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Your Body Can Heal Itself! July 23rd, 2009

Free Dinner at Escondido Country Club in Escondido!
We Would Love, Absolutely Adore, For You to Come to Our…
(An Offer You Can’t REFUSE!)

This workshop is about the secrets to nondrug, non-surgical ways to prevent disease; where we give you helpful health tips on how you can improve your health and your family’s health and it’ll cost you absolutely nothing. You can bring yourself and four (4) additional adult guests to our FREE DINNER WORKSHOP.


“Our business is your wellness!”

Please call the office now, and get registered. Call NOW! 760-480-0077.


Dr. Hoon Lim, D.C.
Dr. James Neal, D. C.

P.S. This FREE dinner workshop will be held at Escondido Country Club, located at 1800 Country Club Lane (near El Norte Pkwy.) on (Monday) July 27th & (Monday) August 10th. We start promptly at 6:30PM. Call NOW to reserve.

Lim Wellness Advanced Chiropractic
205 W. Mission Ave. Suite P
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: (760) 480-0077

Powerful & Inspirational Health Talk
with New Paradigm on

1. The Three Hidden Secrets for Maximum Health
2. How to Keep Your Feet, Knees, Hips and Low Back Pain Free While at Work and Home.
3. How To Keep Your Energy High At Work and at Home.
4. Neuropathy, Numbness, Tingling, Burning, and Painful Feet/Hands
5. Disc Herniation, Sciatica
6. Dizziness/Vertigo, Loss of Balance, and much more.
7. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS
8. Insomnia, Migraines, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
9. Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Disc Decompression
10. Failed Back Surgery with or without hardware
11. RSDS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome)
12. Stroke Rehab, ADD/ADHD, Autism
13. Restless Leg Syndrome, and much more


“Dr. Lim’s free dinner workshop is a great way to learn how to take care of yourself while enjoying a night out with your friends. I highly recommend it.”
Josephine M., Critical Care Nurse

A Scoliosis Solution?

photoScoliosis is an aggravating condition. There's stiffness, pain and often times a deformed posture. Many scoliosis patients have been told they only have three choices -- to do nothing, bracing, or surgery. Scoliosis surgery involves implanting metal rods and screws to straighten the spine.

However, numerous studies have shown that multiple complications, including rusting and corrosion, bending, or breaking completely, prove this method dangerous. Many sufferers who had the rods implanted, end up later undergoing surgery to have them removed.

In addition, thousands of post-surgery scoliosis patients are legally declared permanently disabled every year. Follow up x-rays on other cases have shown that scoliosis can even return years after the operation.

A Less Invasive Treatment Can Help

My name is Dr. Hoon Lim, owner of Lim Advanced Life Chiropractic & Wellness. Over the past twenty-three years since we've opened the doors, we've helped hundreds of scoliosis patients feel better, get rid of their back pain and return to an active lifestyle.

Chiropractic Biophysics has a long record of successfully helping people with scoliosis. A study published in a scientific journal (JMPT 2001) showed an actual decrease in the scoliosis curvature of patients that underwent chiropractic care.

The head of the study, Dr. Charles Lantz, DC, PhD stated...

"Chiropractic appears to offer a distinct advantage in the management and monitoring of early stage scoliosis."
The most useful part of this study was that the sooner a child underwent treatment, the better the change in the curvature.
Another study showed that "the combined use of spinal manipulation [chiropractic care] and postural therapy appeared to significantly reduce the severity of the Cobb angle in all 19 subjects." (BMC Muscoloskelet Disorders 2004)

It's time for you to find out if chiropractic can help your scoliosis. For 14 days only, $27 will get you all the services I normally charge new patients $297 for!

Take a look at what you will receive...
• An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will listen…really listen…to the details of your case.
• A complete neuromuscular examination.
• Limit of two specialized x-rays to determine the extent of your scoliosis… (NOTE: These would normally cost you at least $90).
• A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free.
• I'll answer all your most probing questions about chiropractic and what we can do for scoliosis.

Until August 6, 2009 you can get everything I've listed here for only $27.

Nothing's worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because you (or your child's) back hurts - and the pain just won't go away!

Call now! 760-480-0077.





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