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Local News July 9th, 2009

Hostess for Busby Has Prior Arrest Record For Assault

Arrest and court records reveal that Shari Barman, the hostess for a fundraiser for Congressional Candidate Francine Busby, who allegedly assaulted a San Diego County Deputy during last week's fundraiser, and who was pepper-sprayed by the deputy, was arrested in 1977 for assault at the San Francisco International Airport. The report also states that the violent incident involved another activist within the female tennis world, Wimbledon champion Rosie Casals.

Barman and her partner, who hosted the fundraiser, have also been criticized for illegally advertising the event as an LGTB event on the website for San Diego’s Gay and Lesbian Center. Barman and her partner are openly gay, as were a number of the guests at the fundraiser.

Records also show that Barman is quite familiar with the court system, having filed a personal injury case against United Airlines in 1999, filed a fraud case against Scott Union in 1998, and was sued by Raymond Green for breach of Contract in 2002.

photoSearch Yields Marijuana Plants, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine

On Tuesday, June 30, 2009, members of the Escondido Police Department's Special Investigations Unit served a search warrant at a home in the 800 block of Chestnut Street.

Detectives recovered seven marijuana plants that were growing in the backyard, two ounces of crystal methamphetamine, one ounce of cocaine, a handgun, and other paraphernalia related to the sales of narcotics. Detectives arrested Ricardo Aguilar Macias, 47, a resident of Escondido. (see below).

Macias was charged with possession of marijuana for sale, cultivation of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a dangerous drug for sale, and possession of a dangerous drug. Macias was booked into the Vista Detention Facility.

The street value of the combined narcotics is estimated at approximately $4,000.

Illegal “Anchor Babies” Target of New Inititative


Bill Morrow

Supporters of a new initiative, including Congressman Brian Bilbray, believe California is closer to ending illegal “anchor baby” births. Sponsored by Ted Hilton and supported by Peter Nunez, former United States Attorney and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement, and former state Senator Bill Morrow, the California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010, Initiative 09-0010, is beginning the signature process.

At a press conference held last week in front of the San Diego City Hall Administration building, the group joined together to inform the residents of California to take the immigration issue into their own hands.

The Attorney General of California released the last bit of paperwork required to get the “birth tourism” legislation moving forward. Petitioners must now collect approximately 450,000 California registered voter signatures. This bill is for “real world citizens,” Morrow said. “The people of California have an opportunity to curb the illegal immigration. Many in California may not have seen the grass lately, but we’ve been seeding our roots.”

According to the Attorney General for the state of California, who prepares the title and summary, the state would deny birth certificates to children born to undocumented parents unless the mother provides a fingerprint and other information to be given to the federal authorities.

Finally, the initiative eliminates benefits for children in child-only CalWORKS cases which are not mandated by federal law. For those who want reassurance, the public benefit restrictions in this initiative have already passed and are on the books in five states, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Arizona. The California ballot initiative is closely worded to the law on the books in Oklahoma, says Hilton.

Many in California believe the federal government has dropped the immigration ball over the last 40 years. “In Washington D.C. they have a few nicknames; reform is code word for amnesty,” Nunez explained.

He goes on to say that if Americans allow another amnesty wave to come ashore a new wave of immigrants will head to America – this time the number could be 40 million. Again Nunez says, “It’s time for the states residents to take care of the illegal immigration problem, the federal, state and local governments have failed.”

As far as immigration containment issues, there are three areas that need to be addressed; Border security, workforce enforcement and doling out of public benefits. This ballot initiative addresses the latter benefits.

The crux of this issue is the “birth tourism.” The state currently pays $400 million per year in ‘normal childbirth,’ according to the state of California Department Health’s latest records. “This doesn’t include the cost of premature births which the Center for Disease Control estimates as 12 percent of all births. The costs to taxpayers for these births and those born with disabilities are over $1 billion more annually,” Hilton said.

According to California State Attorney General’s office, the initiative would save the taxpayers around $1 billion annually from eliminating the child-only CalWORKS program. Morrow believes the number is much higher. “If you add the costs for ending public benefits, the state will save much more than $1 billion per year.”

Another concerned group that has come out and supports the 2010 ballot initiative are African-Americans.

Ted Hayes who recently ran for congress against Maxine Waters in Los Angeles said, “American black men will stop the birth tourism problem connected to the 14th Amendment.”

“That law was meant for West African slaves, not Latinos crossing the border illegally,”
Hayes firmly stated. “The Latinos are taking money from the sweat from our backs; we intend to take it back.”

Nunez concurs, “The 14th Amendment was a way for this country to overcome slavery. Our current national policy doesn’t even allow diplomats in this country to gain citizenship through birth.”

Hayes admits it’s time African-Americans start fighting for their state and country. “The Latinos want to make this about race. I’ll make this about race. The sponsors of this bill are not racists, they’re Americans and we stand with them.”

Backed up by fact, Hilton notes in 1987 California’s teenage birth rate was below the national average. One short year later, pre-natal care commenced for illegal aliens. “Four years later that caused the state’s teenage birth rate to grow to twice the national average and the highest of any state,” says Hilton.

According to the State of California, Department of Public Health’s latest birth records show there were 562,157 live births. A staggering 293,276 were born to mothers of Hispanic background.

“The state estimates between 20-25 percent of all births each year are to those here illegally. It is becoming very evident that the parents lack of ability to pay for these births and immediately require public services to care for these children,” Hilton said.

“Our citizen movement will launch a state and national debate to bring an end to “birth tourism” and automatic citizenship in the United States,” Hilton continues. “The goal to stop automatic citizenship is critical toward reducing crime. A major reason deported criminal illegal aliens return immediately to the country after deportation is because they have left behind children who were born in the U.S.”

Before leaving office, former Homeland Security Director, Michael Chertoff reported there were more than two million criminal illegal aliens in the United States.

Other items included in the initiative:

• Requires illegal mother to provide identification with a photograph, fingerprints and fees in person
• Ends all illegal public funded benefits
• Ends prenatal care for illegal aliens
• Terminates all child welfare checks to illegal aliens (some of which are sent out of the country)

For further information regarding the California Taxpayer Protection Act and the actual ballot initiative, visit

Narcotics Investigation Nets Methamphetamine, Gun, and Cash


Arthur Bradbury

The Escondido Police Department's Special Investigations Unit conducted a lengthy narcotics investigation that led to the arrest of Michael Arthur Bradbury, 29, of Vista, California. Bradbury was suspected of dealing methamphetamine while employed as a pool cleaner. Bradbury would make stops between his pool cleaning jobs to deliver the drugs.

Based on this lengthy investigation, detectives executed a search warrant at Bradbury's home in the 1400 Block of Bonair Rd. in the city of Vista. As a result of the search, detectives located approximately two ounces of crystal methamphetamine, three potted marijuana plants, a handgun, and $2,040 in cash.

Bradbury was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm. Bradbury was booked into the Vista Detention Facility.

The street value of the methamphetamine is estimated at approximately $3,000.

San Marcos Embezzler Gets 18 Years - Has to Wear Prison Shoes

For someone who loved designer shoes, Annette Yeomans will have to content herself with prison footwear for the next 18 years. Yeomans is the bookkeeper for a San Marcos company that has been convicted of embezzling millions of dollars from her employer and spending it on designer shoes, clothes, home remodeling, travel, gambling, and drugs.

A former finance executive for a San Marcos woodworking company was caught by a sharp eyed investigator for a credit card company who called some unusual activity to the attention of the company owner.

Upon confrontation, Yeomans readily admitted she had stolen well over $1 million but she wasn’t sure how much she had taken. She blamed it all on drugs. Yeomans, age 51, said she had two addictions, gambling and prescription drugs, both of which prompted her to embezzle the funds from her employer of 15 years, Quality Woodworks.

But Judge Robert Kearny had no sympathy for Yeomans, saying, “The amount of loss in this case is staggering, and the manner in which you spent it can only be described as selfish indulgence. It wasn't just the drugs or the gambling."

Court records also show that Yeomans, who had a string of arrests for prostitution in the late 1980s, siphoned about $9.9 million from the San Marcos company between 2001 and 2008.

Regular shopping trips to New York and Europe, over 150 designer purses, 400 pairs of designer shoes and four guitars worth $100,000 were just part of the illegal gains Yeomans enjoyed, for a time.

Of the 18 year sentence, Yeomans could be out in nine years with good behavior in prison. She was ordered to pay about $442,000 to the Franchise Tax Board. It is not clear where, or if, she’ll find the money to pay the Franchise Tax Board. Yeomans pleaded guilty to 10 of the 108 felony charges she faced as part of a plea agreement. Gregg Durmer, president of Quality Woodworks, has testified in court documents that Yeomans' theft devastated the finances of the 58-employee custom-cabinetry business. Some employees were laid off because of the revenue drain, well before it was discovered they had an embezzler in the house.

The company recovered only about $350,000 in the civil settlement with Yeomans, Winn said. In that settlement, Yeomans agreed to hand over her Escondido home and its valuable contents, including her fashions and two vehicles. Much of the property Yeomans promised to give up, however, was missing from the home after she moved out.

An additional surprise developed when a Probation Department report prepared for Monday's sentencing confirmed that Yeomans was arrested 13 times in San Diego on drug and prostitution charges between 1985 and 1988.

Convicted Killer Gets Mistrial In Penalty Phase

Courtroom observers are predicting that the district attorney’s office will not retry the penalty phase for the convicted killer of a 2-year-old-boy and particularly heinous treament of that boy to the day of his death.

Those observers suggest it would be a waste of scarce governmental money to retry the penalty phase when they already have an automatic life sentence without the possibilty of parole.

A jury deadlocked Monday on what punishment to recommend for Joe Maurice Castaneda, the man who fatally beat and tortured his girlfriend's 2-year-old son, causing bruises from head to toe.

The panel's failure to reach a consensus led a judge to declare a mistrial in the penalty phase of Jose Maurice Castaneda's case. In order for a jury to recommend a death sentence, the vote must be unanimous among the 12 jurors.

If prosecutors choose not to pursue the death penalty Castaneda would receive a sentence of life in prison without parole.

The 24-year-old defendant was convicted last Tuesday of first-degree murder and assault on a child with force likely to produce great bodily injury or death and felony child abuse. Jurors also found true an allegation that the defendant, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, tortured the young child using hangers, belts, cable wire and a yellow cord. After a month long trial, the panel also found the defendant guilty of misdemeanor child abuse for beating the victim's then-5-year-old sister, but acquitted Castaneda of charges that he tortured the girl.

• • • • •

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