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Commentary Gleanings

Lyle, would it be possible to get your Commentary Column in the April 29th issue in electronic format so I could send it to everyone on my e-mail list?

I agree with you 100% and I suspect a lot of my Escondido Open Carry members feel the same. It was well written, true and cut right to the bottom line of our current Society's problems.

/s/Gerald Reaster
Escondido, CA.

Editor’s Note: An electronic copy has been sent to Mr. Reaster, as well as a note pointing out that all items published in The Paper may be retrieved from the website at:

Items that have already been published in prior weeks can be found by going to the index, (left side of website, near the bottom), clicking on that, then searching on the date and/or title of the issue in which the item appeared.

Another Fan


You publish such great stuff and you’re writing abilities are beyond belief. You must have years and years of experience.

I enjoyed seeing the Catalina Airport; have only flown out of there once, but was born in Avalon.

Great stuff you publish. Thanks!

/s/Wayne Cooney
Escondido, CA.

Yet Another

Kudos on your realistic analysis of subject in your April 29th issue of The Paper. We've elected politicians who have fashioned an insidious conspiracy to transform America to their image by whatever means it takes. Note the number of advisors and "Czars" that serve and are accountable only to a President of questionable background and obvious intentions. If they and self serving politicians can't be suppressed at the ballot box, it might take a peaceful, nonpartisan citizen's revolt for the country to save itself, as the mainstream media ignores or misrepresents the "Tea Parties".. God help America!

/s/Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA 92078

Proper Decorum

For several years, I have been embarrassed by the way today’s women are clothed; tight short skirts with bosoms protruding out with little left to the imagination. I have said nothing. For months I mused over a program seen on public television CSPAN-1. A young lady was interviewing Supreme Court Justice member Clarence Thomas. Distinguished Thomas was in a dark suit with a white shirt and tie. The woman interviewer’s naked legs stuck out like two elephants in the room. She was sitting directly across from this public judicial member. I was embarrassed by her public displace of legs in this type of setting.

I am seventy-seven and have a tolerance for just about all the new rules for female behavior, even some unladylike habits at social events. Unfortunately the dress style for women in business is not my cup of tea. Specifically, the short attire of the television reporters and interviewers are an insult to the eyes of this viewer.

Today the 28th of April on C-SPAN2 (just before the British Parliament debate) at the “Federal Budget Deficit and Nations Debt Conference,” Leslie Stahl of CBS was interviewing Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskin Bowles about the Federal Budget and our national budget crisis. Her dress length was inappropriate. Ms. Stahl’s skirt was half way up her thighs with two naked legs taking up half my television screen. She was sitting off stage to the left of Simpson and Bowles. The audience was full of conservatively dressed businessmen and women. Not seen were sleeveless dresses, shirts with flowers, strips, and psychedelic designs. I hope that Ms. Stahl was cold and uncomfortable sitting on stage for such a long time with her naked legs occasionally covered with only her 8x10 piece of paper.

/s/Lita Bowles
San Marcos, CA.

The Warning

Hello again Lyle:

I read your commentary in this week's paper regarding your predictions on guerilla warfare and I have to say BRAVO!

Excellent writing and insights. I have shared it with many. Thanks for it.

/s/Amber Winckler
North San Diego County


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