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Fitness and Health for ALL!

Back Row - Owners/Trainers Linda Karanewsky, Gary Gregson
with some of their staff

In April of 2009, No Excuses Fitness Training Center opened on Escondido Blvd.

As the founding owners/trainers we were determined to address what we saw as a need – providing a fitness training center where clients of all ages, sizes, ability and background would feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. Now, with one year under our belts, most of the bugs worked out, and a staff of 12 trainers and instructors, we stand ready to face our second year with renewed determination. The success of year one validates our belief that large, impersonal gyms are not for everyone, and that every person working out in a gym is NOT there to become a swimsuit model!

At NO EXCUSES, we have put together an “interesting” collection of equipment, instructors and trainers. While our inventory includes state-of-the-art Hoist, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength resistance equipment, we also use truck tires, sledge hammers, heavy ropes, balls, clay, stretch bands and steps to help members and clients achieve their goals.

Our staff covers a wide age range (21–60 years) and experience level (newly certified to more than 25 years experience).

We feel that because our members and clients are so diverse, our staff also needs to reflect diversity. While the “old timers” have experience under their belts, the “newbies” bring a refreshing and exciting array of work out techniques to our training center. Our staff also includes trainers who have themselves dealt with physical disability and extreme obesity, and can work with clients and members to address their own issues in these areas.

We are a collection of trainers - some with more, others with less traditional experience - but all attempting to educate our clients about health and fitness.

Our tools may vary - from boot camps to hula hoops, bench press to bosu ball, treadmill to kickboxing – but we all educate while we train. Our goal is to create a client who understands the why as well as the how of their exercise regimen. Our fitness center is a safe, clean, non-judgmental gym where men and women of all ages and abilities are welcome to work with or without a personal trainer to reach their goals.

We stand by our name. Never been in a gym before? Don't know a lat pull from a pec fly? Self-conscious about your weight? On a budget? Think you're too old to work out? Have a physical disability?
There really are NO EXCUSES not to put yourself and your health first.





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