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Public Pulse January 28th, 2010

The Editor

Likes The Paper

I'm responding to Poway's Greg Davis’ Letter to the Editor in your January 21st issue.

I must be missing something? I've been a fan of The Paper for many years and the thought has never, ever occurred to me. I don't know how any reasonable, unprejudiced thinking person could come to his conclusion about The Paper. I imagine that it would be difficult for any news media to always be politically correct with the approval of everyone.

It's good that Mr. Davis realizes we have the freedom of not having to read things to which we don't agree. He should feel comfortable reading the unbiased New York or L.A Times.

I never cease to be amazed how The Paper can come up with such interesting and informative feature articles week after week after week. Kudos and keep up the good work.

/s/Henry M. Sanford
/s/San Marcos, CA 92078

Read-O-Lution Book Drive

Dear Mr. Davis & Ms. Madison:

I wanted to take the time to e-mail you both to thank you for considering the "Read-O-Lution New Year Book Drive" event in The Paper. I just saw it on the website and I am going to pick up some copies for press clippings.

Many thanks coming from a young public relations/communication professional as myself living in Escondido, I am happy to see that child literacy can endure, especially in communities such as Escondido, and that we can focus on how important it is for many.

Best Wishes,

Carmen M. Levenson
Coordinator, Read-O-Lution New Year Book Drive ( Jan 18-30)

Poizner Knows

I went to the Steve Poizner for Governor website which is here and posted the news that you endorsed him (along with links to your website and to your editorial) on their blog. If my post gets past the moderator, you should be able to find it somewhere on these pages:

By the way, you won't be able to vote for him in the November General Election unless he first wins the Republican nomination in the June Primary, to be held on Tuesday, June 8, 2010.

Best wishes,

John H. Hansen
San Diego County

Editor’s Note: Thank you. We appreciate your efforts. Happily, we were able to meet with Mr. Poizner at a recent speech he gave and we advised him personally, that he had our endorsement.

You are correct. He needs to win the nomination in the primary. We intend to help him get there. We are very impressed with his accomplishments, both in the world of academics, in the business world, and with his brilliant success as Insurance Commissioner.  He gets things done. That’s what we need in Sacramento. A Doer - not a Talker. We are unimpressed with Meg Whitman. She mouths platitudes and delivers political rhetoric. I’ve had enough of that. I want someone who will deliver. Poizner’s our choice.


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We prefer submittals via email. Please send to: but will accept faxed copies and regular mail. We will, however, screech mightily if and when we receive them because, being lazy, we don’t like to have to retype Letters to the Editor or Press Releases. With email it’s a lot quicker and easier to edit.

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