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Public Pulse July 31st, 2008

The Editor

A Fan Writes

Dear Lyle:

I first came upon your paper at the “Comstock’ in Escondido. I’m hooked. Your writing, musings and selection of topics are terrific and informative. Confessing my ineptness, I was thrilled to find your features archived on line. Previously, I had scanned your story on Kit Carson, and after a few torturous hours, had it saved for posterity. I had begun the feature on Ernie Pyle when I figured there had to be a better way. Thank you for making it so.

I see you are of my era, and share a bit of common experiences. I was in Viet Nam in 64 and 65, at the behest of My Blue Eyed Uncle and under the direction of the Commandant. I like to write, but have no training, nor initiative to become trained, just a compulsion. To that end attached is musing apropos to my discovering The Paper you might enjoy. It’s short. (And very well written. See this essay on page 3. editor).

Thanks again for your paper, and thanks for publishing stories about the fabric of the US, our community, and the folks that are its weavers; special men like PO2 Mike Monsoor.

Best regards, Jim Wheyland

Doesn’t Like Bank Move

A recent letter sent by California Bank & Trust to the customers of the Lake San Marcos branch on 1132 San Marino Drive states:

“Dear Valued Customer,

We are committed to providing you with an outstanding level of service. As a part of this commitment and continued effort to best serve our customers, we will be consolidating our Lake San Marcos and San Marcos branch offices.”

The next paragraph states:

“Accounts serviced by this branch will automatically transfer to our San Marcos branch office, located less than two miles away”.

Lake San Marcos is home to many senior citizens who are perfectly happy with the friendly service provided by the staff at this branch, close enough to their homes to walk to. Is closing this branch and moving all services to another branch 2 miles or more (not less) “to best serve our customers”? We don’t think so! Some corporate genius thinks it will be “convenient” to drive out into the traffic on San Marcos Blvd. to the other branch. WRONG! It’s more like goodbye to all the customers at the Lake who will walk just a few steps next door to First National Bank and move all their accounts there. That’s exactly what we are planning to do!

The next paragraph states:

“While your branch of account will be changing, your accounts and access to banking resources will remain the same and even offer some enhancements.”

Someone does not know how to count! Of the five services listed, only one is an “enhancement:” Access to a drive-up window and a 24-hour ATM! This is an enhancement that we will not be using, thank you very much.

From CA B&T customers:

/s/Sebastian & Sally Cassarino
Lake San Marcos, CA

Civil Unions

Civil Unions that provide same sex couples all the legal benefits and equal rights is not enough. Their continued quest to be incorporated into the long standing concept of marriage between a man and woman needs clarification. This involves a bride and groom who are wedded to be husband and wife, when the wife normally takes the surname of the husband. They then become Mr. and Mrs. Seeking this status, how do two males or two females determine their individual role to fit into the pattern of the traditional marriage status they seek?? With all the serious social problems this nation faces, how this could become such a big political issue is beyond the pale.

Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA 92078

Letters to the Editor are always welcome.

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We prefer submittals via email. Please send to: but will accept faxed copies and regular mail. We will, however, screech mightily if and when we receive them because, being lazy, we don’t like to have to retype Letters to the Editor or Press Releases. With email it’s a lot quicker and easier to edit.

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