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 Commentary May 20th, 2010     

The Editor

Bits N Pieces

Kudos to Harvey Mitchell, the always smiling CEO of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce. Harvey’s smile is particularly broad these days, thanks to one of the most beautiful days we can recall in Escondido Street Faire History.

The Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club of Escondido had a booth at the Faire; Evelyn and I volunteered to work our shift from 1pm to 3pm. Wanna guess who worked the 1pm to 3pm shift and who went shopping? (The First Two Guesses Don’t Count!)

No complaints. We had a wonderful time with our balloon car races with the children, each of whom got to keep the balloon car after he or she had run their ‘race.’

Evelyn managed to drop a copper or two into some of the vendors of the Street Faire; later, after she got back, I took a walk and got to shake a paw or two of our various candidates for political office. Of course we also bumped into a lot of friends who are not running for political office as well.

Well done to Harvey Mitchell and his brilliant Escondido Chamber of Commerce staff. I think there was substantial evidence that Harvey has a direct link to the Boss Man Upstairs who blessed us with such fine weather. Gentle breezes, lots of sun, no heat . . . just balmy weather.

We at The Paper are pleased to announce we are expanding into Temecula/Murrietta as well as Orange County. Our website, has a presence in both communities and we have hard copies of The Paper in the Temecula area as well. Welcome to these new readers. Send us your story ideas, your local news, and your various events and we’ll let the readers in your area as well as here in North San Diego County know what’s going on up your way!

Our county is being invaded this coming weekend by some refugees from the midwest - a town by the name of Omaha.

Seems there’s a bunch of ‘kids’ who graduated from Omaha Benson High School and they’re out her for a reunion.

I’m one of those 'kids.' Katie, bar the door! We shall have a reception in Escondido Friday afternoon, another reception in La Jolla Friday, night, and a dandy dinner in La Jolla Saturday night. We’re gonna have a great time!

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