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  Commentary January 28th, 2010

The Editor 

Mr PennywhistleObservations on These Here Days . . .

Good to hear the Grande Dame of Escondido, Edna Sahm, is recuperating nicely from what appeared at first to be a serious fracture of the hip. When I reached her by phone at Palomar Medical Center, it was the same ol’ Edna, bright and chirpy, a big smile in her voice. Turns out she has a bit of a bone chip and, apparently, a hairline type fracture. She is up and walking and following some physical therapy, will likely return home soon, if she’s not there already. Good news about a great person. (And, she’s gonna celebrate her 93rd birthday on March 3rd!)
Advance warning to all the guys who read the paper. There is a special day coming up in a couple weeks . . . remember Valentine’s Day? You’d better! February 14th is the Magic Day. If you want to do something special for lady, consider taking her to see “In the Mood,” a musical revue from the 1940’s. We’ll have more information on this show as we get closer to Valentine’s Day. Suffice to say that it’s gonna be playing at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, and you can buy tickets now, just in time for the Big Day.

photoSpeaking of entertainment, we are very, very pleased with the direction the North County Entertainment venues are heading. In Escondido, we had Kris Kristofferson last week in a brilliant concert, this week the Center featured Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (see our review on Page 9), the Poway Performing Arts Theatre will be welcoming some big name stars, including Ed Asner, starring in FDR on February 20th, later in the year, Leon Redbone, on April 24th. The Lawrence Welk Theatre currently features Steel Magnolias, starring Cathy Rigby and Michael Larned and, this week only, Vicki Lawrence – Vicki and Mama – A Two-Woman Show, through Sataurday, January 30th. Then, coming on February 4th and running through March 7th, I Do! I Do!

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? The folks who program the entertainment acts you and I get to go see have a good feel for what pleases us. That means more and more great shows coming to North County Every now and then we get a really neat story we like to pass along; particularly if it has a happy ending.

We received an email from a very frightened and sad Kristine Thom. It seems her “little boy, Max” had gotten out of the yard and far away from her home in Escondido near El Norte and Conway.

She spent all day Sunday Jan 17th looking and searching for him... giving out flyers, posting signs. “The next day, we got a tip that someone had found a white dog! So we called and gave them Max's description ... and they said it sounded like him ... but someone had come and claimed him earlier that morning! They didn't have a name or a number or anything on these people. They did say they were maybe in their 40's, white, the woman was heavy set and they drove a nice red car. But this was all coming from an 11 year old girl that they left in charge of giving away our dog.

photoKristine was crushed and heartbroken over the loss of their little boy, Max. Little boy! She asked if we would please run a story and see if someone had found her baby. We were getting ready to do just that whenwe received a second email, which read:

Hello, I had written you yesterday regarding our stolen white pup.. but I am happy to report that we retrieved him yesterday! I think plastering the neighborhood with signs and having the police get involved really put the pressure on them to return our dog to us. We are so very happy! It was kind of a strange situation how it all went down ... but it ended well. Everyone on Facebook, Craigslist, the local groomers and vets, the dog park email list ... and the kind people in that and surrounding neighborhood that kept us hot on his trail ... all culminated in getting our sweet pup back.

I just wanted to pass the happy news along!

Those of us who have had, or have, animals can well understand the heartsick feelings Kristine felt. We’re delighted the news turned out well.
Having written my earlier comments in this column, about the wonderful direction our entertainment venues were headed, and I learn late news that the Escondido City Council will seriously be considering shutting down the California Center for the Arts, Escondido (God! What a clumsy name!) That’s one of the very difficult recommendations made by the Council Budget Subcommittee of Mayor Pro Tem Dick Daniels and Councilmember Olga Diaz. No one wants to see this, least of all them or, indeed, the full council. We all have friends who work within the city departments and the Center for the Arts. We don’t want to see any of them go . . and we don’t want to see the flow of great entertainment interrupted. These are not pleasant times to serve on the Council. Those are tough, tough decisions. We will be crossing our fingers, hoping for a solution.





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