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Feature Commentary September 11th, 2008


Long time friend, Sid Colquitt, retired banker and resident of Escondido, recently submitted an outline of his beliefs. We found it a fascinating look into one man’s viewpoints, well expressed. Here are his comments:

photoIn this time of heated posturing between Democrats and Republicans with each trying to out boast the others' claims of patriotism, perceived accomplishments for mankind, and suggestions of Nirvana if one would but vote their way; I think you should know that I am not a member of either persuasion. I am registered as an "NP" (no party affilliation).

To the further consternation of political devotees and rabid believers in partisnship, I am at the present time "Undecided" and I'll most likely stay undecided untill the theatrics are mostly over with at which time I'll fill out my "secret" mail in ballot.

I franky tire of the incessant TV ads, junk mail, sly emails, unsolicited commentary and ubiquitous TV political punditry. Very few, if any, of the forgoing have helped me formulate a decision. I do my own research, ask for help or opinions when I need it and seek my own council.

Now, in the meantime, so that you have an understanding of my personal belief system, I have attached a summary of my views on several subjects. No doubt they will be quite unpopular; as if I care. Obviously, the candidate that comes the closest to my views will get my vote.
Why I registered as

NO PARTY affiliation

1. I support a multi- party system composed of some political parties being generally conservative and others being generally liberal with both persuasions including factions that range from the devout and to those that are moderate or loosely affiliated. What I can't stomach is political extremism. I find no basis for supporting a party's position on an issue when it's personally abhorrent simply because the party governing body has adopted an "official" position.

2. I believe that the legislative branch of our federal government is failing its mission. Instead of seriously working to find bipartisan solutions to problems both branches of the legislature have evolved into highly partisan sycophants that focus on perpetuating their license to dine at the public trough. Consequently, federally, too much power is now abdicated to the President and the United States is becoming a constitutional monarchy. In California government, extreme partisanship has resulted in legislative gridlock at the expense of the publics' welfare.

3. I believe that a woman has the right to choose abortion. I do not believe that abortion is rightfully a political issue and see no reason for the subject to be included in any political platform. While I do not approve of indiscriminate abortion, if a woman chooses medically qualified abortion it should be her business alone.

4. I am not homosexual, but I don't give a hoot if you are homosexual. I really don't care if homosexuals marry, their marriage in no way diminishes my nearly 60 year marriage. I only insist that homosexuals deport themselves with the same decorum that I am expected to display. Overt sexual activity, including overly affectionate public behavior, by anybody is distasteful. In my view so called "Gay Pride" parades and protests are the ultimate in foolishness and do little to advance quality of life for anybody.

5. I believe that every person, male or female, upon completion of high school should serve two years in the armed forces. Those truly not physically able should serve two years in the Peace Corps or similar organizations. Religious exemptions should not be permitted.

6. I believe that the Internal Revenue Code is a bloated mess and needs to be replaced by something that is simple, understandable and unavoidable.

7. I believe that business in the United States has gotten too big, inefficient, and politically powerful. We need to revitalize our commitment to small business and encourage Mom & Pop enterprises. What happened to our Anti-Trust laws? We need meaningful constraints on lobbyists. Lobbying should be permitted only in public forums and legislators guilty of close association with lobbyists should be jailed.

8. I believe that if Germany and Japan can develop a high-speed train & rail system that we can and should do so immediately.

9. I believe in a strong military capable of responding to any threats to the security of the continental United States including Hawaii, Alaska and our protectorates.
We should also be prepared to help protect our allies when requested. However, I do not believe that the United States should be the worlds' police force. I am conflicted at the notion that the United States must perpetually maintain military presence globally to protect our (commercial) "interests".

10. I believe that we have an ineffectual, hypocritical, foreign policy. In the name of protecting human rights, we seek to export our form of democratic government to other nations whether or not they understand or are capable of governing under those freedoms. We prodigiously import from China and ban trade with Cuba. We rattle sabers and posture with North Korea and send troops to Serbia. Notwithstanding that Iraq had a particularly repressive government, we destroyed an emerging industrial nation over non-existent weapons of destruction. We persist in the squandering of troops and treasury chasing religious extremists in Afghanistan, but while there, ignore the opportunity to destroy the world's most prolific production of heroin producing poppies.

11. I believe that some types of guns are OK for the general population to own, but I also believe that some types of guns should be prohibited. Guns specifically designed for hunting and target shooting are, in my opinion, also perfectly adequate for general personal protection. Contrary to the National Rifle Association's sacrosanct ideology I believe all other types of guns should be unlawful for ownership other than by the police and/or military. So called gun "collectors" are, in my view, highly suspect and their collections should be registered.





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