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  Commentary December 24th, 2009

The Editor 

photoGuest Commentary

This article is for everybody who believes it’s time to reign in the political corruption of California’s public employee labor unions. Over the decades, the public unions have built a political machine that has given us unsustainable public employee pensions, benefits unmatched by the private sector, costly protected overtime pay, and the list goes on. Today I will give you the plug to the machine. What you do with it is entirely up to you.

Please ponder these facts for a moment. Whether or not you are one of the nearly 13% of unemployed Californians, you have numerous opportunities to pay California taxes. Your tax money pays a variety of public employees: prison guards, teachers, police, and a host of others. These government employees are then FORCED to pay dues to their respective unions.

These unions receive hundreds of millions of your taxpayer dollars. With these dollars they have built a political machine from some of the best political consultants, public relations experts and politicians that money can buy. Ultimately, this machine is designed to distort truths in an attempt to get even more of your money. It is also used to promote social agendas, as opposed to the welfare, of individual union members.

Take the following as three examples of the machine in action.

In 2008 the California Teachers Association (CTA) gave $1 million in opposition of Proposition 8, thereby supporting gay couples wanting to get married. Teachers outraged by this action were easy to find. What was harder to find is that David Sanchez is the first openly gay president of the CTA. Do you suppose this factored into the CTA’s decision to oppose Prop 8 with a substantial amount of union dues? How would gay marriage enhance the education of our children or improve the teaching environment?

In San Diego County, the Board of Supervisors has come under attack by Service Employee International Union (SEIU). Using paid signature gatherers, SEIU secured 80,000 signatures to bring term limits to the ballot for the board members. Of course the term limits did not seem to be an issue until the board recently laid-off a number of union workers due to budget restrictions. The conservative board seems to believe in fiscal constraint. Do you think SEIU would be advocating term limits if the board was dominated by loyal union-serving officials? Who do you think SEIU will support in the upcoming elections?

This last example wins the prize. The citizens of Oceanside were recently forced to spend $500,000 on a recall election against Jerry Kern even though his term is up next year. The group organizing the recall spent more than $114,000, almost 75% from the Oceanside Firefighters Association. Almost 100% of the balance came from other unions. Why would the firefighters spend their union dues in such a fashion? Could it have anything to do with their contract coming up for negotiations this December combined with a city council that only needed one vote to tip the power in favor of the unions? This was perhaps the most egregious example of power grabbing I have ever witnessed. Thankfully, the voters of Oceanside saw through the smoke. The recall was crushed by nearly a two-to-one margin. Next time a public union wants to fund a recall, perhaps they should also have to fund the cost of the election.

There are many more examples of your taxpayer dollars finding their way to the Public Union Political Machine. So how do we unplug their political machine? The answer is the Citizen Power Campaign, (see for link) which is currently gathering signatures for a November 2010 ballot initiative.
This initiative will restore choice for individual union members. They will no longer be forced to finance political activities. More specifically, this initiative will stop Union Bosses from automatically taking portions of a worker’s paycheck and using it for lobbying. Union bosses will have to ASK their members for voluntary contributions. This is how it works for everybody else in California. If an individual or cause wants our support, they ASK for a voluntary contribution. This is the only way to ensure that our representatives are accountable to the people of California and not just the Union Bosses.

It is time to unplug the Public Union’s Political Machine and with your help we will save California. Will you volunteer to gather 25 signatures? Will you financially support the effort? The cord is in your hand. For the sake of California, give it a yank.

Gary Gonsalves MD
Co-Founder Stop Taxing Us
Carlsbad, CA





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