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 Commentary December 2nd, 2010     
The Editor

What a Deal!

The headline reads:
Park Investors make concessions . . .

Let’s see if I have this straight:

A group of investors, headed by a Mr. Moorad, has bought the Portland Beavers, a AAA baseball club in Portland, Oregon. He wants to bring this team to Escondido, California but he wants Escondido to pay $50 million to build a stadium to house his team. He will not give Escondido any revenue from ticket sales, parking, concessions, or naming rights. He wants minimal rent for the use of the facility and Escondido should not even think about using the facility, that they paid for, for any use whatsoever, once the ballclub has finished its season.

But the investors are willing to make concessions in order to persuade city officials that this is a good deal.

They are going to let us keep 10 acres of land we already own.

That is big of them. It sure makes me want to sign on the dotted line. Not.

They also say they’ll ‘guarantee’ any costs beyond $40 million, which should leave us $10 million, plus $5 million they’ll pony up for infrastructure, to cover other costs. Oh, and they’ll increase their lease from 20 years to 30 years.

Councilmember Olga Diaz and Councilman Ed Gallo don’t like the deal. Newly elected Mayor Sam Abed, apparently does. Councilmember Marie Waldron has reservations but remains open to the deal. A swing vote could be the appointee the council may appoint to fill out Sam Abed’s unexpired council term of two years. (If the council can’t agree on an appointee by December 31st, guess what folks? We have one of those special elections and get to spend another $400,000).


My compliments to my fellow Kiwanian, Dave Geary, owner of Dave’s Computer Repair in Escondido. This guy gets things done! He is probably one of the biggest boosters of the military there is . . . and with good reason. He’s a retired Air Force man . . . a Disabled Veteran who served his country with great honor. He has a son and two daughters, all in the military . . . a family tradition, as it were.

When there is a project that will benefit the military, Dave jumps on board and gives it all he’s got. Thanks to his efforts, there are 355 boxes headed for Afghanistan to brighten up the Christmas season for many of our military folks. You can read a more detailed account in our Local News Section. The story begins on Page 5.


Sad to report that we’ve just received a notice that our just retired Mayor, Lori Holt Pfeiler, will have to answer to the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) regarding her trip to Denver as a guest of the San Diego Chargers and/or Palomar Pomerado Foundation, to wit:.

In the Matter of Lori Pfeiler, FPPC No. 10/489. Staff: Commission Counsel Zachary W. Norton and Special Investigator Paul Rasey. Escondido Mayor Lori Pfeiler failed to disclose, on her 2009 annual Statement of Economic Interests, a gift of travel from the Palomar Pomerado Health Foundation, valued at $27,685 in violation of Section 87207 of the

Government Code (1 count)

Total Proposed Penalty: $200. (I hope she just settles it).

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