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Special Feature January 28th, 2010

Mama K - A Survivor - But Where Are Her Puppies?
Looking at her today, you would never know that just three short days ago “Mama K,” as she has been dubbed by the Escondido Humane Society staff, nearly died from being poisoned by rat bait.

Mama K was brought to the Humane Society on Monday afternoon by a good Samaritan who found her on the Pala Indian Reservation.

Hemorrhaging and weak, she couldn’t walk or even stand and fell over as Humane Society medical staff came to her aid and rushed her into emergency surgery.

At first diagnosis, it was believed her hemorrhaging was a result of recently giving birth. They found eight placental marks, meaning she had given birth to at least eight babies within the past five days. But when she continued to bleed after her emergency spay surgery, her diagnosis quickly became more dire: she had been poisoned by rat bait. She was transferred to California Veterinary Specialists, who gave her a complete blood transfusion to save her life and treated her accordingly. She had been through a lot and her prognosis was very guarded. She wasn’t responding to treatment and had to be force fed.

She came back to the Humane Society to continue her recovery and then, just three short days later she was up and walking around and charming staff with her sweet disposition and her penchant for talking.

Sadly, her eight puppies are missing. There is no way for the Humane Society to know what happened to them or if they have been able to survive without their mother.





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