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Public Pulse October 30th, 2008

The Editor

The First Amendment

I was taught that our FIRST ADMENDMENT to the Constitution gives us (U.S. citizens) freedom of speech along with other precious freedoms. In the exact words of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Some examples of how OUR First Amendment has been violated in recent days:

In Lufkin, Texas - Jessica Hughes ... mother of three… former Marine … who had the FBI come to her door because she “dared” to tell an Obama supporter she was NOT supporting Obama when the Obama supporter called Jessica on her cell phone!

In Ohio - “Joe the Plumber”…who has had his entire life scrutinized (turned upside down!) because he dared to question Obama’s comment about “…spreading the wealth around…”

And … in San Marcos, California …Yes! San Marcos, California!

Steffani Cobler, Office Administrator at Kaiser Permanente, San Marcos, served as “judge, jury and executioner”in deciding that “The Paper” can no longer be distributed at the San Marcos location because she (or someone she would not name) did not like a full page ad that was in “The Paper”… and didn’t like a joke in the “Chuckles” column…

Now, in order to provide a more complete account about Jessica Hughes in Texas and about “The Paper” in San Marcos, I’m providing:

1.) The website address for World Net Daily where you will be able to find/read Roger Hedgecock’s October 13, 2008, opinion piece…The address is www.worldnetdaily.com.

When you get to the site, click on “columnists,” and then select Roger Hedgecock. When you get to Roger’s page, click on the title: “They came for Jessica, and I will not be silent.” This piece is definitely worth the effort!

2.) Another MUST-read is the front-page article in the October 23, 2008, issue of “The Paper.” The article is titled: “San Marcos Kaiser Permanente BANS The Paper.” Simply go to www.thecommunitypaper.com to find this front page story.

Sadly, the examples I cited above demonstrate a very disturbing pattern that seems to be developing in our country. In my opinion, it’s time to say ENOUGH trampling on OUR First Amendment rights. NO MORE!

In the same way Roger Hedgecock says in his powerful opinion piece: “They came for Jessica, and I will not be silent,” I think it is up to us to NOT be silent re: what has occurred at San Marcos/Kaiser Permanente.

We need to tell San Marcos/Kaiser Permanente they are violating the First Amendment – and this is intolerable as long as we have OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“We the People” need to be heard from: Phone number for Steffani Cobler, Office Administrator at San Marcos Kaiser Permanente: (760) 510-4126.

And, we fight on…

/s/ Diane Snyder
Escondido, CA.

More Kaiser Fallout

I had never heard of your paper until some friend in Northern California wrote me about the ban by Kaiser Permanente. HOW DARE THEY! I would like to subscribe to your paper . My name is Fred Wilson, just let me know what it will cost. I served three yrs in the Marine Corp in WWII and what they said pissed me off.

I think you have a great paper. I also think you’re missing a bet in Temecula. Do you realize that about 40 % of us are from SD County? We may not be able to vote in SD County but I will guarantee you we do have influence. Thank you for your paper. I like your Paper.

Fred J Wilson
Temecula Ca

And More Kaiser . . .

Dear Editor:

I am not a reader of "The Paper." I do not even live in California, but in Southcentral Pennsylvania. Still, I want to commend the Editors and staff of The Paper for standing up for their constitutional rights. When Ms. Cobbler of Kaiser Permanente decided to call and threateningly state your paper was banned from distribution on the Kaiser Permanente campus, it was obvious Ms. Cobbler was speaking as a radical representative of a politician and/or political cause, and not the hospital.

It was distressing to then read there was a follow-up contact by Casey Hart, Communications Manager, Public Affairs, Kaiser Permanente - San Diego, an authorized representative, who also held The Paper was banned based on the lack of a "permanent" agreement. Based on your article, there has not been a permanent agreement for a very long time. Apparently only recently did the hospital decide to enter into negotiations on an agreement. To now back up Ms. Cobbler's ban, using an agreement as the excuse to do so, is disingenuous, at best. Obviously, the hospital realized Ms. Cobbler had spoken out of turn and it seems they wanted to cover the unconstitutional actions. The "right" of free speech extends to all of America, not just where some influential hacks decide it may be practiced!

I applaud your plans to stand by your rights. I also fear an Obama administration that has already threatened to re-impose the so-called "Fairness Doctrine." They never mention the incomprehensible bias expressed by the national establishment media, along with the vicious attack mentality of pundits like Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. But they do attack Rush Limbaugh who is significantly less nasty. These despicable attempts to silence any who disagree, demonstrates for all Americans that within two years, Democrats plan to silence any balanced reporting, since they view balance as a bias to the promotion of their causes and demands for political upheaval in America. Balanced reporting is NOT bias, it represents all of the facts and allows citizens to make decisions. Obviously our friends at the radical left of the Democrat party object to the people expressing their positions!

Stand by your rights as the rest of us will as well. Good for you!

Steve Ralston
Southcentral PA, USA

A Kaiser Member Speaks

Dear Sir,

I am a Kaiser member and am in total disagreement with the censorship of your fine newspaper by the San Marcos facility. How can I direct my comments to the correct Kaiser person(s)?

I have moved out of the North County area, but I have The Paper bookmarked on my ibook. Thank you for your good work.

Don Belding

Editor’s Note: You may want to contact the following:

George C. Halvorson, Chairman of the Board, Kaiser Permanente,
1 Kaiser Plaza,
Oakland, Ca. 94612

Southern Ca.
Senior Executive: Med Director
Jeffrey A. Weisz, MD
393 E. Walnut St. 7th Floor
Pasadena, Ca. 91188

President of S. California Region:
Senior Executive:
Benjamin K. Chu, MD, MPH,
MACP (same address as above)

Arthur Flippin, MD
Area Medical Director
4647 Zion Avenue

Casey Hart
Communications Manager, Public Affairs
Phone: (619) 528-7483

Word from the GOP

Dear Editor:

I don't live in your area but information on the Republican Majority Campaign site ran this story and that is why I am writing.

This presidential election has brought out the very worst in people, especially Obama supporters who seem to believe that any criticism of his back ground, voting record, associations with shady characters, and policies is unacceptable and they will use every tactic they can imagine to shut up those who do not support him. They would prefer our constitutional right to freedom of speech (and thought) be suppressed during this presidential campaign for those who support McCain.

I appreciate your refusal to be intimidated by what appears to be an individual Obama supporter who thought she could use her position to silence any opposition from any source for her candidate. The ugly reality this incident brings to light is many people in this country believe freedom of speech only pertains to them and they will use any means to silence those whose opinions they disagree with.

Elaine Biggerstaff
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Word from Florida

I just read with sadness the commentary about those that wish to suppress our freedom of speech by banning your paper. Pensacola News Journal was a good paper a few years ago but the liberals bought it and now it's worthless.

It's encouraging to know that there are still newspapers still reporting equal and fair journalism. I hope you will not be discouraged by these cowardly attacks against you.

Lewis Fulk
Pensacola, FL

Yes on Prop 8

We, the people, have the opportunity to once again vote for the standard definition of "marriage". We get it to be adhered to when voting Yes on Prop 8. I trust that we will overwhelmingly declare victory again. It will, also, speak volumes, clearly for the wonderful definitions of family, bride, groom, wedding, mother and father, etc.

We are setting precedence for our children and generations to come. For example, we must admonish the schools to honor parents with communication in protecting our children from adverse indoctrination. Our laws are safeguards for the whole of society. The courts have given us a taste of confusion with ploys to undermine societies' view of morality and laws. It is not about being accepted, equal rights, or about us being intolerant. Everyone already has the choice to live as she or he pleases and each has equal legal protection.

Apparently, those of the homosexual bent are the ones who are not accepting and are intolerable by expressing their behavior in not respecting our nation's good values, such as marriage. We understand their wishes and wish them well. Let's keeping standing up for what has worked and is still keeping our society a healthy and happy one. Stop the confusion: Vote YES on Prop 8.


/s/Mary Calgaro
Escondido, Ca.

From A Physician

Read your editorial about Kaiser banning your paper via an email solicitation from Republican Majority Campaign. I'm very curious in reading what that Kaiser "physician leader" objected to in terms of the ad. I couldn't locate it at your website or from your article, "San Marcos KP bans the Paper" which didn't embed a link to the "ad."

I used to work for Kaiser Permanente in another state a long time ago. It was the closest thing I could have ever experienced of a totalitarian dictatorship by a private organization within the U.S. They don't tolerate doctors who are critical of their "physician leaders."

Now, as I witness the unabashed control of this country's mainstream media by the liberal Socialist Democratic party, we are certainly in danger of losing our freedom of speech nationally. Suppression of free speech that criticizes liberals will be accomplished by labeling it "insensitive," "hate speech," "racist," "offensive" or "right wing extremist."

Anonymous Physician
(I don't want this published unless I can be anonymous, I'm scared of repercussions from Kaiser.)

From Canada, Eh?

Dear Folks,

I came across the article regarding the censorship of your very nice paper to Kaiser and was incensed at the treatment by that organization. As a result, I was priveleged to read items from the paper and particularly enjoyed the articles and the Chuckles. How could I read further copies of THE PAPER up here in Canada?

I am a U.S. Citizen living abroad (in Canada) and would very much like to read further publications and would love to be able to access THE PAPER on the internet.

If there is a charge I would be willing.

Thank you.

Dean Lawlor

More on Kaiser

Obviously the 'campus' is run by those who cannot stand the truth - no matter from where it comes. It is said that Obama is not a Muslim. If he truly gave up the faith of his father there would be a price on his head because none can leave the faith and live.

/s/Richard Mevoglioni
Palmyra, VA

And More Kaiser . . .

I went to the Kaiser web site, found the CEO and media relations emails addresses. I sent them the link to www.thecommunitypaper.com and a note indicating.. this is not right... yada..yada... yada....

Will be interesting if I get a response.

/s/Nick Ponce

From a Fan of The Paper


Having reached the magical double-squiggly age (that's 88 to you non-math people) I look forward to several things: my retirement check, a good meal in the aisles of Costco and my own copy of The Paper. I get great subjects, excellent writing, political news, local news, The Social Butterfly, etc. etc. Mr. Davis also stepped up to the plate to try to ignite some action in our national cemetery in Miramar which had its beginning in February 2000. We have had the acreage (323 acres) since 2003 and 19.5 million dollars inserted in the 2006 budget by Cong. Cunningham. Things move slowly in the cemetery business. But eight years? Anyhow, Thanks Lyle. P.S. after Lee Thibadeau and Evelyn Madison are elected to their positions, we will meet at the local Subway to celebrate.

/s/Ted Roosvall,USMC Retired
San Marcos, Cal.

Letters to the Editor are always welcome.

Please limit your submission to 250 words. As always, we reserve the right to edit for length, content, and good taste.

We prefer submittals via email. Please send to: thepaper@cox.net but will accept faxed copies and regular mail. We will, however, screech mightily if and when we receive them because, being lazy, we don’t like to have to retype Letters to the Editor or Press Releases. With email it’s a lot quicker and easier to edit.

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