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Public Pulse February 12th, 2009

The Editor

Kudos to The Paper

AWESOME ARTICLE! Thank you! And thank you to this paper for having the absolute MORAL COURAGE to print this! I am sending this information to everyone I know and encouraging them to get their hands on your paper – and to SHARE it with everyone they know!

It is SO REFRESHING to see someone with the courage to write – AND PRINT the truth for a change! Let’s close down the NCTimes – and YOU can be the premiere paper for our community….you show more courage than the NCTimes and the SD Tribune together!

Thank you!

/s/Carol Derbis
Thank you! Finally, a newspaper willing to speak definitively about the difference between legal and illegal. It is time to begin taking control of our borders. Certainly everyone has the right to want the best for themselves and their families, but for far too long illegal immigrants have been treated as a protected class. If they can make their way across the border then they are home free, and eligible for all kinds of freebies, such as WIC, utility assistance, rental assistance if one member of the family, (read “anchor baby”) is a citizen, free breakfast and lunch for their children at school, and often clothing and school supplies too! The only problem is someone has to pay the bill eventually and the State of California is going broke doing so. Thank you for bringing this subject back to the limelight. Even our Republican legislators are afraid to touch this subject for fear of being called racist. Nonsense! There is nothing wrong with demanding that the laws of our great nation be respected, obeyed, and enforced!

/s/Joan and Paul Gardner
Hi Lyle:

GREAT job on the article ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS---GO HOME! We agree with you 100%. If only our state/government would take action.

Keep up the good work on this important issue!

Thank you.

Wendal and Mary Clark, Escondido
You guys just rock … the stories are great and this week’s front page is just awesome. No other paper would even dream of a story about illegal immigration from a truth standpoint. Look at all the SOB garbage stories that NC Times has on almost a daily basis .. rarely anything on the effects of illegal immigration.

I wish I could support you by advertising but I don’t think The Paper would effectively reach my target markets. I will however patronize your advertisers.

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
/s/Jay Berman
Hurrah for you Lyle. Finally, somebody has the courage to step forth and tell it like it is. Congratulations!
/s/ Sid Colquitt
From Councilwoman Marie Waldron’s Blog:

A weekly newspaper, called "The Paper," has taken on the illegal immigration issue faced by North County cities with today's expose titled, "Illegal Immigrants - Go Home!"

"Come here legally, you are welcome. Come here illegally, you are not." is the opening message of the article, continuing, "We are very puzzled at the inability of otherwise intelligent people to grasp this common sense statement of facts."

The article addresses the drivers license issue, the economic impact of illegals on schools, the cost to San Diego county for social services (estimated at a whopping $1.5 million annually!), impacts on hospitals and emergency services, the criminal justice system and ends by listing the contact phone numbers and emails of all the elected officials in San Diego county!

Published by Lyle E. Davis, the small community paper has a long history of doing in-depth articles on items of interest to North County residents. With investigative reporting that challenges the other papers, Lyle asks the probing questions others are afraid to ask.

/s/Marie Waldron
My name's Jeff Mundt.

I may be passing out some copies of The Paper at the Del Mar Gun Show for you guys this weekend. I think it would be a golden opportunity for you folks to send a sales rep to pass out ad info at these booths. It's your demographic. And these folks LOVE The Paper. I'd be happy to volunteer to help you out as I'm a strong supporter of The Paper and the fine job you guys are doing in bringing balanced news to N. County.

Feel free to give me a call.

Best regards,

/s/Jeff Mundt

Editor’s Note: Mr. Mundt will be given several hundred papers to distribute at the Del Mar Gun Show. We thank him for his efforts and his comments.
Dom Salvio here.

I live in East County. Unfortunately, we don't get your paper out here. Can I access it online, like the Tribune, or the Reader?

Also, would it help if someone brought a load of your papers out here, for display at a couple of locations?

/s/Dom Salvio
East San Diego County

Comment from Editor: Yes, you can access The Paper on our website. Simply go to: www.thecommunitypaper.com. You will find the current cover story as well as the past four years issues that have been archived.

We regret that it is not practical nor cost efficient to deliver papers to the East County for display; we thank you, however, for your interest and suggestion.
Excellent. Absolutely excellent. I would like to see this article posted on all the billboards through out San Diego County. Excellent work.

Thank you, again.

/s/Keith Rhodes
San Diego County
Mr. Davis the publisher of this paper, recently featured an excellent and factual article about the trouble and costs associated with the dangerously/lethally out of control, illegal alien invasion from Mexico, which has the blessings and sponsorship of not a few political and corporate leaders. Many are waking up to the fact that this invasion is a socio-economic/demographic disaster of unprecedented and epic proportions. With tens of millions of Americans out of work and suffering severe financial hardship, thousands of illegal aliens continue to daily pour across our borders, adding to the already estimated 20 million, plus, that are already here. It's a fact that California alone spends well over 10 billion dollars annually to medicate, educate, incarcerate and house vast numbers of illegals. Nationally, the number is dramatically higher. The hate, contempt and disrespect that illegal aliens and certain politicians have for Americans' and our laws is palpable. It's a fact that Escondido has well in excess of 40 thousand illegals, most of whom are from Mexico. (Editor’s Note: While it’s true Escondido has approximately 40,000 Latnos. Not all of them are illegal immigrants). The state of California dubbed Escondido's 'Mission District,' -a place where vast numbers of illegals live, - as the single poorest community in the entire state! It's also a fact that when Americans recite the facts regarding the terrible costs and abuses of this invasion, that pro illegal alien forces do their best to bully, intimidate, harass those who would dare speak out about this exploding crisis in our midst. Some of these bullies even hold local government seats. The big questions are: When is too much enough; and at what point will the American people push back against this out of control orgy of corruption that is destroying our Republic?

/s/Gary Walker,
Escondido, Ca
If you have not read the article, “Illegal Immigrants – GO HOME!” in the February 5th issue of ‘The Paper’ by Lyle Davis, it is a MUST-read!

I commend Mr. Davis for the courage to speak up on such a vital issue and to provide facts and figures that document the enormous strain/drain ILLEGAL immigration has had – and continues to have – on our city, county, state and nation.

It is LONG past time that American citizens WAKE UP! I agree with Mr. Davis: “Illegal immigrants – GO HOME!” Immigrants who follow the rule of law are welcome. To remain a nation of law and order, abiding by the rule of law MUST be the standard.

Mr. Davis, “We the People” owe you a debt of gratitude!

/s/Diane Snyder
THE MARVELOUSLY WRITTEN ARTICLE BY LYLE ON 'illegal aliens go home' is the sentiment of many millions of we patriotic Americans. It does my heart good to see a well versed man with the courage to speak for the millions of Americans who want this problem taken care of but do not have the voice to appear in the paper.

I will be reading your paper in the future and will look forward to reading more of the wonderful and very informative articles by Mr, Davis. KUDOS TO HIM!

/s/Joanne Goodie
Duarte, California
I am writing today to thank you so much for this week’s article by Lyle Davis, Illegal Aliens Go Home! I don't recall reading an article as hard hitting and well done as this one. If people can't read this article and see the truth in it, then they are simply not looking for the truth.

I just can't praise the article enough. SEND A COPY TO EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS, and if you have any left over send them to the fools in Sacremento who are running California into ruin!

From the bottom of my heart,
/s/Phil Staton
Mr Davis:

Great commentary. Enough said. Keep up the good work.

/s/Frank Fettig
Good on ya!

/s/Bev Hansen
Mr. Davis:

You hit the nail right on the head with your recent article on our illegal immigration problem.

I have never seen such an apathetic group of people than the citizens and politicians of San Diego County. The illegal alien community just laughs at how stupid us "Americans" are by giving them so much. More concerning, many have the dream and goal of one day reconquering the Southwest - and if the American public continues down this apathetic path, they will!

Kind regards,
Josh Kaskin
A bunch of us here at NumbersUSA really like your cover story: http://www.thecommunitypaper.com/index.php

We checked our membership database, and we cannot find you listed as a member. As you are aware, we are up against the illegal alien lobby and cheap labor big business. That is a potent combination. We need everybody possible faxing Congress and the President.

There is no cost to join NumbersUSA. We currently have over 869,000 people who are actively faxing Congress. We need to get that number as high as possible in order to maximize our clout on the Hill. I believe that for the first 3 faxes, you have to use our copy, but then after that, you can modify the copy and/or create your own.


Our current urgent need is to get E-Verify included in the stimulus bill. That fax option is not currently included on the registration page, but I sent an e-mail to correct that. Once you send the first fax, however, you will see an action buffet that will include the option to send that fax.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.


Charles Breiterman
1601 N. Kent Street Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209
Thanks for the truthful piece on illegal aliens. About time.

Ken Hansen
Potrero, Ca

Thank you so much for writing the truth about illegal immigration! I have been fighting the mostly Mexican invasion for the past 12 years. I am of Hispanic heritage and I am also an immigrant to the U.S., a legal immigrant and a naturalized U.S. citizen. I honor no other flag but Old Glory.

Illegal immigration affects every aspect of American life and to those of us who came to this country by obeying its laws, it is a slap in the face. Moreover, I find it offensive that the Mexican activists imply that all American citizens of Hispanic heritage are in favor of illegal immigration. The only American Hispanics who are pro illegal immigration are the members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as they seek cheap labor. Hispanic owned businesses who hire illegal aliens are the first to exploit and abuse illegals. American citizens of Hispanic descent must compete with illegal aliens for jobs; and their wage and work standards have been lowered. At work, they are discriminated against because they speak little or no Spanish. In their schools, academic standards have been lowered to accommodate non-English speaking students and Mexican culture and loyalty to Mexico are being pushed on their children.

You might wonder why American Hispanics don't fight back against these intruders? It is because the Reconquistas go around knocking on doors and intimidating residents in what have now become "barrios." People who own homes cannot get out of these barrios. This is one side of this problem that the main stream news media does not touch.

/s/Haydee Pavia
Laguna Woods, CA
I loved your article on Illegal Aliens, Go Home. That article said exactly what all patriotic Americans feel. You put it in better words than many of us could (ours might be laced with epithets for good reason, of course).

I was born here, love my country and it grieves me to see it being overrun with illegals, people who shouldn't even be here in the first place. I think virtually all of our SO-CALLED leaders should be tarred and feathered and run out of town for what they're doing to us and our country.

Thank you so much, Mr. Davis. Keep up your great work.

Peri McMillan
San Diego County
Thank you for telling the truth about illegal aliens. We all want them to go home and fix their own countries and leave ours alone. We have too many problems of our own to deal with, to continually try to help a people who break our laws and disrespect us as a nation of free people.

Be blessed,

Lupe Moreno/Proud American

And Kicks . . .

In response to the Illegal Immigrant cover story: As a college graduate I am concerned. If I turned this paper in it would receive an "F" for using non factual statements to back up my arguements (sic). Your writer states, "What percentage of these Latino students are children of illegal aliens? No one seems to know," but immidiatly (sic) after uses numbers that only describe how many brown people we have in schools as evidence that we have an illegal problem. That is like me saying, "I dont know if God exists, but my buddy Tom said he saw him in North Dekota...so it must be true." How can you label the impact on our economy as negative when "No one seems to know?" What this tells me is the impact can be positive but you assume its negative. I recently drove home past strawberry fields, in the rain, there where a hundred or so Latino workers first should I ASSUME they were 50% illegal? Second, should I assume they stole a middle class white kids job? Something tells me, as a white upper middle class male, there would not be too many of us out there no matter what the pay. Thanks are in order, not hate.

/s/Andrew Meyer
Carlsbad, CA.
Your article on immigration expresses puzzlement that “otherwise intelligent people” cannot grasp the simplicity of the situation. I am more puzzled that otherwise intelligent people cannot grasp that it is complex.

Firstly, much debate on this topic is about legislation. Legislation is, by definition, not in accordance with present law. Our founders considered such debate important enough to dedicate one of the three major branches of government solely to this purpose. To point out, in the context of legislative debate, that something is “illegal” begs the question – isn’t all discussion of legislation, by definition, a discussion of that which is presently “illegal?”

Secondly, there is an issue of justice. There is no doubt that when you overrun your parking meter, you have broken the law. So what is a just consequence? Public execution? A just punishment should be related to the severity of the crime. So the question being debated is: how severe is the crime of illegal immigration status? Well, I don’t know. But I do know that it is a debatable issue with room for reasonable people to disagree. Besides, everyone has broken the law in some way, at some time, even if only minor parking violations. So what we are really debating is relative severity, not absolute black-and-white status as law-abiding.

Such complexities are often sidestepped by the tired old debate-avoider, “what part of illegal don’t you understand?” I would ask, “what part of legislation and justice don’t you understand?”

/s/Mark Davis
Carlsbad, CA.
Dear Editor:

I strenuously disagree with your February 5 article “Illegal Immigrants Go Home.” The most obvious example of misinformation is your claim that “If they are not citizens or (legal) resident aliens, they have no rights.” This claim puts you among a tiny minority of people who don’t know that the U.S. and most state constitutions protect the rights of all “persons” within their jurisdiction, not just citizens and legal residents. They are protected from self-incrimination, unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and inhuman punishment, to name a few. They are entitled to equal protection and due process of the law, a jury trial and attorney if charged with a crime, a free attorney if they can’t afford one, an appeal, etc. How can you be so irresponsible as to write and publish a long, front-page article containing such glaring misinformation?

Your first paragraph contains a more subtle mistake. You claim they “are not welcome here,” but our privileged way of life requires low-wage workers to do the hardest, most dangerous jobs without job protection or benefits. Our economy demands them here and pulls them across the border like a magnet. People like you live in houses built by them and eat food picked, processed, and often cooked by them. They clean houses, take care of yards and pick up the trash in your neighborhood. We trust them with our precious children. Then you get on your high horse and claim they are not welcome. What pathetic hypocrisy! Are you willing to pay twice as much for food, housing, and other basic services? Who is going to do that work at those wages, the Minutemen?

Which brings me to another glaring piece of misinformation in your article. You go on and on about the cost of various services to people believed to be illegal immigrants, without once acknowledging that they make huge contributions to the economy, including taxes to the government agencies which provide the services you cite.

The study you cite was very shallow, commissioned by Supervisor Bill Horn to reflect an anti-immigrant bias, based on estimates or extrapolations of the percent of estimated illegals compared to the overall cost of services (without any analysis of how many “illegals” actually use those services), and - most important - didn’t consider any of the monetary contributions to the economy or the tax base, including state and local.

On the other side of the coin is Social Security and Medicare. In 2004, for example, undocumented workers contributed $7 billion to Social Security and $1.5 billion to Medicare, but they never get any of this money back because they are ineligible for either program. This happens year after year.

It’s not about whether they should be here or not. They are here and the question is what to do about it. You and others are just flapping your jaws and making each other feel good with your simplistic slogans and solutions. We can’t deport them all and they aren't going to “go home.” Stop living in a fantasy world and start contributing to solutions that are realistic and needed. And stop spreading misinformation.

I have a talk and powerpoint presentation on “Immigration Myths and Realities” which I would be happy to share with you or your readers. Contact me at 760-758-2410 or ncforum@sbcglobal.net.

/s/Dick Eiden
Founder & Director, North County Forum
This e-mail is written in response to the article entitled, “Illegal Immigrants-Go home”.

First I would like to mention that this is one ignorant and racist article. Why ignorant? Because even if it presents numbers it ignores historical facts. Why racist? Because it is obvious to me that this article is directed to Mexican people. As a response I would like to provide some historical facts about the many people of the Americans (the true Americans) who have migrated or have ended up as part of this nation in the last 150 years. Mexican people ended up as part of this nation because of an Euro-American invasion first in land for thousands of years and many of them have originated from this land. Today the issue is not about race, it is about power and greed; in other words about class and exploitation.

I can assure you and the author of this article that me and the rest of you who are very angry at my words have more in common than in difference.
/s/Eduardo Aguilar,
Oceanside, Ca.

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