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Public Pulse June 12th, 2008

The Editor

Hooker’s Corner - Shame on You!

I read with disgust the way you exploited and embarrassed those two young black women in your section you call “Hooker’s Corner”. Just what do you hope to gain from such a base expose? You should be ashamed of yourselves. How about, just leave them alone. Haven’t these women suffered enough as result of the legal problems they now face, not to mention they way they are routinely mistreated out on our streets?

If you want to exploit the topic of prostitution, I suggest you do a report on the amount of our tax money the police waste on chasing around and entrapping these young women, money that could be much better spent investigating and fighting serious crimes that are causing real hardship to our community.

Let’s revisit our values and operate at a higher level of journalistic quality and integrity.

/s/Daniel Mueller, San Diego County

More Praise for the Haskins’

Kudos to the San Marcos City Council for awarding this deserving couple a Key to the City and The Paper for it's fine article and picture of the event.

Only those directly involved could know of the endless time and energy this couple has contributed to the City's Historical Society. Visiting the Museum on San Marcos Blvd. and Heritage Park are evidence of their long range commitment.

Lee Fulton should also be included as another long time catalyst that made this achievement possible.

/s/H.M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA

Enjoyed “On The Ground”

Editor Davis:

Drinking coffee at the Blue Mug the other day, I found the May 22 copy of "The Paper". The main article, "On the Ground....", caught my attention.

After reading the article, I wanted to read the book authored by Meyer and Peters. I searched the Escondido Library,, and the local Barnes & Noble and it seems to be unavailable. Would you know of any other retailers or libraries that may have a copy? Thanks,
Ed Kamolz

Editor’s Note: Hi, Mr. Kamolz! Thanks for writing. I have forwarded your email to J. Stryker "Tilt" Meyer at the North County Times. He will contact you and arrange for your purchase of the book, or you may call him at his Escondido office: 760.740.3514.

Letters to the Editor are always welcome.

Please limit your submission to 250 words. As always, we reserve the right to edit for length, content, and good taste.

We prefer submittals via email. Please send to: but will accept faxed copies and regular mail. We will, however, screech mightily if and when we receive them because, being lazy, we don’t like to have to retype Letters to the Editor or Press Releases. With email it’s a lot quicker and easier to edit.

If you have an item for The Social Butterfly, you can email that to:

Readers are expected to comport themselves at all times as ladies and gentlemen. See as how that’s all that reads The Paper, that should be easy.

We require your name, address, and phone number so we can verify the letter. We will not, however, publish your address or phone number.

Fax to:

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3643 Grand Avenue, Suite B
San Marcos, Ca. 92078

We seek to hear a variety of opinions from North San Diego County. After all, we are YOUR community newspaper. You have an opportunity, via the Letters to the Editor, to have your views known. Get busy and start writing!





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