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The Computer Buzz March 12th, 2009

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


Microsoft Vista Alternatives

In this world or some parallel universe there may have once been a legitimate reason for buying a brand new PC with the Windows Vista operating system. If there was one (we haven't heard one yet), Microsoft just eliminated it.

Microsoft leaked that Vista PCs purchased after August will come with coupon for a free upgrade to Windows 7. Since everyone who has a Vista PC will want to upgrade as soon as Win 7 becomes available, it makes no sense at all to purchase a new PC with Vista between now and July first. Anyone who buys a new Vista PC during this period should be at least entitled to training wheels.

More trouble for Microsoft Vista. A class action suit has been filed claiming that by denying PC buyers the right to directly purchase major brand PCs with the XP operating system, Microsoft used its monopoly status to unfairly enrich itself at the expense of users.

The lawsuit maintains that users wishing to purchase a Dell or other major brand PC with XP are forced to order a PC with Vista Business or Vista Ultimate because VDR (Vista Downgrade Rights) are not available on the less expensive Vista Basic and Vista Premium versions. While VDR entitles users to a Windows XP Professional license at no added cost, the user is forced to pay for Vista versions that are far more costly than the most popular Home version of Windows XP.

Dell and other PC sellers and retailers used this VDR scam to charge up to $150 extra for factory installed XP (as a VDR) even though it doesn't cost them a nickel. Since you, our readers, are far too well informed to fall into the Vista trap, what choices do you have when your existing home or office PC starts to hiccup, slow down, or simply goes sneakers up? There are several excellent alternatives.

Most PCs that were born with an XP operating system are worth spending $100 to $200 to upgrade or repair. The only component that isn't cost effective to replace is the motherboard itself. Even if your PC's motherboard fails you can often use your Windows XP license and perhaps some other components to save money on a new custom built PC.

Trading your old PC in on a new one can also be an attractive alternative. At the Computer Factory all of our new desktop or laptop PCs are available with either XP, Vista or both, at no extra cost.

When Windows 7 becomes available in the last quarter of this year, VV’s (Vista Victims) will flock to upgrade their systems. Most will want to upgrade to the 64-bit version of Win 7. Because most VVs will have 32 bit Vista, upgrade discs for Win 7 will not work. Like XP users, Vista users seeking to upgrade to Win 7 will need a full installation complete with driver downloads and applications re-installation.

We'll be here to help. Thank you Bill Gates, wherever you are.





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