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North County Local News



Illegal Alien Rape Suspect Arrested With Help From GPS Tracking Bracelet

On Tuesday, July 13, 2010, at about 9pm, the Escondido Police Department received a call from the father of a 15-year-old female stating that his daughter was raped. According to the victim, an unknown Hispanic male entered the residence in the 500 block of West 9th and forced the juvenile to the back bedroom of the house. The suspect locked the bedroom door, raped the juvenile, and then left the residence. The father told officers the incident took place earlier that day. The victim delayed reporting this to the police until she spoke to her father. Through further investigation, it was learned that the suspect was the victim’s step-mother’s cousin that the victim never met.

Wenceslao Mendez

After receiving the suspect’s name, the officers learned that the possible suspect was Wenceslao Mendez, 34, of Escondido. Through further investigation, officers discovered that Mendez was outfitted with a GPS ankle bracelet due to a pending deportation hearing. Once again, an ICE Officer partnered with an Escondido Police Officer was able to give specific directions that led to Mendez’s home in the 1100 Block of South Escondido Boulevard.

With the help of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Officers, assigned to the Escondido Police Department, the suspect was located and safely taken into custody on the rape charges.

Without this technology and the assistance of the ICE Officer, it is likely that valuable evidence could have been destroyed and the suspect could have fled the country.

Mendez was booked into Vista Detention Facility for Rape, Rape under the age of 16 years old, Molest, Penetration by Foreign Object and Residential Burglary.  An immigration hold was also placed on Mendez by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.     

If you have any information regarding this or any other case, please contact the Escondido Police Department Dispatch Center at 760-839-4722 or the Anonymous Tip Line at 760-743-8477(TIPS).

You may also go to our Website at www.escondido.org/police.

Escondido Police Looking For Out Of Compliance Sex Registrant

On July 06, 2010, The Escondido Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for an out of compliance sex registrant. On June 29, 2010, Escondido Police received a tip that Benjamin Martin Dillon was possibly on his way to Escondido from another state. Escondido Detectives began working the case and were able to confirm that Dillon was indeed out of compliance with his requirement to register as a convicted sex offender.

Dillon is described as a white male, 35, 6-06, 210, brown hair, blue eyes. Dillon has numerous tattoos:

Lower Neck, “Bethany” with skulls

Right shoulder, Skulls

Right hand, Skulls

Dillon may also be on his way to the Valley Center area. The information that assisted the Escondido Police Department in obtaining a warrant for Dillon was a result of an anonymous tip from the “Megan Law” web site. There are several areas on the Megan’s Law web site that allow you to leave information, “Report information to DOJ”. That report is then forwarded to the most appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.

The public can obtain a photo of Benjamin Martin Dillon by visiting the Megan’s Law website at:

http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/     and entering, “Dillon” in the search box.

The public may also view other registered sex offenders that may be living in local neighborhoods via the same website.

San Diego Padres to Escondido - “Build Us A $45 Million Stadium - Or Else”

As we were putting The Paper to bed we received news of the discussions between the City of Escondido and the San Diego Padres that the San Diego Padres would agree to bring their Minor League baseball team to Escondido in two years provided Escondido would build a $45 million, 9,000 seat stadium and not only absorb all the construction cost but to give all concession and naming rights revenue to The Padres.

Councilmembers Sam Abed and Olga Diaz did not like such as short time frame and high pressure tactics.  Abed pointed out his reluctance to committing that much revenue, which would drain almost all of the redevelopment revenue for 25 years with no guaranteed return on the investment.

Diaz joined Abed in complaining that to commit to building a stadium within two years did not give the council adequate time to study the issues, the financing, to weigh this investment against other options.

The deal does not involve placing the issue before the voters.  The Council would make the decision.  Thus far, both Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler and Mayor Pro Tem Dick Daniels have expressed support for the idea, in principle and concept, but are awaiting further input as to how and where the revenue would be derived for such an ambitious undertaking.  Council member Waldron is back east on a family medical emergency and was unavailable for comment.

A $45 million bond issues is in the early talking stages but observers point out that the interest on such a bond issue could easily raise the cost significantly.  Abed said the interest on the $45 million bond issue could easily raise the cost to $90 million.

That the city is even considering such an ambitious program in untested waters came as a shock to many political observers, given the sad shape the city’s budget is in.  The Council expects more input from staff, as well as the public.

Medical Examiner’s Office Identifies Carlsbad Body

The Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that a body discovered during a welfare check at a private business office in Carlsbad is that of Carlsbad City Treasurer Harold V. Mc Sherry.

Carlsbad police officers were contacted by Mr. Mc Sherry’s son and asked to do a welfare check at his home. When he was not found there an additional check was made at his personal office in downtown Carlsbad. Police detectives and members of the Medical Examiner’s office were called in to investigate.

There were no signs of criminal activity or foul play at the scene. While the specific cause of death has not yet been determined by the ME’s Office, Mr. Mc Sherry’s death has been classified as a suicide.

No further details are available at this time.

Escondido Police Looking For Help Regarding June 25th Shooting

On Friday, June 25, 2010, at about 9:40pm, an Escondido Police Officer in the area of 700 North Broadway heard several gunshots. Several officers arrived in the area to check for suspects or victims. Officers quickly discovered that Sylvia Gonzales, 29, of Escondido had been shot in the abdomen. Gonzales was transported to Palomar Medical Center.

Witnesses at the scene told officers that a white four door sedan pulled up to the group standing near the Hacienda Motel, 735 North Broadway, and fired several rounds in their direction. The vehicle then left in an unknown direction. The suspect was described as either a Hispanic or Black male.

On July 8, Palomar Medical Center called the Escondido Police Department to report that Gonzales had died.

The Escondido Police Department believes there may be more witnesses to this shooting and are asking for the public’s help. Crime Stoppers has agreed to assist with this investigation by offering up to a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect(s) in this case. You can contact Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477 with information about this case.

If you have any information you may make an unidentified call on the “Anonymous Tip Line” at (760) 743-TIPS (8477) or via the website at:  www.escondido.org/police.

Bone Marrow Transplant Needed Urgently

Joe Tosto, Jr. of Carlsbad, has contacted The Paper for help in securing a bone marrow donor for a close friend of his, George Chappel, of Folsom, California.

Both Tosto and Chappell hail from the Cleveland, Ohio, area and wound up meeting one another while both were stationed with the US Air Force in Phu Cat, S. Vietnam.  They have remained friends ever since.

They spent one year together, from 1969-1970.  Chappell worked as a Fuels Specialist with aircraft that sprayed Agent Orange and was exposed to it on a regular basis.

Chappell developed cancer and had to retire from his last job.  The Veteran’s Administration has determined he is 100% disabled.  Most recently, it was learned that he needs a bone marrow transplant to live.

Several years ago, a close friend of The Paper, and a deputy with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, Bobby Rivera, mounted a San Diego County campaign to identify and recruit Latinos who were willing to donate bone marrow.  It had been concluded by medical specialists that the Latino population has a difficult time in finding compatible bone marrow. Rivera’s campaign was very succesful and he received much praise for his efforts.  It happens that Chappell’s mom is Latino and his dad is Caucasian, thus bone marrow from Latinos is particularly likely to be a match. 

Chappell is scheduled to have a bone marrow transplant at Stanford Univeristy Center for Cancer as soon as a match is found.  Chappell has a rare lymphoma, has received chemo treatment for the past 11 months and is continuing treatment for as long as possible until a match is found.  A bone marrow transplant is the only possible cure for this ailment.

Parties interested in helping, or learning more about it, are suggested to contact:. 

www.marrow.org registry

This is the national bone marrow registry and you may join here as a bone marrow donor. 

Tosto says of his pal, “This is an opportunity to help a man live, that served our country, also in a time when many in our country did not support what was going on in Vietnam.  George, like many others, did his duty!”

Escondido Police Department Conducts DUI Saturation Patrol

The Escondido Police Department conducted a DUI saturation patrol Friday, July 16, from 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM.  The emphasis of this saturation patrol was to detect drunk drivers and those with suspended, revoked, or no driver’s license and to continue the education / awareness campaign on the dangers of driving impaired.

The following activity resulted from this saturation patrol:

•             5 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs

•           16 field sobriety tests were administered

•           61 traffic citations were issued

•           12 vehicles were impounded for drivers who were arrested, did not have a driver’s license, or had their driving privilege suspended.

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Body of Missing Jogger Found in Escondido

The body of a missing jogger who was visiting from Sweden, was found Monday morning by Sheriff’s deputies, following a tip.

The tip led them to the 28400 block of Mountain Meadow Road where the body was found at the bottom of a drainage ravine and was shielded from view by heavy brush.

Reza Lavasani Dana, 33, a Swedish tourist, was on vacation and staying with a friend when the two went jogging about midday Thursday. The friend lost sight of Dana and reported him missing a few hours later.

There was no obvious signs of trauma to the body, detectives said. Searchers had combed the area last week before suspending the search Saturday.

Randy Freer, who owns the property, said he was shocked by the finding.

Gang Members, Many of Whom Are Illegal Aliens, Arrested

Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel, in a multi-agency enforcement operation targeting transnational gang members in the San Diego area, arrested 31 people, including a number of illegal immigrants, in a countywide, anti-gang operation last week.

The week-long operation, which concluded Friday, is the latest local effort as part of Operation Community Shield, an ongoing ICE initiative to target, investigate and arrest gang members and gang associates operating in our local communities. Of the 31 individuals arrested during the operation, 22 were members or associates of gangs based in San Diego, Vista, Escondido and San Marcos, said ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack. Of the 22 gang members, 10 will be prosecuted on various criminal charges and the rest are scheduled to be deported.

Among the people arrested, four were U.S. citizens and the rest were foreigners from Mexico, Iraq, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Can A School Bond Issue Pass? In This Tight Economy?

In spite of high unenmployment, a down economy and voter disenchantment with all levels of government, the San Marcos school trustees have plans to put the largest bond in the district’s history on the ballot.

Jared Boigon of the consulting firm TBWB, says the district can do it.  Boigon, hired by the district to gather information to help the board decide on whether to pursue a bond, said voters will probably embrace a property tax increase to pay for schools if they understand it's important.

Trustees last asked voters to approve a bond in 1996, when residents supported a property tax increase that brought the district $23 million for school construction.

Voters in Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, Poway and Vista have supported bonds in recent years, while the Tri-City Hospital bond issue failed for the third time in a row.  Many voters are now questioning their support of the Palomar Pomerado Health District Bond, given the many cost overruns and claims of misrepresentation to the electorate to get the bond passed.

Gaining the trust of the electorate could be the key to passing the bond many observers say.  To that end, a committee of campaign volunteers will be tasked with making voters understand that the school bond is a way to retain local control of their tax dollars and convince them that the money will be spent responsibly.  Presently, a 55% vote is needed to successfully pass a bond election.

As presently structured, the bond would pay for $384 million in improvements throughout the district, including the reconstruction of San Marcos High School. District officials said an additional $45 million would come from local community facilities and redevelopment districts, with the remaining $52 million coming from the state.

Property owners would pay about $44 for each $100,000 of the assessed value of their property to pay for the bond.

That cost appears to be reasonable to the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, which on Friday endorsed the district's bond proposal, said Superintendent Kevin Holt.

The superintendent met with the association and various other groups in a number of meetings in recent weeks to talk about why the district is asking for a property tax increase.

People interested in joining the committee can contact his office at 760-752-1294 for information.

"I personally feel that we'll continue to have the support of the community and be successful in November. I really have the sense that this community wants to see the bond pass and see the schools meet all the modern standards and safety requirements," Holt said about the new bond.

Boigon agrees that gaining voter acceptance will be a difficult task.  "I think there's a lot of skepticism about government these days," he said about just one of the challenges ahead.

The Search Is ON for Celebrity Look-Alikes

Has anyone ever said you look like Brad Pitt, George W. Bush, Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey or Simon Cowell?  If so, the Temecula International Film & Music Festival wants you!

Send a look-alike picture of you to TVIFF, 27393 Ynez Rd, Suite 262, Temecula CA 92591, or email festival@tviff.com by Monday, August 30, 2010. There is no entry fee.

Save the dates September 15-19, 2010!  It’s 5-day long celebration of amazing films from all across America and around the world, stimulating master classes, panels and workshops, red carpet, star-studded gala affairs, afterparties and non-stop live entertainment you won’t want to miss. 

The 16th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival runs September 15-19, 2010 at The Movie Experience Theaters at Tower Plaza Center and is presented by Cinema Entertainment Alliance, a non-profit arts and education organization dedicated to celebrating world cinema and music. Tickets will be available to the general public August 30, 2010.For more information about the Festival, visit www.tviff.com or call (951) 699-5514.



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