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Public Pulse March 11th, 2010

The Editor

Why the Secrecy, PPH?
You Are a Public Agency

Palomar Pomerado Health And The Brown Act

Lyle: I attended a PPH Facilities and Ground Committee meeting at noon on February 8th. I had to sign-in with the receptionist in order to attend the meeting. This bothered me because I thought the public could attend a public meeting under the Brown Act without having to sign-in. Then I was surprised by the subject matter of agenda item 4. Agenda item 4 lists: PMC West Medical Office Campus Update - Gerald Bracht, Bob Hemker. The presentation for item 4 was actually made by James R. McCann (the ERTC Developer), and the presentation related to approval of the building footprint for a medical office building campus next to the new hospital in the ERTC. PPH would argue that they gave the legally required notice for item 4. However, I doubt anyone in the public was given notice that James R. McCann was presenting a proposed building footprint for committee approval. Late last Friday afternoon, I received a second revised agenda packet for PPH’s Board meeting held on the next Monday, March 8th. That second revised agenda packet that added item VI.B. about the PMC West Medical Office Building Update, and included 11 color slides relating to the JRM-proposed buildings. This was bothersome because a member of the public looking at the original agenda, or the first revised agenda, would not have been informed of the new item. Also, the first revised agenda packet added item V.G. about revising the wording of a motion approved in a prior meeting that authorized spending $200,000 on three ExpressCare clinics outside of the PPH district boundaries. That matter is now in litigation with TriCity. At a previous meeting of the Finance Committee held on Tuesday, January 26th, the ExpressCare clinics were discussed in closed session as a "trade secret." However, the locations and cost ($150,000 each) of these ExpressCare clinics were openly discussed in a Strategic Planning Committee meeting held on Saturday, March 28th, 2009, under item 8 - Geographic Expansion of Market. How did that public information later become a trade secret?

/s/Robroy R. Fawcett
Escondido, CA

Hiding Facts From the Public?


I only recently found out that the developer (JRMC) for the ERTC has submitted medical office building plans to PPH with a vote pending this past Monday (3/8/10).

I actually don't mind the idea of offices vs. what could have gone onto the site, but these Facility and Grounds Committee meetings are held without public knowledge or input. I also found out that another developer had submitted plans just south of the brewery and tried to make improvements to the property because of runoff issues. These improvements were not allowed by the owner JRMC and resulted in underground storage onsite that would need to be pumped at their own expense. The entire development was done to minimal requirements for undeveloped property and therefore it probably would require the owner (JRMC) to upgrade the rest of the property causing him to expend profits from his sale of his office property back to PPH.

Not sure if you are aware but JRMC was fined heavily during the development of the ERTC because of his negligence and unwillingness to build things properly.

The no-bid contract between PPH and JRMC is in addition to a $28 million ($1 million per net acre) to be paid to JRM-ERTC. This comes at the taxpayer expense yet trying to get the developer to honestly perform his normal commitments has been a horror story. I'm sure most people at city hall would admit the same. It took me over five years to get them to honor landscaping on the adjoining neighborhood to the west of the development where I live.

My main issue is the developer and his lack of professionalism along with PPH and their hidden agenda that prevents public participation, especially when they are using our tax dollars for their development. I would have hoped that there could have been some involvement by the neighborhood that is being heavily impacted.

When I tried to get information from city staff about the project they knew nothing about it and couldn't provide any information. I know this property has its own general plan, but you would think that the city would be involved as well as residents.

/s/Mark Rodriguez
Escondido, CA.

Clarification of Comments

Lyle: I should have mentioned the "Mountain Meadow Tragedy" when I said what the Mormons did in the the name of Christ. I also implicated Christopher Columbus for what he did in the name of Christ. I hope my comments didn’t hurt anyone's feelings and they don`t try to shut down your paper.

I`m sure the Mormons and the Spaniards are all God-loving people today and they don`t do the things that were done century's ago. I just wanted to make a point on the many misleading event that occurred in the name of "religion" which is the very thing that had Christ crucified. Amen?

PS: May The Paper live to tell many, many more true stories to educate people in all walks of life.

/s/Angelo Caruso
San Diego County


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