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  Commentary March 12th, 2009

The Editor 

Guest Commentary and Opinion

A critical special election is set for May 19th. There are six important measures on the ballot. For today let’s focus on Proposition 1A. Proposition 1A is strongly opposed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the guardians of proposition 13. Most people think Prop 13 limits only property taxes, but it also protects taxpayers from allowing a simple majority of the electorate to increase your taxes.

The ballot language of Prop 1A, crafted by our liberal legislators, is the most dishonest, misleading measure we’ve seen in the last 30 years. Proposition 1A is about taking ANOTHER $16 billion from the California taxpayers. But since the legislature placed this measure on the ballot (as opposed to the petition process), it lacks any independent analysis. Worse, our legislature intentionally failed to explain, or even mention this massive tax increase.

Supporters of 1A want you to believe that this proposition will bring budget reform via a spending cap. What they won’t tell you is how easily they can circumvent this cap and continue the spending madness that has crippled our State.

Consider these simple facts: In the last five years, California’s State expenditures exploded from $104 billion (2003) to $145 billion (2008). In this same time period, our State credit rating fell to the lowest of all 50 states (including Arkansas) and our unemployment rate exceeds 10% as employers flee to more favorable tax lands. According to the American Legislative Exchange Council, over the last decade we have lost approximately a NET 1.4 million nonimmigrant Americans to neighboring states, a trend slowed only by a housing crisis that has shackled homeowners to California. All this begs one fundamental question. If our population is shrinking and our credit rating is collapsing, why does the government continue to grow?

The answer is simple. Our legislators are beholden to the public employee unions that fill their campaign war chests. These unions are afraid that their perpetual piggy-bank, also known as the tax-payer, is about to awaken to the scam. Hence, a barrage of media advertisements will claim that a NO vote on 1A is analogous to abandoning our children, deserting our firemen, and freeing murderers from prison. This is complete nonsense, but the unions want you to buy it … literally.

In simple English, Proposition 1A will increase the California sales tax, income tax, and vehicle license fees for years. Unfortunately, you will never know this without carefully reading the entire ballot. The ballot language is deceiving to the point that it should be considered criminal.

Here is the story: Pro-California Legislators drafted an argument labeling this reform as a tax increase. However, the President Pro Tem of the Senate (Darrel Steinberg) ultimately picked a Democrat Senator from Berkeley (Loni Hancock) to write the opposing argument. In the final analysis the pro-California statement was not included and the argument selected failed to mention that a vote for Proposition 1A represents a massive tax increase!

This is not “budget reform” or a “spending cap” rather a blatant, yet disguised tax increase. It is time to dramatically rein in government spending, while creating incentives to bring good jobs back to California.

It simply makes no sense that while our population and tax base shrink, our government spending continues to grow, coupled with higher taxes. Please join us by voting NO on 1A.

If you have questions, please see our Website at

Gary Gonsalves MD
Doctor Gonsalves is Co-Founder of Stop Taxing Us
Carlsbad, CA





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