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  Senator September 2nd, 2010     

Sen. Wyland

IOU = YOU Owe the State
By Senator Mark Wyland (R-Carlsbad)

While it's not necessarily bad that we don't have a budget, because that means Republicans are holding the line on taxes, the unfortunate consequence is that many private businesses are bracing for IOUs issued by the state. Even worse, the state refuses to give these entities a break, passing out IOUs, but not accepting IOUs in return. It’s a ridiculous double standard.

That is why I’m co-authoring Assembly Bill 1506, which would force the state to accept its own IOU as payment. It's only fair that government takes this small step to accept some of the responsibility for their overspending, and give IOU recipients a break.

I presented the bill to the Senate and was pleased to see it pass unanimously. But I need your help to ensure the Governor signs AB 1506. Please email your letters of support to me at I’ll make sure they’re delivered, and we implement this crucial taxpayer measure as soon as possible.

Sen. Garrick

Sacramento Democrats Focus on the Frivolous
By Assemblyman Martin Garrick

California’s budget is more than 50 days overdue, and the state is facing a cash crisis. The Controller has warned he may have to soon issue IOU’s to vendors and taxpayers.

Republicans stand united behind a responsible plan that sets priorities and reduces spending through reform. Consider that Medi-Cal recipients currently pay nothing for health care. Adding a $3 to $5 co-pay for prescriptions, and standard co-pays for doctor visits, could save $300 million annually. Taxpayers also pay $5.7 billion to In- Home Supportive Services providers for basic care for low-income Californians. This program is ripe for fraud and abuse. Adding a doctor certification could save $750 million dollars. Republicans have also proposed reducing CalWORKS – the program that provides cash benefits to welfare recipients – by $1.6 billion. There have been recent reports of welfare recipients being caught using government- issued debit cards at casinos and strip clubs. Even in the face of these abuses, Democrats have rejected reform.

Instead, they are pushing the same income, sales and car tax hikes rejected by voters last year. If Democrats don’t like our ideas, they must propose their own. There is no excuse to impose massive tax increases on middle-class Californians, while rejecting reform.

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