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Broken Yolk Cafe’s Recipe for Success

Over the past several weeks we’ve shared with you some of the vital ingredients to the resounding success of the Broken Yolk Cafe’s, both at their long-time La Costa location as well as their brand new location in San Marcos.

We introduced you to the lovely and efficient wait staff, the food servers and runners that make the service flow so smoothly.

But behind all this is the man in charge of turning out the fantastic, taste tempting menus that you enjoy at breakfast and for lunch.

Head Chef, Victor Sencama

Meet Head Chef, Victor Sencama.He’s the man that makes it all come together.

Victor has an outstanding track record of preparing and serving the finest of foods in a wide variety of cuisines.

His training was tops.He was Head Chef at the La Jolla Country Club, Head Chef at the Del Mar Country Club, and served for two years at the La Costa location of the Broken Yolk Cafe.

When Oscar Babb was charged with the responsibility of designing and staffing the all new San Marcos location of The Broken Yolk, he knew he wanted only the top personnel.The best of the best.As his Head Chef, he chose Victor.

Clearly, North San Diego County has taken to Victor’s menu.

Oscar Babb, General Manager

It appears, then, that this is the magic formula:

a.Top management.That’s handled by Oscar Babb, who has been in the food service industry throughout Europe and America.

b.Top Chef.That’s covered by Victor Sencama.We’ve just discussed his impressive credentials.

c.Top food servers and wait staff.That we’ve addressed in a prior article, including photos of the lovely wait staff.

d.A top location.Bingo!You have it at both locations.The all new Broken Yolk Cafe in the Grand Plaza at 101 S. Las Posas Road, San Marcos, or the Broken Yolk Cafe just a few furlongs away from Del Mar at 7670 El Camino Real, Carlsbad.

Plenty of free parking and you are always promptly seated by your hostesses!

At either location you’ll dine as though you were High Royalty (which, of course, you are).

Attractive, taste tempting menus ensure that you’ll never leave a Broken Yolk Cafe hungry.They are very generous with their portions and the food is prepared just so. Top Management, Top Chefs, Top Wait and Service Staff, Top Food, it all adds up to a great and pleasurable experience.

Bon Apetit!


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