one of our favorites, Kansha Restaurant, at 212 E. Grand. I’ve known Oshi for years and his sushi is always fresh and it’s watching a master artist at work when he prepares your dish. Prices are reasonable and, being a family owned and operated restaurant, offers a very comfortable atmosphere. A lot of sushi restaurants I don’t care for . . and thus don’t frequent. Reason? They’re too expensive. Sushi should not be an expensive dish. Oshi has held the line. We started with Oshi when he and his wife owned Daruma on East Valley Parkway . . . and we followed him downtown. For those who aren’t into sushi, he also offers chicken and/or beef teriyaki and several other dishes. Beer and wine (including Sake) only.

There are a lot of other restaurants in North County. We’ll be reviewing them from time to time. Doesn’t matter if they advertise with us or not. If they do, that’s lovely. If they don’t, we still patronize them and if they put out a good product and good service . . . you’ll be the first to know about it.

Once in awhile we run into a bad restaurant. Bad food, bad service, etc. When we do . . . we just dont write about them. Those we enjoy, we’ll tell you about.

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