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  Senator October 21st, 2010     

Sen. Wyland

Silly Bills, Silly System
By Senator Mark Wyland (R-Carlsbad)

Everyday, legislators waste time voting on measures that fail to address our deficit and focus on all of the wrong things, such as developing methods of reducing overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and spending $4 million over the next three years to teach people how to dial 9-1-1.

We must hold legislators accountable for not only their spending addiction, but also for the lack of ability to prioritize. Everyday in Sacramento, politicians waste time on bills that fail to address finding a long-term solution to our structural deficit. Churning legislation through a “bill factory” is no way to govern.

I have introduced legislation that will reduce the amount of work lawmakers complete on bills, and increase the amount of time we spend on the budget. Unless we change this bill factory mentality, I believe we continue failing Californians by not offering you the government you deserve. It’s time we hold government accountable for how they spend your time and your money.

Sen. Garrick

No-Tax Green Jobs Alone Can’t Fix California’s Hostile Business Climate
By Assemblyman Martin Garrick 

More than 1.3 million Californians have lost their jobs since 2007. While some are victims of a global recession, others are victims of a hostile state business climate.

There are many politicians who talk about: “jobs, jobs, jobs.” But all we hear about from Democrats is growing “green” jobs. The problem is that these jobs are often taxpayer-subsidized and come at the expense of the private sector. Recent reports show that so-called “green jobs” make up less than one percent of our state’s workforce.

Yet in our state’s zeal to promote the creation of green jobs, lawmakers are actually damaging the rest of the economy. It is extremely short-sighted for lawmakers to continue to pass laws that promote green jobs, but hurt the manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and aerospace industries – which employ vastly more Californians.

If we are to grow jobs and expand our economy, we need to get government out of the way of the free market. Green jobs alone can’t lead our state out of recession and fix California’s hostile business climate. We need to set free the small businesses that are the heart of our economy if we are to succeed in getting people back to work.

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