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Local News April 2nd, 2009

Undercover Prostitution Sting Yields Nineteen Arrests

On Friday, March 27, 2009, the Escondido Police Department's Special Investigations Unit (SIU), in conjunction with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), conducted a comprehensive undercover operation targeting prostitutes and "Johns." As a result of this multi-pronged undercover sting, a total of 19 adults were arrested in the area known as, "The Square" (Bordered by Mission Ave. to the north, Washington Ave. to the south, Quince St. to the west and Broadway to the east).

There were 16 arrested for Solicitation for prostitution, two arrested for Loitering with the Intent to Commit Prostitution, one was arrested for Pandering. In addition 14 vehicles were impounded.

The following is a list of all subjects arrested during this operation:
James Charles Durnil, 64, of Escondido Alvalo Monsalvo, 33, of Escondido, Pedro Garcia, 45, of San Marcos, Eduardo Rios, 37, of Escondido, Luis Agundezrios, 38, of Escondido, Wilfrido Hernandez, 30, of San Marcos, Luis Reyes, 52, of Fallbrook, Homero Ramirez, 39, of Escondido, Taylor Blanco, 26, of El Cajon, Eluid Calderon, 51, of Escondido, Raul Sanchez Miranda, 33, of Escondido, Felipe M. Moreno, 53, of Escondido, Diondre Grigsby, 21, of Escondido, Santiago Rios, 34, of El Cajon, Carlos Barron, 37, of Escondido, Omar Ortega, 30, of Escondido, Judith Akin, 31, of Eureka, Chrissy Jean Baker, 22, of Piqua, Ohio, Rosemary Marie Nicolen, 28, of Fresno.
All of the subjects arrested were transported to Vista Detention Facility for processing.

Hooker's Corner
Judith Akin
Judith Akin
Chrissy Baker
Chrissy Baker
Rosemary Nicolen
Rosemary Nicolen
The Johns
Luis Agundezrios
Luis Agundezrios
Carlos Barron
Carlos Barron
Taylor Blanco
Taylor Blanco
Eluid Calderon
Eluid Calderon
 James Durnil
James Durnil
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia
Diondre Grigsby
Diondre Grigsby
Wilfredo Hernandez
Wilfredo Hernandez
Raul Miranda
Raul Miranda
Alvalo Monsalvo
Alvalo Monsalvo
Santiago Rios
Santiago Rios
 Eduardo Rios
Eduardo Rios
Homero Ramirez
Homero Ramirez
 Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes
Felipe Moreno
Felipe Moreno
Omar Ortego
Omar Ortego


Censorship Issues Continue at Cal State San Marcos

What appeared at first to be a relatively minor public relations flap seems to have grown into a serious question of freedom of expression on the campus of CSUSM.

The flap all started, as we reported in the March 19th local news edition of The Paper. “(We) received a complaint from a reader who said their oganizaton, AUHTM (Americans United to Halt Tourism to Mexico), wanted to place an ad in college newspapers that called for a boycott of Mexico due to the increased level of violence that might subject college students, as well as regular tourists, to such violence. The ad also called on law enforcement to enforce existing immigration laws. The same ad ran last year in SDSU's Daily Aztec, recently in both the University of Arizona paper, and in UCLA's Daily Bruin. Only Jackie Carbajal, a Senior at CSUSM, and the editor of The Pride, the campus newspaper, refused to accept the ad.”

Members of AUHTM then came on campus, on March 18th, to hand out flyers to students and faculty that carried the identical message. During the distribution of these flyers, they were met with what was by and large a very civil and friendly reception while doing so, according to Jeff Schwilk, a spokesman for AUHTM Coalition and founder of the San Diego Minutemen.

There was, however, one member of faculty that followed them around campus and, according to Schwilk, accosted the group, told them the flyer was racist and asked them to leave the campus. Schwilk described her as an older blonde woman, later identified as Karen Glover, an Assistant Professor of Sociology. The group did not leave the campus and continued to deliver their flyers. Schwilk says she “persisted in haranguing them for more than an hour. When we ignored her, she took to following individual distributors around. Every time a flyer was given to someone, she would rush over and tell the recipient that the flyer was from an "anti-immigration group" When we corrected that to "anti-illegal immigration group," she ignored the correction.”

As a result of this, Schwilk sent a letter of complaint to the administrators and faculty of CSUSM, challenging the university’s stance on First Amendment Rights and condoning suppression of those rights against anyone who disagreed with the university and/or departmental political and/or social philosophy.

In checking CSUSM’s position of Freedom of Speech issues their website says:

Free speech and First Amendment rights are cornerstones of a democratic society and essential to the educational process. California State University San Marcos is committed to fostering and sustaining a campus environment that supports free speech and upholds first amendment rights for all-students, faculty, staff, and members of the extended community. We are allowed to express our opinions as long as we do not disrupt the work of the University with excessive noise, by blocking access to buildings, offices, or classrooms, or by posing a public safety risk. We also have the right to respond to the speech of others with whom we disagree, as long as we do so in the manner described above and we do not abridge the freedom of speech of others.

Because of our support of free speech, through the year individuals and groups may hold rallies, distribute flyers, or even email members of the campus community.

While he reports a number of letters received in support of his position he also reported receiving a hostile letter from Mario Martinez from the Dept. of World Languages and Hispanic Literatures. Martinez had written to the Dean of Students and the President’s office complaining that Schwilk had written him about the event and he resented Schwilk having access to his email address and access to him. (The email addresses are public record and, as a state run university, should be available to anyone who wants them.) The email address, however, was not from Mr. Martinez but from a Hildegardo Gonzalez, and was written on Monday, March 28th at 9:26PM.

In his letter, Schwilk said: “The CSUSM administration and faculty may want to consider precisely what principles they wish to advocate and actively support. As outsiders we can only imagine how hard any CSUSM student would be slapped down by expressing, on campus or in classes, strong, vocal opposition to, for example, illegal immigration or a host of other "sensitive" issues.”

After this letter was sent to the faculty and administrators, an email was sent to Cox Cable by Alberto Ribas-Casasayas, Assistant Professor, World Languages and Hispanic Literatures with copies to Ms. Glover, Veronica Anover, and Lourdes Shahamiri, in what appears to be a political pressure tactic designed to deny Mr. Schwilk his email account. The author said, “I entreat you to inquire whether Mr. Schwilk has broken the law and/or your terms of service by sending the email below and the attachments included here.” He also made an allegation that Mr. Schwilk had been investigated by the local news channel KPBS for his possible relation to white supremacist and other hate groups.

The Paper attempted to contact Ms. Glover, Alberto Ribas-Casasayas, as well as the university president for their side of the story. However, the university was closed in observance of Cesar Chavez Day, as well as spring break.

Mr. Schwilk says he and his organization not only have nothing against legal immigrants, but welcome them with open arms. “What we are dead set against,” he says, “are ILLEGAL immigrants. There’s a world of difference.”

Escondido Recreation Offers Camp During Spring Break

The City of Escondido's Recreation Division is currently accepting registration for the spring break youth programs. The On Track Kid's Camp and the Counselor in Training Programs will be offered April 6th - 17th while schools are out for Spring Recess. These programs are the perfect solution to keep your child active and safe while school is not in session.

The On Track Kid's Camp is offered for campers ages 5 to 11 and is jam packed with outrageous games, arts and crafts and weekly field trips to local attractions including Belmont Park, San Diego Zoo and Regal Cinemas!

If your teen is looking for a great way to have a blast and gain valuable work experience the Counselor in Training Program (C.I.T.) is the perfect opportunity for your teen. The C.I.T. Program strives to teach teens ages 12 to 15 the importance of communication, teamwork and responsibility by teaching valuable job skills and giving the program participants the opportunity to utilize their skills by volunteering in the Kid's Camp Program.

All programs are offered at a low cost and financial assistance is offered through the City of Escondido's Share a Dream Scholarship Fund. Families with low to moderate income may be eligible for financial assistance. Scholarship applications are available at City Hall, the East Valley Community Center or online at

To register, or for more information, contact Escondido Recreation at (760) 839-4382.

Museum Adventures at Grape Day Park Invites Escondido Schoolchildren to Engage in Art, Science and History at Local Museums

Museum Adventures at Grape Day Park lets schoolchildren visit three of Escondido's unique cultural resources on one fieldtrip. Tours begin at 10 a.m. and end at 1:45 p.m., Tuesdays through Fridays throughout the year. This time slot includes a visit to three museums, a 15-minute break in between museums and a one-hour lunch break. Cost is $9 per student/child; 1-7 chaperone ratio admitted free; more than one adult per seven children, $5 each; one-year-old children and younger, free. Partial scholarships are available for Title One schools.

Museum Adventures at Grape Day Park is a unique program offering a day full of interactive learning and science, art and history lessons for schoolchildren in grades K-5. This program is made possible through a collaboration between the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, the Escondido Children's Museum and the Escondido History Center.

Tours require a minimum of 15 participants and can be tailored to address state curriculum standards in visual arts, science and history. At the California Center for the Arts, Escondido, students will create art projects inspired by a tour of the museum. At the Escondido History Center they will explore an aspect of local history with a tour and accompanying activity, and at the Children's Museum participants explore a variety of sciences with exhibits in everything from recycling and astronomy to puppetry, woodworking and bubble-making.

To make a reservation or obtain more information, contact Kelly O'Neil, Museum Manager at Escondido's Children's Museum at (760) 739-9513, or koneil@escondidochildrensmuseum.org.

Vice President Biden Announces $250 Recovery Payments to Go to Social Security and SSI Beneficiaries in May

Vice President Joe Biden and Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, announced today that beginning in early May 2009 and continuing throughout the months, the federal government will send out $250 economic recovery payments to people who receive Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. No action is required to get the payment, which will be sent separately from the person's regular monthly payment.

"The Social Security Administration and Commissioner Astrue have been working closely with other federal agencies to get these payments out the door in record time and into the hands of folks who need it most," said Vice President Biden. "These are checks that will make a big difference in the lives of older Americans and people with disabilities - many of whom have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis that has swept across the country."

"We have been working diligently to issue the $250 one-time recovery payments as soon as possible," Commissioner Astrue said. "The legislation requires extensive coordination with other federal agencies and I'm pleased we are on track to issue these recovery payments earlier than the statute requires. Soon more than $13 billion will be in the hands of more than 50 million Americans."

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides for a one-time payment of $250 to adult Social Security beneficiaries, and to SSI recipients, except those receiving Medicaid in care facilities. To receive the payment the individual must be eligible for Social Security or SSI during the months of November 2008, December 2008 or January 2009.

The legislation also provides for a one-time payment to Veterans Affairs (VA) and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) beneficiaries. The VA and RRB will be responsible for paying individuals under their respective programs. However, if someone receives Social Security and SSI, VA or RRB benefits, he or she will receive only one $250 payment. People getting Social Security or SSI should not contact the agency unless a payment is not received by June 4, 2009.
For more detailed information about the $250 one-time economic recovery payments, go to www.socialsecurity.gov/payment.

To learn more about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, go to www.recovery.gov.

Oceanside, Escondido & San Diego, Tax Tea Party Events Scheduled

A grass-roots tax protest nationwide has host cities in San Diego county gearing up to make a presence on Wednesday, April 15th, Tax day

The groups hope to send a strong message to elected officials that they refuse to support what they see as their spending madness. They claim their objective is to unite “The Silent Majority” in an effort to fight liberal spending agendas, while promoting fiscal responsibility and transparency.

In Oceanside the event is scheduled for 6-7pm at Oceanside City hall, 300 N. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, Ca. 92054. There is a plan to march
to the Oceanside pier for a mock tea party at 6:45pm. For information, check out: www.stoptaxingus.com

Escondido is planning their event for 5pm, in front of Escondido Post Office at 403 N. Escondido Blvd. For the most up-to-date information on the DC Tax Day Tea Party, go to: http://www.newamericanteaparty.com

San Marcos Seeks Signature Event

San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond has urged staff to develop some type of “Signature” event that San Marcos could embrace and promote.

Desmond took note of Escondido’s success with the Grape Day Park Festival as well as the recent Amgen Tour of California, which terminated in Escondido. He also took note of Temecula’s Hot Air Balloon Festival. “We don’t have a real signature event for San Marcos and I think we should. Something that not only puts San Marcos on the map, but keeps us there.”

Councilman Mike Preston supports the idea, particularly after having talked with Cami Matson, CEO of the San Diego North Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the moving force behind arranging for the tour to terminate in Escondido. She said the event brought thousands of people to Escondido, generated worldwide television coverage which focused on Escondido.

Preston suggested the idea of a San Marcos Film Festival. A small town, Park City, Utah, has done quite well with the staging of a film festival . . . known as the Sundance Film Festival. Park City has only 7,371 residents, compared to a San Marcos population of 82,700. San Marcos is much closer to Los Angeles, the Tinseltown center of movie production. San Marcos has close proximity to area recreational areas, the Pacific Ocean, multiple golf courses, the San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park; it is close to both Lindbergh Field, AMTRAK, and Palomar Airport, which can handle the many private jets that film stars, producers and directors utilize. There has been discussion about converting an old recycling plant into a film studio. Such an event might accelerate such plans.

That would be an ambitious project, observers agreed, but it could be done. Capital would need to be found, someone who could promote it would need to be identified, and city cooperation would be necessary. Cami Matson cautioned, however, that it is often much easier to bring on board established events that already have a great deal of publicity behind them. Even those, however, will often take several years of preparation and other work to bring to fruition.

Staff is researching options.

• • • • •

Local News? We’re your community paper. If you have a news event in your community, we’d like to know about it. Please email details of any news event you are aware of and would like us to investigate.

Send your news tips or press releases to: thepaper@cox.net. Questions? Call 760.747.7119. And thanks!





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