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The Computer Buzz February 19th, 2009

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


What makes "Monkey Boy" Run?

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, is known as "Monkey Boy." If you don't know why check out his enthusiastic "I love this Company" rant dance on YouTube. It may help to explain Microsoft’s irrational efforts to shove Vista past the gag reflex of an incredulous world.

There are some companies that are better left off your resume. Executive experience with companies like Peanut Corp of America, Three Mile Island, Enron, Arthur Andersen, Adelphia, Qwest, Global Crossing and any one of the "Big Three" auto makers are likely to be more of a hindrance than help in landing you a new job.

Now Microsoft is getting dangerously close to joining these losers on the board room snicker list. MS employees are increasingly reluctant to disclose their affiliation as public ridicule for the software buffoon builds. Like the others, Microsofts wounds are self inflicted.

For the past decade we in the industry have marveled at the ineptitude of Microsoft's development and service organizations. They seem incapable of creating anything inovative or useful. It's often said that if a Microsoft product is both cool and functional they either bought it or stole it.

Last week a Los Angeles law firm sought class action status for a lawsuit asking damages from Microsoft for forcing users to buy Vista PCs and pay extra to have them "downgraded" to XP. Another lawsuit seeks damages from Microsoft for allowing Dell, Compaq, Gateway and the others to label their Intel based PCs "Vista Capable" (prior to Vista's release in 2006) when these PCs were not capable of executing Vista's video format.

These actions by Microsoft cost customers money and misled them but, strangely, Microsoft was not the main beneficiary in either action. Intel was the chief beneficiary of the "Vista Capable" scam. The "Downgrade Rights" swindle is being enjoyed by companies like Dell and HP who charge customers up to $150 extra for "downgrading" from Vista to XP. Retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City also joined the feeding frenzy charging their customers for downgrades to XP. Microsoft charges nothing for the XP Pro licenses used in the "downgrades."

Why couldn't Microsoft just admit that Vista was a mistake, apologize and pull it of the market until they had a viable replacement? That's what they did with ME. Why are they in the "mother of all denials" over a disaster that is so obvious to everyone else? There must be some explanation.

Could it be that "Monkey Boy" and the rest of his simian troupe at Microsoft are engaged in some misguided effort to save the entire computer industry? It is true that Microsoft's $30 billion dollar a year operating system monopoly is the heart of the $800 billion dollar a year world wide PC industry. Could it be that the management at Microsoft has been driven to the brink of insanity by their collective feeling of guilt over Vista? Is Steve Ballmer a new age Don Quixote? Does anyone have a better explanation?





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