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Public Pulse August 14th, 2008

The Editor

Another Who Votes No on Tri-City Bond Issue

Sharp Mission Park Medical Group has been bought by Scripps and effective August 1, 2008, is now named "Scripps Coastal Medical Center". Scripps (Sharp) will pull approximately 55,000 patients (a year) out of Tri-City Hospital and treat them at Scripps in Encinitas and other Scripps facilities. This will have a huge financial impact on Tri-City Hospital; why has this not been covered in the media?

The notice from Sharp advising patients of the change just states "As Scripps Coastal Medical Group, we will offer new practice locations and expanded choice within the Scripps Health system. No mention of the fact that patients will no longer use Tri-City Hospital.

The vote for a $589M Bond for Tri-City Hospital is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26, 2008, via mail-in ballot. The voters who use Sharp Mission Park are completely unaware of this change from Tri-City Hospital to Scripps.

The Sharp notice dated July 2008 was signed by:

Louis H. Hogrefe, M.D., President and Medical Director
Sharp Mission Park Medical Group
Elena Cresap, M.P.H., Chief Operating Officer
Sharp Mission Park Medical Center

/s/Patricia Castello

Disagrees with No On Measure A Story

We have to diagree with you wholeheartedly. Frank was in the Tri-City Hospital for 80 days and while the care was excellent, the surroundings were awful. The main part of the hospital is 47 years old and desperately in need of an overhaul. I don't care how the hospital gets the bond passed, it needs to be upgraded for future generations. Try going there and being there for a period of time and you, too, will agree. Did you know that the Shadowridge area is in the Palomar district and cannot vote on the Tri-City issue -- and I'm sure they use the hospital.

So let's get the issue passed and move on and get an upgraded hospital that we will be proud of and enjoy being in -- if being sick can make you enjoy being in the hospital.

/s/Muriel Turner
Carlsbad, CA.

And Another Disagreement want Tri City Hospital to close its do realize the hospital is not up to the new earthquake standards and has to remodel the older section of the hospital or shut it down!

/s/David N. Sherman

And Yet Another . . .

Your article about Tri-City was so sad, and the writer probably should have attended some of the meetings during the planning. Many of the current whiners did not, and as for Joe Brown, ask him why he was fired. If he can't remember, ask him about the LOTTO tickets.

The CEO does make a lot of money, but many of the doctors working there make much more, and all including the CEO pay taxes.

About selling it to someone else, that's possible but the buyer will have to rebuild or retro fit it to California standards by 2013, and it will be too late for that by the time escrow closes. Probably what will happen is that it will close, and then the campus will be demo, and low income housing will be put in...or perhaps Charger stadium, or? Living in San Marcos, you will have a nice new hospital to go to, or will you? I lost more money in my SUV trade in, than I would have paid in taxes over 10 years, and what do I have to show for it now, nothing.

In ending, hopefully we will never have to go to any hospital, but if we do we may only have the one chance, and hopefully that hospital will be close. A community newspaper should support the community, not a couple of has been's who are like a thorn on the ground, and get a lot of attention when you step on it barefoot.

/s/R Z Wagon
North County, CA.

Agrees with No on Measure A Story

Thanks, Lyle, keep up the good work. I sincerely believe that it is obscene for one person to be paid a half-a-million dollars a year with perks on top.

/s/Sonny Stires, Vista

Agrees with No on Measure A

I agree 100% - NO ON A – my NO vote is already in the mail. I thought your article was outstanding – highlighting the CEO’s salary & automobile expenses was brilliant!

Keep up the good work!

/s/Lisa Walsh
San Marcos, Ca.

Another Park Goes To Trash

Six months ago Friendly Hills/Sunset Terrace went under new managment. In that time management has managed to take a good park and turn it into trash.

With more than one family living in some of these homes, drug traffic in and about at all hours, police seen more often, arrests being made, makes this an unsafe park in which to live.

The owner and manager don’t seem to care about the good people leaving; just fill the vacancies with someone to keep the park full and get their money. It’s really a shame to see what’s happpening here. Friendly Hills is not so friendly anymore and the sun has set on the terrace.

/s/Robert Ware

Editorial Policy


Aren't you the man that told me that your paper didn't do religion and politics? How come in today's issue you're telling me how to vote?

James Pontious, Escondido

Editor’s Note: (Mr. Pontious is a former tennis partner/opponent)

Things change.

We've owned the paper for nine years now. I have a better feel for the local communities. We have become an advocacy newspaper. Not all the time . . .but on issues we've researched and feel strongly about.

We've also done cover stories on different religions. I'm not a Christian
yet I admire and report on major projects some religious folks have done.

I've also done at least two cover stories on the Mormons. While I don't subscribe to their religious philosophies I admire their lifestyle. I also am big on history and the Mormon's played an important role in the migration west.

Look for more stories and commentaries on politics, in particular. Don’t be too surprised if we do another story or two that involves religion. We go where there are good, interesting stories.

Our readers seem to like that.

Letters to the Editor are always welcome.

Please limit your submission to 250 words. As always, we reserve the right to edit for length, content, and good taste.

We prefer submittals via email. Please send to: but will accept faxed copies and regular mail. We will, however, screech mightily if and when we receive them because, being lazy, we don’t like to have to retype Letters to the Editor or Press Releases. With email it’s a lot quicker and easier to edit.

If you have an item for The Social Butterfly, you can email that to:

Readers are expected to comport themselves at all times as ladies and gentlemen. See as how that’s all that reads The Paper, that should be easy.

We require your name, address, and phone number so we can verify the letter. We will not, however, publish your address or phone number.

Fax to:

Regular mail to:
3643 Grand Avenue, Suite B
San Marcos, Ca. 92078

We seek to hear a variety of opinions from North San Diego County. After all, we are YOUR community newspaper. You have an opportunity, via the Letters to the Editor, to have your views known. Get busy and start writing!





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