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Public Pulse March 19th, 2009

The Editor

PPH Update

The latest news out of PPH is not encouraging. After Prop BB was passed and this agency announced that a new site in the boondocks was chosen for the new hospital, many predicted that their facility plan was taking on the appearance of a slow moving train wreck. That is now coming true.

Most recently, our local daily newspaper reported that the new ERTC hospital is costing roughly twice what Sharp is paying for their similar sized facility in San Diego. The PPH bond rating has been lowered, and operating results have turned negative.

The new hospital will be outrageously expensive but also sadly deficient. For example, it will not house a woman’s health facility because funds ran out. Further cutbacks on “frills” have also been announced.

Promised clinics in San Marcos, Valley Center and even Ramona are doubtful or abandoned. As for the downtown Escondido improvements, we can forget about that. Only a clinic near Rancho Bernardo has materialized, probably to staunch the bleeding from inroads that Scripps Hospitals is making in that area.

All of this could have been avoided if PPH had stuck to their original plan of using taxpayer moneys to expand and modernize the Escondido site. It would have been done by now and a jewel for North County. Instead, in order to meet the facility needs of Kaiser Hospitals, we have what we have, if they indeed can even finish what they started.

Best regards,
Jim Vander Spek, CPA
Vander Spek & Corsello, CPAs
A Professional Corporation

A Prophecy?

On november 1st, 2012, President O'bama is scheduled to take a spaceship to ngc4086 galaxy to negotiate a deal to take in all of the U.S.A.'s illegal aliens.

The welfare benefits there are the best in the universe, and women outnumber men 5 to 1, so there is great incentive for the illegal aliens to flock there.

He will win the election by negotiating this deal., as we go into space to find a better neighborhood to live in, we salute our NASA heroes.

Earth is getting to be a bad neighborhood. We have to move somewhere else and start over.

/s/Terry Cordoba
San Marcos, CA.

Elective Surgery . . . For Illegals?

Recently an article I read from the LA times about a young illegal woman who is waiting for her fourth liver transplant at the cost to taxpayers of about $400,000.00 each plus an additional $30,000.00 per year for anti rejection drugs prompted me to write a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein.

I expressed my outrage that we have thousands of veterans, homeless and uninsured citizens that were born here yet they are denied proper health care while someone brought here illegally can get four liver transplants. I don't want to seem unsympathetic, I wrote, but enough is enough. It’s time we started taking care of our own.

Its time to secure our borders and deporting those who have over-stayed their welcome.

As usual, I received a reply from Senator Feinstein. She thanked me for expressing my concerns regarding the impact of illegal immigration. She wrote that “she understands that the high level of undocumented immigrants puts a strain on our schools, medical facilities and prisons” but defended their existence here in America.She stated “70 percent of agriculture workers are undocumented.” That's 70 percent that should be deported ... there is no such thing as cheap tomatoes.

Senator Feinstein, you don't have to worry about losing your job to an illegal alien or not having health insurance. Senator, you don't have to worry about social security. Senator, its time you and your colleagues come back to earth and do your job ... taking care of Americans.

Vern Leathers
Chico Ca.


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