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  Senator September 9th, 2010     

Sen. Wyland

Budget Drill, Baby, Drill
By Senator Mark Wyland (R-Carlsbad)

Historically, before any real work is completed on the budget, legislators are forced by the Liberals who rule the Legislature to perform a charade called a “budget drill” where they put up a budget to vote that they know will never pass. Budget drills typically involve a great deal of finger pointing and political grandstanding.

As someone who relates more with average Californians than I do with legislators, this procedure is a joke. I find it extremely disappointing that this dog and pony show is credited for what initiates the first of legitimate budget conversations.

Instead of performing a budget drill, the Legislature needs to drop the act and work on finding real solutions to balance the budget. I want to know what you think about budget drills, so email me at or leave me a message on my Facebook page. I want to hear your ideas for turning California around.

Sen. Garrick

Budget Delay Drags on Past Labor Day, as Democrats Insist on Tax Increases
By Assemblyman Martin Garrick

This year, California’s government is very close to entering uncharted territory. The budget is more than two months overdue, and is now the second latest in state history. We just had Labor Day weekend, and the Legislature’s most important job is still not done.

Californians have a right to be frustrated. But they also need to be aware of what is holding things up. The budget stalemate revolves around two simple questions. Should taxpayers pay more to fund big government when the economy and state revenues decline? Or, should lawmakers force the bureaucracy to reduce overspending and live within its means?

This week, Republicans presented a budget that sets priorities and preserves funding for education and public safety; reduces wasteful spending we can’t afford; and doesn’t raise taxes on working Californians. Democrats presented a budget that spends billions more than we did last year, even though the state is bleeding red ink; doesn’t root out waste, fraud and abuse; and includes massive middle-class tax hikes on income, cars, oil and jobs.

Neither plan received the votes needed to pass. As the budget stalemate drags on past Labor Day, it’s long past time for Democrats to join Republicans to finish our most important job. Californians deserve and voters demand that we pass a responsible, balanced, no-tax budget.

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