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 The Paper’s View on the November 2nd Electioner October 21st, 2010     

At the local level we’ve had a very difficult time reaching a decision as to who to endorse, and who to pass by.

The problem is, we’ve got so many candidates who are simply outstanding. One has to, as in the case of Escondido, for example, just try to endorse and vote for those candidates one thinks will do the best for the city.

In Escondido, we have as candidates for Mayor, Dick Daniels, Sam Abed, both Council members, Tom D’Agosta, a former Council member, and newcomer, Joe Bologna.

At the council level we have Marie Waldron, a Councilmember, Ed Gallo, a former Councilmember, Jim Crone, Jason Everitt, Richard Barron, Lori Holt Pfeiler, our present Mayor and former councilmember, and Carmen Miranda.

As to the Council candidates:

We like Marie Waldron’s strong Conservative stance and her equally strong stance against illegal immigration. Marie, however, is not good about returning phone calls or being on time to meetings, sometimes missing them altogether. It has almost become one of her trademarks.

Ed Gallo is also a strong Conservative voice and is not only prompt about returning phone calls and keeping communication lines open, but he is always at the forefront as a volunteer anytime a public event that benefits the city is staged.

Jim Crone is a brilliant businessman, a developer, he controls millions of dollars in real estate assets and understands the business if doing business. He gets things done. We would probably rate him as a Moderate Conservative.

Richard Barron is also a businessman . . . of the International type. He has worldwide clients, is well spoken, and an attractive candidate. This is his second run for a Council seat.

Lori Holt Pfeiler has been an outstanding Council member and Mayor for 18 years. But, she retired. Or she said she was going to retire. And then, on the very last day, she filed for City Council. I think that may come back to hurt her. She is exellent at building consensus, mediating disputes and, in her own quiet manner, gets a lot done.

Jason Everitt is a political newcomer but we think he has an excellent political future. He is well-spoken, studies the issues and explains his positions well. He has drawn the endorsement of the Fire fighter’s Union, as has Marie Waldron.

Carmen Miranda is a political newcomer without a large or impressive set of credentials that would suggest she is ready for a Council seat.

The Paper is endorsing Ed Gallo and Jim Crone.

As to the Mayor’s Race:

We are sorely vexed at this choice. Three of the four candidates are outstanding, with impressive credentials. Joe Balogna is a newcomer and very pleasant person. We just don’t think he has the necessary experience for a Mayor’s chair.

Tom D’Agosta is a longtime successful businessman in Escondido, part of an old, well respected family. He is also a former Councilmember. He has a sharp businessman’s calculator mind, has some outstanding ideas that he could try to implement as Mayor. We were impressed with his presentations at several of the Mayor’s Forums.

Dick Daniels, a present Councilmember, has the endorsement of Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler, and has had since the day Lori announced she would not run for re-election as Mayor. Dick is a public relations specialist, is very good at what he does, easy to get to know, to talk to, very approachable, and readily explains why he did or didn’t vote a certain way. He is also endorsed by the North County Times and the Union Tribune.

Sam Abed, also a present Councilmember, has been aggressively seeking the Mayor’s chair for two years. He has an impressive list of endorsements from prominent area citizens and organizations and is widely respected. He was trained by IBM and has a marketing background, is very amiable, and easy to talk to.

The biggest question we have is, what could Sam Abed do as Mayor that he can’t already do as a Council member? We think the answer is . . . probably nothing. If Sam is elected, then we lose Dick Daniels’ years of experience as a Council member, and he has been a good council member. Further, if Sam is elected we have to either have a special election to fill Sam’s unexpired Council term, or the Council has to appoint an interim Council member to serve the unexpired term of Abed. Presumably, should that happen, the Council, in its infinite wisdom would likely appoint the next highest vote getter. But, as we have learned all too often, one can’t predict what political types are likely to do, or not do.

For these reasons, we make a difficult choice between three candidates, all of whom we consider good friends.

To our mind, Sam Abed and Dick Daniels would both make outstanding Mayors.  It’s a tough decision. 

We find them both qualified and will not make an endorsement at this time.

San Marcos:

Mayor Jim Desmond is running unopposed. We have a sneaking suspicion he just might win.

The Paper endorses Jim Desmond for Mayor.

San Marcos City Council:

Running for Council seats are sitting Councilman Mike Preston, Councilman Chris Orlando, challenger Krystal Jabara, Mike Hunsaker, and Mike Hansen. Preston has been a long time member of the Council and has the respect of friend and foe alike. He is very approachable, responds to even the toughest questions the press has, and represents the city well; by contrast, Chris Orlando does not return phone calls, will not respond to requests for comment on issues and is not very approachable.

We are impressed with a fresh new and energetic face on the horizon in Krystal Jabara. She has a passion for issues that is refreshing.

Frankly, we don’t know much about either Hunsaker or Hansen; we’ve received no press releases from them, have seen no signage (maybe that’s a good thing).

The Paper endorses Mike Preston and Krystal Jabara for City Council seats.

Other endorsements:

No candidate for Mayor or Council returned our questionaire. No recommendation.

No candidates for Mayor or Council returned our questionaire. No recommendation. We do, howevever, endorse for:

Treasurer: John O’Reilly

No candidates returned our questionaire. No recommendation.

Palomar College Trustee
Mark Evilsizer
Michelle Nelson

Escondido Union School District
Royce Moore
Linda Woods
Joan Gardner

5th District Board of Supervisors
No Recommendation
Palomar Pomerado Health District Board
Bruce Krider
Ted Kleiter
Jerry Kaufman
Steven Yerxa

County Assessor/Recorder
David Butler

A Yes
G Yes
19 No
20 Yes
21 No
22 Yes
23 No
24 No
25 No
26 Yes
27 No

State and Federal Issues:

We can’t remember ever having such poor choices from which to pick a Governor. Whitman or Brown - in our judgment, one is just as bad as the other and either would be terrible for California.

We cannot, in good conscience, endorse or vote for either of them.

The Paper endorses a dark horse, Chelene Nightinggale, Independent. She won’t win, but represents a protest vote on our part.

We feel a strong sense for a change in government; in some instances, a general housecleaning, a bringing in of new candidates that hope to change the actions of government, at every level, city, county, state and federal, where the people are not listened to. Where self interest and special interests appear to be in the driver’s seat.

We believe, for example, that the Tea Party is real, that Independents and Libertarians are beginning to be listened to. The Tea Party folks, nationally, have already demonstrated that they have some political clout and are acquiring more; further, if the government and its elected leaders don’t listen, they will only grow in numbers and in strength.

The November 2nd election could well be a bellwether for what is to come in subsequent elections.

The Paper endorses for:

Lieutenant Governor:
Pamela Brown Libertarian
Secretary of State:
Tony Strickland
Attorney General:
Steve Cooley
Mimi Walters
Insurance Commissioner:
Mike Villenes
US Senate:
Carly Fiorina
49th Darrell Issa
50th Brian Bilbray
51st Nick Popaditch
52nd Duncan Hunter
53rd Michael Crimmins

State Senate
36 No recommendation
38th Mark Wyland
40th No recommendation

State Assembly
47th Martin Garrick
48th Nathan Fletcher

Board of Equalization
Michelle Steel
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
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