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Featured Merchants July 16th, 2009


How Does He Do It?


Randy Taylor

Business people from North San Diego County continue to scratch their heads and wonder . . . “how in the dickens does Randy Taylor do it?”

Randy Taylor is that kindly gent with the easy smile and the gleam in his eye who will always invite you to “sit a spell” and visit whenever you stop in at his Escondido Mattress Factory.

His easy-going manner comes naturally. He hails from Arkansas and they take life easy there in the South. There’s always plenty of time to visit with customers. Perhaps that’s one reason he’s stayed in business for so long, and perhaps that’s what puzzles so many business owners who are used to seeing businesses come and go. Escondido Mattress Factory has been serving North County for 55 years now, always with Randy Taylor at the helm.

“I like people,” he says. “I genuinely like people. I enjoy visiting with them. And, they seem to enjoy coming here and not only shopping for mattresses, but also to kibitz a bit. To keep me up to date on their family. Why, I’ve got kids who are clients today that I sold mattresses to their parents 40 years ago. Our business is the type where the customer, more often than not, becomes a friend as well as a customer.”

The fact remains, you don’t stay in business for 52 years just because you’re a friendly and likable guy. You have to have an outstanding product or service, or both, to go along with it.

And that is another area where Randy Taylor excels.“I just learned the lesson early; it takes about as much time to make a really top quality mattress as it does to make an inferior one. Why waste everyone’s time and money by making inferior mattresses? Your customers won’t sleep well on them . . . and your conscience wouldn’t let you sleep very well.

I sleep very well because I know any customer we’ve ever had received a quality mattress, whether they were a family who wanted a mattress for their home, or if they were an institution, like hotels, hospitals, military bases . . . that wanted a large number of beds. We can and do accommodate them all. But we only go to work on a mattress if it’s understood up front that we’re going to turn out a quality product.

That’s what my reputation is and that’s important to me. I worked hard to earn that reputation and all of my customers know it. They trust me.

Another reason we’ve been here so long . . . we’re small. We’re not some huge corporation that grinds out 20 mattresses an hour. We take our time and do it right. Raul has been with me for 18 years. Both he and I make the mattresses ourselves . . . and we put plenty of care and affection into our mattresses. We know these mattresses are going to people who are important to us . . . and we want everybody to be happy.”

We’ve talked a lot about Randy Taylor . . . and a little about Escondido Mattress. But we haven’t mentioned a whole lot about the mattresses themselves.

We’re gonna let you discover that for yourself. Oh, Randy can build a mattress to accomodate any budget. He’s made mattresses for young marrieds on a limited budget, he’s made top grade mattresses for major hotels who demand the very best, he’s made mattresses for families that won’t buy another mattress for 30 to 40 years - but will stop in to say hello to Randy, and to thank him for the quality product he puts out.

Isn’t that the type of businessman you enjoy dealing with?

Surprise! That’s the secret to his success. He’s a nice, easygoing, likable guy who takes pride in his work. Check him out. Randy Taylor. Escondido Mattress Factory, 1281 Simpson Way. 760.745.5336 or 760.746.5336.








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