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The Computer Buzz July 24th, 2008

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


Windows XP Alive and Well

Windows Vista - "the operating system for people who don't know any better".

Microsoft's attempt to make Vista the successor to the venerable XP operating system by pulling XP from retail shelves and forcing name brand PC sellers to sell only Vista PCs is enjoying only limited success.

Retailers are telling their customers that XP is no longer available on notebook or desktop PCs and that only Vista based PCs can be purchased. While this tactic is working with the less computer savvy home users, it has been decidedly unsuccessful with business and professional users. Because Vista runs as much as 40% slower than XP and has compatibility issues, over 90% of all businesses and professionals have chosen not to use Vista on existing or replacement PCs. Even perennial Microsoft ally Intel has announced that they will skip the "Vista generation."

On July 1st, Microsoft stopped providing XP Home and Pro to the large national brand PC sellers. Only companies that actually build PCs can purchase these licenses. We can continue to sell new PCs with XP Home and Pro, Dell, Compaq, HP and Gateway cannot. They no longer build their own notebook and desktop PCs.

With business and professional users refusing to use Vista, Dell, HP/Compaq and other national brands would soon be out of business if Microsoft would not allow them to sell XP computers.

While Microsoft was reluctant to expose the failure of Vista by allowing the national brand computer sellers to keep selling XP, they were equally reluctant to put Dell and the others out of business by denying them the ability to sell PCs to business and Professionals.

Microsoft's solution? The major brands are not permitted to sell PCs with XP Home, (the version used by most home users). They are allowed to sell PCs with Vista Business or Ultimate and then substitute a free installation of XP Pro. This way Microsoft records the sale of a "Vista PC" but the user doesn't have to use it.

Microsoft's hoped for result?

1 Retail buyers of national brand PCs forced to accept Vista Home.

2. National brand PC sellers able to sell XP Pro computers to businesses and professionals while Vista gets the credit for a sale.

3. Microsoft declares Vista a resounding success in the business community even though no one is actually using it.

Meanwhile, Microsoft whistles in the dark ignoring the collective roar of outrage from hapless Vista victims while working feverishly to move forward the release date of Vista's replacement.

At the Computer Factory it's pretty much business as usual. The impact of Microsoft's "grand plan" has been to increase demand for our new XP home and pro based notebook and desktop PCs. More people are also looking to upgrade their older PCs to meet the increasing resource demands of newer software and the Internet. Savvy home and business users want nothing to do with Microsoft's "Vista generation" no matter how brief.

There is now absolutely no doubt that the Windows XP operating system will outlive Vista and continue to be a viable operating system long after Vista is but a bad memory.





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