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Public Pulse March 5th, 2009

The Editor

No to Censorship!

Dear Editor:

Comments on your censorship article 2-12-09.

I joined Kaiser in the mid 60’s and it saddens me to see Kaiser use censorship as a way of punishing The Paper for the information it contains. There are other ways to combat information, which if indeed is untrue, through our court system.

Kaiser chooses to punish its members and employees who read The Paper by picking them up and having them all thrown away. Censorship is never the answer.

/s/Carl Stringfield
Escondido, CA.

Illegal Immigration Costs


Californians need to know the cost of illegal aliens in our state. According to last year's report by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, member of the State Budget Committee, it costs Californians $10.5 Billion a year to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. Moreover, Californians also need to know about crime that's generated by illegal aliens. In a 2004 report by the Center for Immigration Studies, Washington, DC, "In Los Angeles, 95 per cent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (1200 to 1500) target Illegal aliens. Two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17000) are for illegal aliens."

The main stream news media doesn't want these statistics known to the public because they are pro illegal immigration and they are loath to give any detrimental news on illegals. They are more than happy to publish sob-stories about illegal aliens, however.

/s/Haydee Pavia
Laguna Woods, CA

A Dialogue

Sir: (Addressed to Chairman Bruce Krider, PPH)

I know an (un-named) nurse, un-named for obvious reasons that works in your ER department in Escondido. She is appalled that there are so many illegal aliens that are being treated at TAXPAYER expense in your hospital.

What COMPOUNDS the problem is that your hospital's management has choosen to CENSOR a local newspaper (the Paper) because of it's front page story of the damaging effects of illegal immigration. For years your hospital has had this paper distributed to your hospital. This editor apparently took a position that you didn't like. Now your hosptial is being discussed all over the air waves and print in a negative fashion. I do hope the negative publicity changes your mind.... a publically funded hospital who disregards the first amendment is a bad thing. Illegal immigration is wrong and your hospital is profiting from it.

/s/ L Lambert

A Response From The Chairman of the Board, PPH

Dear Mr. Lambert:

There are many problems with your assertions and complaints. Let me see if I can clear them up for you.

First, we are prohibited from asking whether people are documented aliens as criteria in providing emergency care so the illegal alien issue is out of our hands. We may strongly suspect someone is undocumented but it cannot impact our response or treatment to them. To do so would violate the law. Given those facts what would you do differently? Would YOU ask them, then refuse to treat them --- thereby breaking a major law?

Second, we don’t profit from treating illegal aliens. While some pay, we lose far, far more than we collect in caring for who we may suspect as illegals. If a hospital has an ER, it must treat people that show up at the door. So, there’s no choice as to whether to treat them. What we HAVE done is open up some Express Care Clinics which are one attempt to make more accessible and less costly immediate care available to everyone, including undocumented persons.

As for disregarding the first amendment, 40 years ago, I wore combat boots and carried a rifle so people like you could express your first amendment rights. Inasmuch, I don’t need to be lectured on the free speech rights as an American. But that really is not the issue. The issue is that you have apparently been talking to the publisher of The Paper and there is a complaint about not being able to drop that publication at PMC. Let me set the record straight on that.

Last June, PPH made it clear to all “community newspapers” that they may place their documents outside the front of PMC in a set of stands designated for that purpose. Mr. Davis was included in that invitation. I am not clear that there was a response from him but there is a location designated and it is outside with all the others. We have taken a position that we do not allow ANY newspaper inside the organization because of the housekeeping and litter problems it creates.

I hope this has been helpful to you in understanding the issues of the law in the treatment of illegal aliens and our policy on free newspapers available on our property. Our board is always open to comments from the community and makes time available at the beginning of every board meeting and every committee meeting for members of the public to share their questions or comments. In the future, you should always feel free to personally come to our meetings and make your comments known.


/s/Bruce Krider
PPH Board of Directors

KUDOS from our Nation’s Capitol


I live in the Washington, DC area and today I read your article on the Baha'i Faith. I was impressed not only by its accuracy and attention to detail, but the true spirit of discovery in which it was written. Kudos to your writer Lyle E. Davis.

/s/Kamran Grasselli
Ashburn, VA

Another Admirer


I would really like to commend you on a well written article about the The Baha’i Faith!

I was raised Baha’i here locally in Cardiff By The Sea, and cherish the influence and impact the Faith has had on my life. My family and I are great friends with many of the Baha’is you spoke about, and it was great to pick this paper up at the local taco shop here in RB and see that the message is being heard and displayed!

Job well done!

Thanks for your support!

/s/Jamsheed Zayer
Rancho Bernado, CA.

Another New Reader

Hello Mr. Davis:

I read the article you wrote about the Baha'i faith for "the Paper" and I am so grateful for the service to humanity you just contributed. I have been a Baha'i for two years now, I discovered the faith in second year at Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and it has been the greatest gift. I like the bold and fresh perspective you have taken as an objective and yet impassioned journalist.

Much love and gratitude,
/s/Darian Lunne
San Diego County

Wants To Spread the Word

Re: Lyle Davis’s The Baha’i

The above referenced article is terrific. Not mentioned is one of the key references in the Bahá’í Faith, and that is the honesty and accuracy of journalism – this article completely fulfilled that principle.

I seek your permission to submit this article to the Fresno Bee; or if you would, can you accomplish this. I am not totally familiar with how such matters are handled. I was planning on such an article myself – of course edited to reflect the Fresno Bahá’í locations. Please get back to me and let me know if this is possible.

Thank you sincerely,

/s/Guy Shannon
Fresno, Ca.

Editor’s Note: Permission granted contingent upon credit for article to lyle e davis, The Paper.

Doesn’t Care For the Subject

Just read the article on The Baha'i...

Perhaps you should rename your publication "The Watchtower"...

Don't think I'll pick up another one until you devote the same amount of press to three different religions. At least that would show impartiality.

/s/Steven Youell
Oceanside, CA.

A New Venture?

If we had another 100 years in us, I'd say we should go to Norway and create a newspaper. (Mr. Haukedahl is of Norwegian heritage, as is Lyle Davis, the editor/publisher of The Paper).

You did a great job. Well written.

My sons are 8th generation Baha'i's. They have a photograph of their ancestor in prison with chains that I had restored in 1980. If you'd like a copy, let me know.

You've made many, many Baha'i's happy with and now aware of The Paper.

Thanks Lyle,

/s/ Raymond Haukedahl
Escondido, Ca.

A New Reader

Thank you very much for publishing such an enlightening article about the Baha'is. It was quite informative with illustrious photos to add a nice touch.

I look forward to reading more of your articles.

/s/Celia Taghdin
San Diego County, CA.

From The City by the Bay

Dear Mr. Davis:

I am a Baha'i who lives in the San Francisco bay area. I receive Google news alerts and so received your article via that medium. I was impelled to thank you on behalf of the Baha'is for your most generous and accurate portrayal of the Baha'i Faith, and the Iranian situation. It is because of people like you that the public will become more aware of the plight of the Baha'is in Iran and other countries where Baha'is are being singled out only for their beliefs.

It is a surprise to me that more people in the media have not brought this to the attention of the public as you have.

Thank you again for your concern and for YOUR action.

/s/Marta Reines
San Francisco, Ca.

More Adherents

Dear Mr. Davis:
I wanted to commend you on a wonderful article about the Baha'i Faith, I think you did a truly excellent job. I appreciate, in particular, that you took the time to put in context the situation with Iran's Assembly members, currently on trial on charges of "espionage."

A few months ago, someone forwarded me a partial sermon by an Iranian Mullah condeming the Baha'is in these terms: (source:
(Editor’s Note: Interested readers are invited to go to this blogsite; it is way too long for a letter to the editor.

Really. Baha'is are a threat because they excel. There's a new concept! Terrorism by good moral character. Talk about a quiet revolution!
Anyway, thanks again, I'm sharing with as many people as I can.


/s/Michelle Petit-Sumrall
Athen, Georgia

From An Old Friend . . .

Old Buddy Lyle:

That was a super terrific article that you wrote pertaining to the Baha'i faith. Jacque "Jack” Smith and his wife were two of the nicest people that I have ever met in my life.

Jack and I had worked together many years ago at the old San Diego Glass and Paint store in Escondido. As a Kiwanian, he was one in a million, serving as President of my Kiwanis Club in 1982-83-one of the best years of leadership in our history. I run into him once in awhile and he hasn't chaged-thank goodness. He greets you with a smile, talks about the old days, asks about the family and always leaves you with a feeling of happiness for having seen him again. Thre aren't many like him left arround-(except maybe you and me).

I never knew much about his faith but after reading your article, I now think even more highly of Jack as a human being.

Great article overall.

Thanks for the memories and give my best to your red headed Boss.

/s/Ron Lepanto
Escondido, Ca.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Lepanto is a Marine, retired Escondido police officer, fellow Kiwanian and good friend. I shall remind my “red-headed Boss,” (Evelyn Madison) that it is me, not her, that is the Boss.

And A New Friend . . .

Dear Lyle:

I would like to thank you for this detailed and wonderful article you wrote in your newspaper. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife at the devotional as well. To know people such as you who are sincere, informed and receptive to the truth is very heart warming and I am sure the positive influence of what you wrote will have a great effect on people's view about the Baha'i Faith and ultimately will attract them to the noble teachings of the Faith.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your charming wife again in one of our gatherings.


/s/Farideh Sheahan
Carlsbad, CA.

An Oceanside Reader . . .

Thank you, what a mine of wonderful information. Will pass this on to friends. I may not be a registered member of Baha'i but it is what I believe in my heart and what I strive for.

Love and Light,
Oceanside, Ca.

And from Carlsbad . . .

Hi Lyle:

I have sent the beautiful email story you wrote about our beloved faith to many of my family and friends...thank you so very much for all of your effort, time and love that went into this article...it surely is evident and definitely appreciated.

/s/Patty and Dick Yant
Carlsbad, CA.

From Up North . . .

Dear Editor:

Upon reading the excellent article about "The Baha'i" my hope is renewed that the seven Baha'is imprisoned in Iran will receive worldwide support through prayers of protection. I am a member of the Baha'i Faith in Portland, Oregon, and all of us continue to pray for these devoted believers who have been so falsely charged and their lives threatened.

I am inspired by the wonderful, bold article in The Paper and I have made a copy. I wish to show it to the Baha'is tomorrow night at the Nineteen Day Feast. We will all feel encouraged to offer the Message of Baha'u'llah, knowing we are as servants "offering to the king, a gift."

With deep appreciation and respect,
/s/Loie Mead
Portland, OR

And From Down South . . .

Mr Davis,

Your article is spreading like wildfire. It reached me here in Florida, where I was thrilled to read such clear and concise coverage of a faith normally relegated to the back pages, if it’s covered at all. Thank you for a great story!

/sBeth Irwin

A Thank You . . .

Thank you for the wonderful article you wrote about the Bahai faith. Hopefully it will bring awareness to the unjust treatment that the Bahai's in Iran are getting.

/s/Haleh Tayebi

Home Town Howdy . . .

I had the pleasure of meeting you and your wife at Shahla’s home last Friday. You wrote the article with such wisdom and understanding of the faith. You made a tremendous effort to report it accurately and thoroughly. Many thanks,

/s/Verna Sundquist

From One of Our Readers in Namibia . . .

To the editor:

I wish to thank you for the excellent article on the Baha'i Faith, which appeared in The Paper on Feb. 26. It was factual, comprehensive and interesting, and served the public interest by bringing to light the plight of seven wrongly imprisoned Baha'is in Iran whose only crime is their steadfast adherence to their religion.

Hopefully this article will generate local, national and international action to release these innocent Iranians and allow them to practice their faith in peace.

As an American Baha'i living in Namibia since 1986, I can attest that the teachings of Baha'u'llah have the ultimate effect of uniting persons of diverse backgrounds for positive endeavours. They are not at all subversive or disrespectful to any government, community or religious belief. Moreover, these teachings are for all of humanity, and it is likely that anyone who ponders them with an open mind and heart will surely realize their potential for establishing worldwide peace, unity and justice.

/s/Jim Kastelic
Tsumeb, Namibia

From Canada

Dear Editor

Lyle E Davis must be congratulated for an excellent work in the article on Baha'i http://www.thecommunitypaper.com/index.php

I have shared this with many people and received many compliments which I am happy to convey to you.

Thank you

/s/Mark Granfar
BC, Canada

Another Canadian Reader

Dear Lyle:

Thank you Thank you!!

Your article was informative and extremely well done. Thank you for exposing the plight of our fellow Bahai's in Iran. We are all so appreciative of your efforts.
/s/Pam Miller
Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada


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