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Public Pulse September 11th, 2008

The Editor

Nine Warriors Story

Dear Mr. Davis

Thank you for your latest cover article on the brave people protecting freedom half a world away. ( - Nine Funerals for Nine Warriors). These warriors may have been desperately fighting to protect themselves and their buddies, but one look at their attackers’ goals reveals that our soldiers were protecting us all.

I lived in South East Asia for 17 years and saw first hand the bloody enforcement of Islamic ideals (including the enslavement of women) and I lived through two wars between Moslems and their neighbors. As long as there is evil in the world, we must fight it in word and deed. Those willing to bleed and die in brutal battles for liberty deserve our support and thanks. These heroes receive mostly negative coverage in the main-stream media, and articles like yours go some way to addressing this injustice.

Thanks again for honoring those protecting our families and our freedoms.

Sincerely – Steve Truscott

Editor’s Note: Steve Truscott is the owner of Family Karate, in Escondido and Rancho Penasquitos. He is also a former columnist for The Paper and a brilliant writer.


I ask this simple question to those so concerned about qualifying a Vice President and, as far as that goes, President of the United States. What qualifications and experience did Harry Truman have to be elected and re-elected during the critical time of World War !!???

Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA

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