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  Commentary October 15th, 2009

The Editor 

A Matter of Life and Death
by lyle e davis

As you read this there are seven people in prison, awaiting a death-penalty trial that will almost surely find them guilty and may well wind up with them being executed.

They are imprisoned in Iran for their religious beliefs. They have been held at Tehran’s Evin prison for the last 17 months without formal charges or access to their lawyers. All seven are members of the Baha’i faith.

That’s a little like you being thrown into prison to await a death-penalty trial for being a Catholic. Or a Baptist. Or a Presbyterian. Or a Jew. Not only imprisoned, but likely to be hanged.

Their trial is scheduled for October 18th. Just three days away from today.

There is a large movement afoot, of which The Paper is part, and fully endorses, to help save these seven innocent people who are in danger of being executed. You can help save them:

Go to this website:

You will find the complete story and learn how you can help. It only takes about one minute. You will be offered the opportunity of sending an email to many, many worldwide ambassadors, seeking their help in ensuring justice is found.

For a very graphic, and shocking video, go here:

We are hopeful that people like you will take just two minutes to follow this story and register your concern.

You may, indeed, save seven lives.
We are hopeful that, at long last, we can write the end of the Richard Keech saga. On this same page, in our local news, we report that Mr. Keech is finally home from prison, with his family, there to die amongst his loved ones. He has very little time left.

Thanks to many helpful people like you, pressure was brought to bear to see that a man who defended his daughter and his family, was delivered from incarceration and allowed to return home.

I tip my hat to a fine gentleman, Bob Pendleton, late of Lake San Marcos, now living in Irvine, California. He has been at Richard Keech’s side from the beginning. If I were ever to be in trouble, I’d like to have a friend like Bob Pendleton.

Friends like Bob Pendleton are few and far between and very precious. Bob wrote weekly, sometimes daily, to Keech. They exchanged enough letters that there is probably plenty of material for a book. He also called attorneys, legislators, anyone and everyone he could, to enlist as an ally in getting Richad Keech out of prison. We were one of those contacted and we became believers in Richard Keech and the need to get him out of prison.

It gives us a great deal of pride and comfort to know that we played a small role, a very small role when compared to all the hours and work Bob Pendleton did, in eventually seeing Keech able to come home and to die with his loved ones surrounding. Really, that’s all he ever wanted.

Richard Keech can now die in peace.





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