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Featured Merchants April 8th, 2010


Silvergate Retirement Homes Announces A Spring Special!

That might well be the slogan for the brilliant, innovative introduction of a modern business to our marketplace. It’s even more amazing to see the business owners who follow through not only on their plans but their promises.

A little over eight years ago this July a young man, Vince Sedio, saw a need and decided to build a company to fill it. He put his money where his ideas were . . using the money his parents had set aside for his college fund. He did his research, built a solid business plan, and with the help of his father, who had an engineering background, built the company. Today, that company is Palomar Broadband and they are serving all of North San Diego County as well as Warner Hot Springs and Barstow with their High Speed Wireless Internet Service . . . and serving the entire nation with their Nationwide DSL service. Their service includes email and troubleshooting networks.

One of many things that makes Palomar Broadband unique is that you actually get to talk to local technical people whenever you have a question or a problem. You will not be talking to someone in India, or Pakistan, or some third world country. You’ll have direct and speedy access to local, highly trained technicians who speak your language! And you can expect on-site service, at no charge. Yes, everything is supported locally!

While the primary focus of Palomar Broadband is their high speed Internet Service, they are rapidly expanding their company into their Nationwide DSL network. Their eight employees are highly trained specialists who know how to get things done. You can sign up on their website or over the phone for DSL. With the high speed Internet wireless service, they will promptly come to your home or office and do an onsite installation. Wireless service is usually finished within one to two days, DSL within three to five days.

Wireless service starts as low as $44.95 per month, DSL as low as 19.99 per month. Palomar Broadband has the lowest cost DSL packages available so get with them for their service. Visa & Mastercard accepted; for information, go to their website: - or
call 760.749.1335

Above, Vince Sedio, Owner, Palomar Broadband.
The Palomar Broadband Staff









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