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Public Pulse August 6th, 2009

The Editor

Not Happy With the Quantrill Story

Sirs: I have never read anything more purely based on sensationalism and falsehoods as this so called article by this Lyle person. It is rife with lies, incorrect
historical references, and personal slander of existing authors. Based on the most recent historical research on the subject, backed by historical data taken from BOTH sides of the CW, Union and Confederate, Lyle's so called facts are simple nonsense at best and at worse pure fabrication and lies. What kind of
paper are you anyway?
/s/Emory A. Cantey, Fort
Worth, Texas.

"[If the South loses] it means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy. That our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers, will learn from Northern school books their version of the war, will be impressed by all of the influences of History and Education to regard our gallant dead as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision."
Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne
(How true this became - Emory Cantey, Jr.)

Another Opponent of the Quantrill Story

After reading your article on William Clarke Quantrill, I would like to make a statement as I don't believe a question could be answered by such a group of individuals that could put out such a "paper". After perusing the balance of your"paper," please keep your heroin addicts, prostitutes, and ignorant rednecks without any tolerance in California.
Josh Roberts
(No city or state address given)

Another Quantrill Supporter

Sirs: It is truly amazing that one could read an account of facts with references for those facts then ignore them to swallow hook, line and sinker opinionated, sensationalized and untrue accounts and have them published in your "paper." I'm referring to your cover story article entitled "William Clarke Quantrill." If there are any intelligent people on your staff I would suggest that you have the right to review, edit and refuse articles that don't meet a fair and reasonable standard in sharing opposing views. This article is unbelievable.
/s/Paul R. Petersen
Raytown, Missouri

Editor’s Note: The cover story these letters refer to was published on June 25, 2009. You can access this story via computer by going to: ive/2009/06_25/index.php
The Paper stands by its story on Quantrill.

More on Quantrill

Dear Editor:
After reading the mostly factless account of Quantrill and his men in your paper, I felt the need to write and tell you that the "author" of this account copied most of his information from old works of fiction. I was surprised your staff did not do a tiny bit of research before it was published. Next time you publish an historical account of a person, do a little research to see if the writer did not copy it from someone else who knew little about what he was writing.
Sincerely yours,
Rick Mach
Salina, Kansas
" Quantrill and his men were no more bandits than the men on the other side. I've been to reunions of Quantrill's men two or three times. All they were trying to do was protect the property on the Missouri side of the line."
President Harry S. Truman

Unhappy With Expenditures

Dear People:
We have several tumultuous problems here in Escondido. The three or four city council members failed us by passing a crazy budget and allowing too much money to the police who are creating jobs for themselves. How are we supposed to get our money back so we can reallocate it back to the libraries and programs/events that support children. The children are being entirely left out of consideration.

Downtown is nothing but a haven for illicit activity. They got rid of the ice cream parlor and the pottery making business and still have a bar downtown called Pounders which shouldn't even be allowed on Grand but somewhere else where children don't see something like that in the middle of town. The park is meant for children, not homeless people who converge on Grape Day Park simply to advocate loneliness.

It's quite scary and I wouldn't bring my children there.
/s/Patsy Dixon


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