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Dear Editor-

Today, Oct. 19, 2010, I was notified from friends that your paper has officially endorsed the American Independent Governor candidate Chelene Nightingale


Thanks for having the courage to do so! We in the National Veterans Coalition,, founded by Charles Jones III, Brig. General, USAF, retired, have endorsed Chelene Nightingale as well.

On June 5th, at the "Phoenix Rising" rally at the Arizona State Capital, the NVC presented Chelene Nightingale the "America First" award for her long standing fight against illegal immigration and always putting 'America First.'.

The NVC also awareded this award to Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Oct. 27, 2008, at the same location. The NVC will also be presenting this same award to another Constitution Party candidate for Governor ... this time in Colorado... Tom Tancredo.

We believe, that CP or AIP candidates, running for local, county, state & federal offices nation wide, are our only hope to restore 'constitutional government' back to the people. Both corrupt, monopolistic political parties have squandered the constitution. Why reward these corrupt politicians and political opportunists (like Brown & Whitman) with our one precious vote? George Washington said, "If, to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disbelieve, how can we afterwards defend our work? It is our task to raise a standard to which the wise and honest may repair, recognizing that the event is in the hands of God."

In other words ... the Father of our country is saying ... “Just do your duty and leave the results up to God.”

We are all duty bound. This election is not about 'political parties' or, voting for the 'lesser of two evils' or for mere political expediency. It all comes down to principles and what we really believe in.

Thank you again for endorsing Chelene Nightingale.

/s/Larry Breazeale
Msgt.,USAF, retired, Deputy Sheriff LASD, retired, Nat. Chrm. National Veterans Coalition
Anaheim Hills, Calif., 92817

San Marcos Schools

The San Marcos Schools have been steadily improving for the last 25 years. Why is that? I believe it is because the School Board, the Superintendent and teachers in the district set common goals centered on student learning and teacher excellence, and they actively work to reach and refine those goals. Board members Sharon Jenkins and Beckie Garrett have individually invested countless hours within the District prior to serving as Board members. Both women are committed to providing an excellent education to all students in San Marcos, and at the same time are working to keep the district fiscally solvent.

Making decisions for a school district when times are tough requires a detailed knowledge of the educational process, creativity to look for new ways to accomplish established goals, and the courage to make cuts when there are no alternatives.

I know Beckie Garrett and Sharon Jenkins have experience and integrity. They listen carefully to all issues before making decisions. Both women have the capacity to see the big picture, and know when to pay attention to the details. Let’s vote to keep them on the School Board.

/s/Tanis Brown
San Marcos, CA

More Kent Ballard Admirerss

Please pass to Kent Ballard, the cover story writer from September 10, the Lockheed PV-2 story.

Tell him that I was "buzzed" by a Lockheed Neptune in the traffic pattern of South Bend, IN, back in 1971. It was a Naval Reserve aircraft out of NAS Glenview, near Chicago. I was in a Cessna 150, solo. The Neptune came underneath me at 250 knots and pulled up right in front. The noise of its engines was unbelievable.

Thanks for the wonderful story of the old WWII Naval Aviator who was able to ride his Lockheed for the final time.

/s/Philip Conroy
Location Unknown

Doesn’t Like Nightingale

After reading that The Paper was endorsing Chelene Nightingale for governor as a protest vote, I can't help but wonder just what you thought you were protesting.

Nightingale is a bankrupt ne'er do well with no credentials of any kind, and a recorded history of dishonesty. She has no law or financial background, and hasn't held a paying job in many years, can't get along with other parents and teachers so she allegedly homeschools the kid, and finds that chemtrails are one of California's bigger problems.

Don't get me wrong; I do agree with protest votes. However, it seems rather ludicrous to protest the choices offered up from the big two who are inarguably both really bad, by supporting the worst of the third parties offerings.

Davi Rodrigues

Doesn’t Like Horn

Dear Editor:

We have a clear choice for Supervisor in this election.

Bill Horn has been in office for 16 years. He thinks it’s OK to use our tax money to make sure he gets reelected year after year. He thinks it’s OK to reward his friends and turn his back on everyone else.

Steve Gronke opposes the Supervisor slush funds. He believes that a supervisor has a duty to all the citizens of San Diego County, not just his supporters.

Let’s show our county that ethics matter. Vote for Steve Gronke for Supervisor.

/s/Patrice Lucas
San Diego County, CA.

For San Marcos School Board

In the past three years, despite staggering budget cuts, San Marcos has seen its API score rise more than 70 points! This is no accident and is the result of hard work on the part of many - our students, teachers, support staff and school board.

This year two of our school board members, Beckie Garrett and Sharon Jenkins, are running for re- election. Beckie and Sharon, along with their fellow board members, have worked tirelessly on behalf of all of our San Marcos students and it is clear that what they are doing is working.

I urge my fellow San Marcos residents who support our community's goal of educational excellence to vote for Beckie Garrett and Sharon Jenkins on election day.

Heidi Schloss
San Marcos

Board Elections

San Marcos schools have seen tremendous growth in student population, to the point that some schools have more portable classrooms than permanent. The state budget crisis has resulted in 30 to 40 students in each classroom, yet still our San Marcos students are excelling. Teachers are doing more than ever with less than ever, but state test scores for San Marcos students have risen dramatically over the last 4 years. Is it a coincidence that Beckie Garrett has been a School Board member for the last 4 years? Or does it just make sense that Beckie Garrett’s leadership on the School Board has led to these achievements? After all, no one has more experience with San Marcos schools than Beckie—she has been a parent of two kids in San Marcos schools, teacher of thousands of San Marcos students over 20 years, administrator at Cal State San Marcos, and now President of the School Board. Beckie wants to serve our city for 4 more years and we need to make that happen. Visit, and you will definitely agree.

/s/Anna Winn
San Marcos, CA.

Objects To Crime Coverage

In the October 14, 2010 issue, it was reported that certain individuals were arrested for solicitation of prostitution and the suspects' names and towns were given.

Why is this of any importance in the scheme of things newsworthy?

I am tired of seeing the results of these sting operations for prostitution charges and then on another article the names of suspected violators caught at DUI checkpoints are not given.

Which person is more dangerous? I challenge you to print this and justify such "reporting".


Ralph Graves
Escondido, CA 92027

Editor’s Note: While we agree with Mr. Graves’ assertion that drunk drivers are every bit as dangerous to the public as prostitutes, if not more so, we will continue to publicize the names and hometowns and, when available, the photos of the arrested prostitutes. We would do the same if we had the name and/or photos of those arrested for DUI - but they are not supplied to us by law enforcement.

Search and Rescue Cover Story

Great article, well written and accurate. Thank you for bringing such favorable attention to our Bureau.
Rick Osgood, RV534
San Diego Sheriff’s Department SAR Tactical Unit
San Diego, CA.



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