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Editorial April 16th, 2009


Good Things Are Happening

It’s been a rather hectic twelve month period we’ve put behind us but now things are beginning to look up.

Examples: The City of San Marcos has shown some very innovative thinking with an idea that other North County cities should emulate, if not just outright copy. They offer a “silent” second mortgage to low and moderate income folks, which can allow them to buy a home, and a decent home at that.

They offer a 30 year, fixed rate loan, at 3 percent interest rate, will loan up to 20% of the home’s purchase price, with the amount of the loan capped at $70,000. The buyer has to come up with a 3% down payment (and qualify as a low to moderate income buyer). Program participants need not pay on the loan until they sell the home or the 30 year loan matures. The city gets a deed with a restriction that stipulates the buyer must sell their home to another low to moderate income family when it comes time for them to move on. Smart thinking. Whoever came up with that financing idea should be given a gold star.

Example 2: I don’t know about you but I was very happy that our SEAL team snipers were able to dispatch the three pirates who had shanghai’d a cargo ship flying under the American flag. Seems to me we need to take quick, decisive action a bit more often and send a powerful message to the pirates. Remember that old flag with the legend, “Don’t Tread on Me?” Fits.

Example 3: Kudos to the Escondido Police Department for cleaning up the city streets and carting off the prostitutes and their johns to county jail. Lt. Craig Carter and his crew have done superb jobs of sending out a message to those of the streetwalker brigade to move on out of town and stay out.

Example 4: It is springtime. That means it’s time for the 12th annual Dixon Lake Trout Derby. It will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and 26th at Dixon Lake in northeast Escondido (1700 La Honda Drive, just off El Norte Parkway). Sponsored by the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club of Escondido, it is their annual major fundraiser, the proceeds of which go to help out the young ‘uns.

The fishin’s good, it’s a good cause, there’s lots of prizes (including a $500 first prize for biggest trout of the derby) and you get to meet all the good lookin’ guys and gals that make up the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club. Why, um, yes, I am a member, now that you mention it.

Adult fishing permits are $14, youth and seniors, $10. Boats, bait and tackle can all be acquired at the concession stand. Get there early. Gates open at 6am and derby runs till 6pm on Saturday, 4pm on Sunday. At 4pm they give out all the prizes.

Example 5 - At last! Justice! The jury finally convicted a so-called celebrity. The goofy Phil Spector was finally convicted of murder in the second deree. All his high priced attorneys could not save him from Lady Justice bringing the hammer down. Hard. It took the jury 30 hours to reach its decision. And this was the second trial. The first was a hung jury with a 10-2 vote in favor on conviction.

Second-degree murder carries a penalty of 15 years to life in prison. The firearm enhancement adds three, four or 10 years in prison, according to the district attorney's office. At age 69, it appears Spector will die in prison.

What makes this good news is, after seeing OJ Simpson walk free, after seeing other wealthy celebrities buy their freedom and ignore justice, the people finally got one right. They convicted a murderer. Good for them. Good for us.





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