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 The Computer Buzz July 22nd, 2010     

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Factory

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Let Us Have It,

We Can Take It

Most of us don’t mind spending for new clothes, furniture, appliances, cars, vacations, restaurant meals and a host of other things that pleasure us. We do mind spending money in order to get something we’ve already bought and paid for to function like it was supposed to in the first place. Heading the list of unpleasant and unplanned expenses would probably be auto repairs. A close second would be spending money to fix your PC.

PC repairs may not be as expensive as car repairs but they can be even more annoying. PCs that are snail slow, won’t open programs or access the WWW and suddenly crash, can drive you bonkers. Finding that your PC has been successfully infected by a petty criminal protected by the government of some cash strapped, third world, Eastern European hellhole of a nation can ruin your whole day.

It’s only human nature to feel betrayed and abused when, through no fault of your own, your trusty PC goes sneakers up. When you bring your PC to us for repair, it’s possible that you may not be your usual cheery self. What happened to your PC shouldn’t happen to any one and it especially shouldn’t happen to you. You are a good person. You pay your taxes, go to church and almost never flip any one off in traffic. Some one is responsible for your pain and frustration and they damn well should pay.

If it’s a hardware problem the PC is probably a Dell or HP/Compaq, (between the two they sell more than half the PCs in America). You could send a nasty email to Mike Dell but he probably wouldn’t see it. If your PC is an HP/Compaq you could wreak your vengeance on Carly Fiorina who was CEO of HP/Compaq through 2008. You could vote for Barbara Boxer in November but for many of us that would be to high a price to pay.

If the problem turns out to be Windows you might feel inclined to curse Bill Gates but he and wife Melinda are out of the day-to-day operations at Microsoft. The foundation they manage spends billions to fight disease in impoverished nations. He’s paid for his sins at Microsoft and we’ve forgiven him. His successor at Microsoft “Monkey Boy” Steve Ballmer, however, deserves anything you can throw at him.

If a virus has done in your PC, good luck trying to find some one to blame.  Malware writers are without name or country and beyond the law. You might rage at the virus scan software that allowed you to be victimized but none of the Internet security packages are foolproof.

So there you have it. You’re standing in our store holding your sick PC with blood in your eye and we are the only people in sight. Go ahead, vent, we’re used to it. It’s part of our customer service. As a matter of fact we may join in with a few expletives of our own. Then we’ll set about making your PC well again. You still have to pay us.

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