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Special Feature October 29th, 2009

photoThe Reunion

You will perhaps remember on July 23rd, we did a cover story on our involvement in reuniting a father and son who had not seen each other in 30 years. The son, who lives in Holland, was anxious to make contact with, and meet, his long-lost dad. We played an important role in bringing them together.

The story and background can be found here:

In this morning's email, I received some photos from Holland. The photos were taken at a gathering of the family to celebrate their reunification, held in Valley Center.

You will recall this all happened because of (a) a press release sent to us by Vivian Doering, local attorney and chief (volunteer) publicist for The Paper, and (b) Evelyn Madison, “The Social Butterfly” carrying the item in her column.

It was about four or five years later that Charles Versteegh stumbled across the item in Evelyn’s column. That set off a chain of events that resulted in this wonderful family reunion.

Here are the photos of this handsome family!


Father and son, reunited. Left, Charles Versteegh, right, his father, Frits Versteegh.

Below, Charles Versteegh and lyle e davis, editor/publisher/The Paper

Above, Evelyn Madison, Associate Publisher of The Paper and “The Social Butterfly.” It was an item in her column that made all this happen. Below, Charles Versteegh, lyle e davis, and Corina, Charles’s girlfriend, also from Holland.





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