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Editorial September 10th, 2009


Nothing to Fear . . . but Fear Itself . . .

I've recently received a number of inquiries about the upcoming (as this is written) Presidential Address to children by President Obama. Most recently, from a good friend here in Escondido, one of several who had written me.

Here is my response:

A mutual good friend of ours ran this by me two days ago. I checked it out.

Not only am I comfortable with it, I like the idea. President Obama has already proven he is very efficient at using the Internet. It helped get him elected. If he is putting technology to use to expand education and to motivate kids to study, great!

I regret that some have taken such a negative view of using advanced technology to motivate our students. We need more of this, not less. Already the Asians, and even the Mexicans, are surpassing our students in math and sciences. This is just one reason the Escondido Charitable Foundation recently chose to focus on the theme of Math and Science for this year's grant proposals . . . to help motivate and train our kids.

Some of the negative comments I read remind me of Chicken Little: "The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!"

I may well alienate some of my Republican friends but that comes with the territory. I just don't think everything Obama does is bad. Some ideas, in fact, are good. This is one of them.

In my opinion.

lyle e davis
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