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 The Computer Buzz September 2nd, 2010     

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Factory


Each month we review our PC configurations price sheet to be sure that we are optimizing value and performance. There are over three hundred CPUs available from Intel and AMD. Combine that with all the available options in RAM, hard drives, optical drives, audio, video and network interface, cases, power supplies and all the potential features available on the motherboards and, in theory, we could build a PC for each of the 7 billion people on this planet without ever duplicating a configuration. To keep things simple we design five configurations ranging from business basic through high-end workstation.

The components that we use are very different in quality from the ones you’ll find in name brand “package PCs.” Our motherboards are made by ASUS, number one in quality worldwide. We use Western Digital hard drives, year in year out the most reliable. We buy lifetime warranty RAM with Micron or Samsung chipsets. The higher quality pays off with fewer problems and returns. Power supplies, optical drives, speakers, keyboards, and mice are selected for reliability based on our fifteen years of experience building personal computers.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) manufactures a complete line of CPUs in competition with Intel. AMD covers the range of applications from home PCs through gamers and design workstations. The reason we select AMD CPUs as our primary PC engine is simply that at any given price range, AMD CPUs simply outperform Intel’s. Fewer than 10% of the PCs we build are “Intel Inside.”

Our basic home or business workstation features the dual core AMD A5000. This is the PC that I use every day to run our business. With a 1300 Passmark, it’s equivalent to the Intel Core 2 Duo E6420.

The Computer FactoryThe Athlon2 X 250 drives our intermediate workstation. This dual core processor with Passmarks of 1700 is equal to an Intel Core2 Duo E7200.

Our triple core workstation uses the AMD Athlon 440 X 3. This CPU scores a Passmark 2600. Its Intel equivalent is the Intel Core2 Duo E8600.

Next is our quad core workstation with the AMD Quad Core Phenom II X 955 (black edition). With Passmark score of 4000 it is equivalent to the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450.

The fastest of our five basic workstations is powered by the six core AMD Phenom 6 X 1055 with Passmarks of over 5000, its performance equal is the Intel Core i7 860.

That’s our line-up for September. To make comparisons easier, all the higher end systems on our configuration sheet are priced with 4Gb of DDR II 1333 RAM and 500Gb hard drives. Increased RAM or hard drives are options. Operating Systems too are options, if you already own an XP, Vista or Win 7 you may not need to buy a new OS, if not we have them all.

Compare performance benchmarks on components at If you’d like to design a system by selecting your own components, we’ll be happy to build it for you.

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