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PotPourri... November 19th, 2009


Untitled Document

photoOut On the Town . . .

Ol' Lyle decided to treat Ms. Madison to a night on the town last week.

Took her out to dinner and then squired her right on downtown to the Cultural Arts Center, Escondido, where Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" was appearing.

She didn't know who Michael Flatley was or what type of show we were going to see.
"Never you mind," I told her. "Just watch. You're gonna love it."

And, of course, she did.

Big time entertainment has really come to Escondido.

If "Lord of the Dance" comes back this way, go see it! It is a powerful production piece, will have you tapping your toes throughout the performance and wondering how in heaven's name these dancers can keep up with the pace of the show. I found myself thinking . . . "these dancers must keep a half dozen podiatrists (foot doctors) in business." The stress on their toes, feet, and legs must be enormous. Tapping for 2-2.5 hours a night, 6 to 7 days a week, year round . . . (and they often leave one city at 1am, drive all night via seven or eight tour buses and two equipment trucks, try to sleep en route, grab some more sleep during the day, and then start all over again the next evening). These dancers have to be superb athletes.

I also thought of the "glamorous" world of show business. Lots of music, lots of lights, color, lots of money . . . but what a price they pay! They earn it with all their traveling, performing whether or not they feel like it (dancers get headaches and upset tummies too, you know).

But the show! Ah, the show! If you saw "Riverdance" you have an idea of what the show is like. (Michael Flatley never, ever refers to "Riverdance," the show that shot him to fame. There's bad blood between he and the producers of "Riverdance." A bit of a shame, really. But, far be it from me to criticize Mr. Flatley. At last report, he was worth about $360 million. And he's only 51).

photoBasically, you have "the good guy" (The Lord of the Dance) having to fight off the evil intentions of "the bad guy" (The Dark Lord). He and his big meanies harass the little sprite who wants to spread music, cheer and dance, and the bad guy even breaks her flute! At one point, he and his evil cronies (you know they're evil because they all wear black Lone Ranger type masks) even gang up on the Lord of the Dance and steal the belt that proclaims him to be The Lord of the Dance.

Well! That just wouldn't do! The Lord of the Dance musters up his troops and reclaims his rightful title.

All this time there are dozens of very pretty girls who pop in and out on stage and dance their hearts out, often with Irish step dancing, other times with Irish clog dancing. Plenty of guy dancers, too. At a number of points within the show they all wear their tap shoes and tap their hearts out, in absolute unison, so much so that you want to stand and give them an ovation . . . which you do . . . and the rest of the audience does as well. (They always have an encore dance as part of the planned routine of the show . . . so don't get up and go at the first sign the show is over. They'll come back out and dance some more for you. And you'll love it).

Absolute top talent . . . great music, great choreography.

I must admit that though I saw Michael Flatley in the video performance of Riverdance and absolutely loved it . . . I had not kept up with his career and was not aware that he had, essentially, retired and no longer dances. I was looking forward to seeing the Michael Flatley dance. He didn't. He's trained a number of young men to take his place and he created, owns, choreographed, and owns the shows . . which are touring world wide.

When you see it coming your way, or anywhere near you . . . go take a second mortgage on your home and buy a couple of tickets (they often run well over $100 per seat, depending upon your market). It's worth it.

An amazing, entertaining show. Remember, you heard it here first.





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