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Chris, the Diagnostician And the Amazing Repair Shop

ChrisIt stand to reason that if a fella has been involved in mechanics since he was just a kid, he’s gonna learn the craft pretty well.

Meet Chris Green. He’s been doing mechanical work since 1992 . . . that’s 18 years ago when he first started as a rookie. He’s come a long way since then!
He’s attended all types of courses, has all types of certificates, and learned the business so well that in 2003 he bought the building where his business is now loacated, built a staff and has a tremendously loyal following.

He started out at Swee’t Auto Repair . . . began to go to various schools, got all of the ASC certificates (That’s Automotive Service Excellence) to folks like you and me.

He grew up in Southern California, moved to Valley Center in 1980, then to Escondido in 1989, and is now back in Valley Center.

On occasion, you’ll find his wife, Ashley, and the two kids, five-year-old Grayson, and six-year-old Brenlyn often visiting daddy at the garage. The kids show only a slight interest in automotive things . . . they’re really more interested in playing with the employees and dear old dad. The kids love to come to work with daddy, but Brenlynb is in school now, so it’s usually Grayson who occasionally shows up a couple days a week.

There are four employees at Advanced Auto Electric, two of whom are mechanics, one service writer and one trainee who, like Chris, is starting out as a rookie with Chris being his mentor.

Like Chris, the mechanics have all kinds of proficiency certificatesl. They are well trained, have lots of electric and diagnostic equipment, smog check equipment and all the tools of the trade.

A sure sign they know what they are doing, and doing it well, is that they do a great deal of work for area auto dealers such as Honda, Mazda, and Audi. They’ve given their stamp of approval so that’s a pretty good sign that this is a good place to take your car for all your service needs, whether it be smog, electrical, or to diagnose that elusive problem or noise your car car is making.

They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and you’re always greeted with a friendly smile from Chris and his crew. Check them out. They are located at 127 S. Andreason Drive, in Escondido. You can reach them by phone at: 760.489.1789. All major credit cards accepted.

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