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Public Pulse March 12th, 2009

The Editor

Word from Oregon

Mr Davis:

I just wanted to thank you for publishing your amazing article on the Baha'i Faith. As a member of the Faith myself, I often cringe as I read inaccurate summaries and reports about what Baha'is believe and what our goals are for humanity. I thank you for your accurate and informative piece that was clearly well-researched. While the recent persecution and arrests certainly serve as an engaging current event, I was glad to see a journalist go beyond the human interest story and attempt to educate readers. That, combined with the pictures and actual quotations you used, made for an interesting read ... even for someone who already knew most of the information!

Thanks again!

/s/Brendon Bassett
Portland, OR

Questions Statements

Dear Editor:

I appreciated your letter about the Baha'i Faith; however, I would like you to correct the following. You stated, "It is because the Muslims consider the Baha’is heretics. Baha’is came from Islam. They left Islam to form their new religion. As a result, the Muslims have killed thousands of Baha’is in the name of their religion. Most of the persecution comes from Iran, but wherever there is a large community of Muslims, there is strong sentiment against Baha’is which often results in violence, sometimes deadly."

This statement reinforces the stereotype that Muslims are violent. There is a large community of Muslims in LA, but I don't know of any persecutions of Baha'is there.

It is only those who are fanatic and misapply their faith, who turn to violence against Baha'is and others. Point of fact, the persecution of Baha'is and other religionists has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with control and power. Also, Baha'is did not leave Islam to start a new faith. The Baha'i faith fulfills the teachings of Islam, much like Christianity fulfills Judaism. Christ did not leave Judaism, He established the next progressive revelation from God. All faiths are a progressive conversation between God and humanity.

Mark Salata
San Diego, Ca.

Equal Time?

Sir or Madam:

I was very surprised at the amount of space given to descibing “The Baha’i” in your February 26 issue of The Paper. Since you entitle your paper “The Community, I am wondering if you’d permit me to write an article on evangelical Christianity.

Believe it or not, in spite of much profession of evangelical Christianity, there is much ignorance about the faith of our founding Fathers. Thank you for your attention to my letter.


/s/Wallace H. Bell
Oceanside, Ca.

Editor’s Note: We thank you for writing, however, we will not be doing any articles on any one religious faith, be it Christian, Jewish, Buddhism, or Islam. If you will re-read the story on Baha’i you sill see that the story was covered so as to explain the background concerning the imprisonment of seven Baha’is in Iran for simply following their faith.

The Baha’i faith was, and is, a little known faith to most of us in America. Our story did not proslytise on behalf of Baha’i, but merely pointed out the imprisonment of the seven Baha’is in Iran, and, in order to demonstrate why we felt that was unfair, gave background on who the Baha’i are and the basic tenets of their faith. The reader(s) were free to accept or reject those tenets.

Coverage of Christianity and the various denominations that represent that faith have been given broad coverage and is generally well known to Americans, as are the other major religious.

A Political Campaign

Dear Editor:

Please publish this info in an effort to activate people to support traditional marriage of one man and one woman while the courts have these ninety days considering the issue.

The average person could have a tendency to get confused about the issues of the day when subjected to the often biased repetitive television news. We all know people who do not use the computer, nor listen to the radio, and would not get around to writing a letter or phone call to express their views. This same group of people, also, is likely passionate and do want the definition of Marriage to remain: One man and one woman only.

Right now, with the Supreme Court of California deliberating over traditional marriage, I made up some postcards to state simply "We, the People honor traditional Marriage of one man and one woman only." They are able to add a message of their own, include their address, sign them, put a 27 cent stamp on each card and address them to 2 different persons.

Attorney General Brown;
California Dept of Justice
P.O. Box 944255;
Sacramento, CA 94244

Chief Justice George,
Supreme Court of California
350 McAllister St.;
San Francisco, CA 94102

/s/Mary Calgaro
Escondido, Ca.


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