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Special Feature June 25th, 2009

Kaiser Permanente, San Marcos, Destroys The Paper - Again

A number of readers have reported that one to two days after The Paper has been delivered at the San Marcos location of Kaiser Permanente, they have been thrown away. We deliver approximately 900 copies of The Paper to the San Marcos location every week. Attempts to contact officials of Kaiser Permanente to determine what is happening and why, have been unsuccessful. Their Public Relations Director, Casey Hart, has refused to return repeated calls.

“I have no idea why they are dumping our paper, or who is dumping them,” said editor/publisher of The Paper, Lyle E. Davis. “We had some doctor who took it upon himself to act as censor several months ago but it appeared we had worked that problem out; the doctor was spoken to by Kaiser authorities and told he had no authority to do that. We once again began distribution to Kaiser and there didn’t (Continued on page 6) appear to be any problems. There are no problems at the Kaiser locations in Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, Vista, Carlsbad or Oceanside. Only San Marcos. We have a number of readers who are Kaiser patients and they don’t like it when The Paper is not there. They enjoy reading it and, of course, we enjoy their readership.

It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I have a hunch it’s one indiviudal at the Kaiser Permanent San Marcos location because the officials with Kaiser have pretty much cooperated with us and given us a green light to distribute at all Kaiser locations. We’d like to get to the bottom of it though because our readers are upset, we’re upset, and it’s costing us considerable money both in printing costs as well as delivery costs.

However, I also don’t understand why the Kaiser officials aren’t returning our calls. Perhaps if our readers will call Kaiser, they’ll get the message. Their public relations department is (619) 528-7483 and Cell: (619) 726-0115. Maybe our readers can get some official answers. I can’t seemto get my calls returned.”





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