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Public Pulse April 1st, 2010

The Editor

Dear Sir,
It was only last fall that I discovered your periodical, The Paper, at the entrance to the Albertsons supermarket in San Marcos. Since then I eagerly look for it each Saturday.

I have enjoyed every edition I have read. In particular, I most enjoyed the one on Route 66, having made that trek just once in September of 1959. Starting in Maryland, near Baltimore, and heading west via then Route 40, I connected with Route 66 in St. Louis. I was surprised that your itinerary did include Gallup, New Mexico, which I remember as very interesting when passing through. My destination was Vandenberg Air Force Base on a company transfer for an ICBM testing program. I have been in California ever since.

On another note, your more recent treatise on the Mormons was also interesting. I have worked for and with a number of Mormons in local industries and found them to be very friendly and trustworthy, with just one exception. In your very thorough article, where you identified a number of contemporary persons of local and national interest, I assume you probably did not have room to include more, but here is one name that is the first ever I became aware of, Marriott. In my neighborhood, in Maryland, they were known as the owners of a chain of cafeteria style restaurants called The Hot Shoppe, serving excellent fare at very reasonable prices. Later on I observed that the first of their hotel enterprise arose in Alexandria, Virginia, in the 1950's, in what later became known as Crystal City, because of all the other tall glass structures that surrounded them. And now here in San Marcos, we will soon have our very own Marriott Residence Inn on Las Posas near Highway 78.

I do not know how far ahead you must do your research nor if you take to accepting suggestions but in view of your excellent works which I have read, may I suggest a subject, namely Freemasonry. Being a Mason myself, like the Mormons, which I am not, we are aware of some misconceptions about our Fraternity. However, as I am sure you know, some of the prominent founders of our country were very involved with Masonry. With that in mind, on, or about, the upcoming July 4th birthday of our nation might be a fitting time for such a subject. If you have need, I can identify some reliable resources. Of course, if you Google or global search the subject you can find a seemingly endless list, both pro and con.

To conclude, I would like to subscribe to the The Paper.

John F. Anderson
San Marcos, CA

A Newbie

Recently moved from Fallbrook to San Marcos, have been reading your paper for about a year now, even submitted a letter once. Something happened at approximately 0300 hrs on 03-27-10 across the street from Bradley Park. Road was blocked off, over ten sheriff's vehicles, paramedics and ambulance were on the scene. When I asked a deputy while parked in Bradley Park lot, he refused to state the reason but I did see someone hugging a deputy, screaming and saying "why!?" Looked like a homicide to me, possibly gang related. Your readers especially in San Marcos might want to know about this incident. I sure would since I might have made the wrong move from Fallbrook to San Marcos. (Your assumptions are correct; please see our Local News where we describe the incident). Another thing you might want to post weekly are "blotters." I grew fond of the Fallbrook Bonsall Village news publishing weekly blotters.

/s/Ray Carney
San Marcos, CA.

Letter to the Editor

Bill Flores, a retired assistant sheriff and member of El Grupo; and Tina Jillings, co-founder of the Vista-based Coalition for Justice, Peace and Dignity. "Get Over It!" The Chief's Job is to protect all of us. I also hope the police chief continues to do his job, and I also hope he and the Escondido Police Department really realizes who supports them. I'll bet it's over 85% of Escondido Residents. Thank you ‘Chief Jim Maher, Thank you Escondido Police Department!

/s/Wally Gutierrez


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