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Public Pulse February 19th, 2009

The Editor

Salute The U.S. Congress

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are not so accomplished a milker of the American people as Bernard Madoff who bilked them out of $50 billion; nor so accomplished a tax evader and extortionist as porn king Reuben Sturman; nor so accomplished a liar and traitor as impeached Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich.

Although the U.S. Congress prefers a carefully organized and brutal system of action against their foes, democracy and the American people, they nevertheless are real ideologists of the U.S. Constitution and “...of, by and for the people...” When the U.S. Congress wants a stimulus bill for 10 million unemployed Americans to get jobs it does so with its Commerce department who discriminate against Americans and gives those jobs to foreigners. When it bails out Wall Street it acts by reason of revenge and steals the American people’s money with its SEC. When it wants universal healthcare it poisons the nation’s food supply with its FDA. When it murders the American people in the interest of justice it does so with its CIA & FBI (9/11).

To be a politician, to the U.S. Congress, means to be a lying terrorist accountable to no one. It means to make sure that rigorous enforcement of U.S. laws is replaced by crime with punishment-free justice; that U.S. national security is replaced by open U.S. borders controlled by international human and drug smuggling rings; that sound fiscal policy is replaced by reckless stimulus bills destroying, not creating, American jobs. After all, the U.S. Congress is absolutely dedicated, above all else, to representing and protecting the American people.
/s/Paul Sand
Saint Charles, Illinois
Hi Lyle:

I am a legal, taxpaying, immigrant. Thank you so much for bringing this very sore article to the people. It breaks my heart to see these illegal aliens destroy our beautiful country with the help of open border advocates. Thanks again.

Concerned Citizen
/s/Claire P. Van Aelstyn
Poway, Ca 92064.
Dear Lyle:

Great job exposing the corruption and sucking of life from American Society by the illegal aliens demanding everything. My family appreciates your direct honest facts about what is eroding the American society.

Keep up the great job in conducting honest journalism!

/s/Scott Bonhivert
Escondido, CA.
How can we get copies to distribute here in PA? I'd love to have some with me and leave them at various patient waiting rooms, health club, etc. Great article...and thank you for writing it and publishing it.


Bold step. Great article. Go after those hospital boys in court and in the court of public opinion. Few have the guts too put it all on the line. Thanks for your support.

/s/Carl Braun
Border Patrol Auxiliary
Lyle: is a small group of veterans who, like you, want to see our border secured. We appreciate your willingness to state your opinion on the issue of illegal immigration.

Below is a link to a video we just made. It shows a group of border intruders in action. We encourage you to use it however you wish, in fact we hope you will help us show it to as many people as possible.

Thanks again,

/s/Pale Rider - on the website
Superb article on the Illegal Alien Invasion. Thank you for exposing the truth. We’ve gained a very healthy respect and appreciation for The Paper.

/s/Michael Haggerty
Escondido, Ca.
"Illegal Immigrants Go Home!" Front Page Article in 'The Paper' this week!


We need lots more of this type of coverage!!

I want to buy a few ads in your paper ... let me know the correct contact.

Saul, Owner
Ace Locksmith
Poway, Ca.
Dear Sir:

As a dentist in this community who serves developmentally disabled adults and children and does massive amounts of pro-bono dental sedations and surgeries, I am also inundated by illegal immigrants wanting services for dental treatment and then having California taxpayers pay for it.

Our building had your paper in the hallway, along with two others that are put there. I came back later and it had been put in the nearby trash can by the assistants from the down stairs dental clinic that serves mainly Hispanic children and Welfare patients I put it back on the table so that I may read one later on and when I came back for my lunch break they were all gone and the trash can had been taken to the outside dumpster and adios muchacho!

What the hell is going on in this country!? These people violate and invade our country, get free housing and food, and then get free dentistry and then criticize us for not doing more; then not let a paper sit in the outer rooms for the general public to read.

Oh well, now that Generalissimo Obama and Commandante Pelosi are here we better get used to reading what they want us to read and continue to hand out freebies!

Name witheld out of fear of retribution.
This is appalling! I wonder if this is happening with other small newspapers and if so, where! What happened to freedom of the press?

/s/Jeanne Bunch
Escondido, CA
Thank you so much Mr.Davis for the cover story "Illegal Immigrants go Home!" The information provided,seeing the statistics is very alarming. I know these huge amounts of money could be better spent on taking care of Americas veterans, Americas elderly and Americas children. I hope this publication inspires other news agencies to take a stand for Americas citizens.

/s/Allen Huther
Hi Lyle:

All I have to say is Wow! Keep fighting the fight. You are absolutely right on these issues, and I am encouraged that at least one paper in North County has the courage to say what needs to be said. Don’t let them silence your voice.

Take care,

/s John Richardson
San Diego
Hi. Today I had visited Panda food place to get dinner. FORTUNATELY I had to wait for barbequed pork so I just grabbed The Paper. I thought for a moment I'm reading ILLEGAL newspaper. We're so brainwashed that we say the word "Mexican" quietly, so somebody wouldn't get offended. I had finished your paper and now I call it my Paper too. I will read every issue from now on.

I'm glad there is more people realizing that storm of illegals coming from the South is just taking over everything and they aren't afraid to say it.

You see? Why should we be afraid to say our opinion? But many of us are. Whatever we pay in taxes will dry out and as we see every day the quality of our lives are going down the drain too. I've come to this country legally about twenty years ago from Europe, gave up my citizenship to become American and I love it here. Although we're going through tough times, if people stay together it will be fine. Laws aiming at illegal immigration should be enforced and “politically correct politicians” should be replaced.

Otherwise it will just get worse. I have the place to go. Europe is still OK, but what about you and our kids? Do you really want to learn to speak Spanish because you have to, not because you want to?

And why do I have to press 1 for English when making the call to most places? Because somebody thinks I should be pressing buttons because I had learned the language of this country? (At least the best I could).

Thank you very much for your work. You guys are #1.

Milan Sterba
San Diego County
To the tune of hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars, "haste makes waste" and political expediency has never been better exemplified than the Economic Stimulus Legislation about to be established by Congress for the President. It is impossible to believe that this could be the will of the people with the country already buried in out of control debt. May we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

/s/Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA 92078

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