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Local News April 10th, 2008

Pomerado Hospital Operating Room Shut Down?

Informed sources within the Palomar Pomerado Health service report that the operating room for Pomerado Hospital was shut down one day last week following discovery that a patient had been awake during an attempted surgical procedure. Witnesses report the patient had only been given a paralytic anesthetic, an anesthetic where the patient remains conscious. The patient was then to have been given sodium pentothal but that was neglected. The patient complained and it is said the Pomerado Hospital followed the patient complaint by self-reporting the incident to CHS (California Department of Health Services). Witnesses also said that CHS was on site Monday afternoon, investigating the incident.

Andy Hoang, Manager of Communications and Media Relations for the Palomar Pomerado Health district, said he was unable to comment in depth on the incident because of patient privacy requirements. He did confirm an incident occurred and that PPH was working with the Health Department to review the incident.

Hoang said that the OR at Pomerado is open presently and they are proceeding as usual with patient care and surgeries.

Surgeries were shut down once before at Palomar Medical Center when it was discovered, by staff, that two surgical items had expired packaging. Erring on the side of caution they postponed elective surgeries for one evening. This occurred about a year ago.

During that incident the emergency department was always open and their ability to respond to emergencies was not compromised, said a hospital spokesperson.

After nurses noticed the use of out-of-date disposable equipment, hospital officials said medical staff members asked the state Department of Health Services to review Palomar Medical Center's inventory of surgical items.

A typical Operating Room, similar to the one at Pomerado Hospital that had to shut down last Friday

Surprise! Surprise! for Evelyn Madison at Kiwanis Division Meeting

Lieutenant Governor Walt Schuette surprised Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club member and Associate Publisher of The Paper, Evelyn Madison, by establishing the First Annual Evelyn Madison Award, to be presented each year to an outstanding Kiwanian who has demonstrated his or her commitment to service for Kiwanis and for the community.

Schuette heads up Division 37 of the Cal/Nev/Ha (California, Nevada and Hawaii) element of Kiwanis. Evelyn Madison has served as Lieutenant Governor for that Division as well.

Schuette surprised Madison by reading a lengthy bio of Madison’s many years of service both to Kiwanis and to the community. When Schuette came to the end of the bio and announced the establishment of The Evelyn Madison Award, it finally hit her as to what was going on. Schuette and Lyle Davis, publisher of The Paper, and long time companion of Ms. Madison, had gone to great lengths to keep it all a secret from her and made the surprise presentation at the regular monthly meeting of Kiwanis Clubs from throughout North San Diego County.

Her eyes welling up in tears as she walked to the podium, she recovered sufficiently to read the proclamation awarding the first annual award to Morris “Morrie” Pike, also known as “Captain Book,” for his outstanding work in the community in making many “treasure chests” of books available to school children. Mr. Pike is the subject of this week’s cover story in The Paper.

“For too many years, Evelyn has gone without the recognition she so richly deserves,” said Davis. “We decided to not only honor her for all she has done for the community, and for Kiwanis, but to also use her name on an annual award to recognize those other Kiwanians who also serve and do such an outstanding job. I’m very proud of her, Davis said, and so is Kiwanis.”

Left to right, Lt. Governor,Walt Schuette, Evelyn Madison, and Morris Pike, aka “Dr. Book,”
recipient of the First Annual Evelyn Madison Award

Cecil Russell Celebrates 100th Birthday

Long time San Marcos resident, Cecil Russell, celebrated his 100th birthday last Saturday. Many family and friends gathered to salute him and enjoy a sumptuous buffet and open bar.

Not too many people know about it but San Marcos has an Olympian in her midst. Cecil Russell was a member of the 1932 American Olympic Pistol Team.
While his hearing is a bit dicey, his mind is still alert and he exercises daily.

Cecil migrated from the midwest to California in 1923. In 1925 his dad passed away. He was 17 years old, left with a 10 year old younger brother, Pat. He was determined to see Pat get a high school education, which Cecil didn’t have.His first job was with a tire company, paying $22.50 per week. By hard work and persistence, he was able to boost his salary to about $40.00 per week. The company had several sites and being open Saturdays afforded him the opportunity to work six days a week, which helped out even more, financially.

Long since retired, Cecil Russell lives in San Marcos with his daughter, Cecile, and son-in-law. His is a fascinating life with a true rags to riches story.

His successes in business allow him to help support charities and objectives he feels worthy. He has both a recorded message as well as written thanks from President Jimmy Carter for his many contributions to mankind. At 100 years of age, Mr. Russell is more active than most of us who are half his age, or better.

In honor of Cecil Russell’s 100th birthday, and in memory of “Snickers,” Mr. Russell’s beloved Shi Tzu, a playful rascal that everyone loved, but who passed away last year, The Paper is donating $100 to the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter so that a youngster, or a senior citizen, who cannot afford to adopt a dog, will be able to have one.

100 year old Cecil Russell, with daughter, Cecile, at his birthday party

Military Tribute in Escondido

photoSince November 11th of last year, a local group has been working to honor our troops by finishing a monument in Escondido’s Grape Day Park.

On that day three bronze statues flanked by a Wall of Courage was unveiled and deicated. The goal is to publicly and permanently display the names of nearly 500 veterans, all heroes in their own right, on three walls. The first of the three walls was filled this past Veterans' Day.

The names of veterans to be placed on wall number two is currently being gathered and engraved on individual name plaques. The second wall unveiling is scheduled for July 4, 2008. Each name plaque is 2.5 inches high by 6 inches wide and bears the veteran's name, rank, branch of service and years of service.
Any veteran from any period of time and from any theatre of operations is invited to participate.

Veterans, family and friends are invited to join in and add a name of a veteran to the Wall of Courage. The project is funded by tax deductible donations of $250 for each name.

For additional information please contact :
Marty Teideman (760) 743-1474 E-mail: tomart@sprintmail.com
or Gale Pruitt (760) 751-9528 E-mail: galepruitt@nethere.com.

Visit www.paradisecommunity.org and click on MILITARY TRIBUTE

New Ownership for Escondido Country Club and Stoneridge Country Club

photoThe San Marcos-based La Jolla Development Group, which is the new owner of the Escondido Country Club and Stone Ridge Country Club of north Poway, is refurbishing both clubs as well as the Lake San Marcos Resort & Country Club.

The La Jolla Development Group is pumping in a $500,000 renovation budget at Escondido Country Club, in hopes the new surroundings will attract a younger group to augment the membership.

StoneRidge Country Club, has been nurturing friendships and activity for its members since 1962. La Jolla Development's officials say they decided to buy and renovate the three country clubs because the demographics suggest it is a wise move. Escondido, Lake San Marcos and Poway are all popular places to live. The housing statistics are more secure inland, as are the demographic trends in general.

La Jolla Development is hoping that a fresh look and new amenities will boost sagging memberships, Chief Operating Officer Bob Hilber said.

The organization has already invested $3 million to $4 million into Lake San Marcos Resort after acquiring it in 2004. They now begin to focus on its latest acquisitions: Escondido Country Club, purchased last April, and StoneRidge, which it bought in November.

In addition to the $500,000 remodel of Escondido Country Club they are planning on investing $2 million in upgrades of StoneRidge.

Escondido Citizen Claims Mayor Violates Freedom of Speech

Escondido resident, political activist and frequent critic of the Palomar Pomerado Health district, Wally Gutierrez, is furious that he was denied an opportunity to play a DVD during a recent Escondido City Council meeting.

Gutierrez had approached the council during Oral Communications and sought to play a DVD that contained a presentation by Dr. Marcelo Rivera, one of the PPH Board members, who made certain commitments during discussions concerning the MOU (Memorandum of Under-standing) between PPH and the city f Escondido. That MOU was subsequently agreed to by both parties. Gutierrez had appeared at an earlier council meeting at which Mayor Lori Holt-Pfeiler was absent. There were technical difficulties with the sound system so Gutierrez was invited back by Councilmember Sam Abed to a future session of Oral Communication, with assurances the sound system would have been repaired and the DVD could be played. However, upon Gutierrez reappearing at the subsequent Oral Communications portion of last week’s (April 2nd) Council Meeting, Mayor Pfeiler denied him the opporunity of playing the DVD.

Wally Gutierrez
Escondido Mayor Lori Holt-Pfeiler
Escondido Attorney Robroy Fawcett

She argued there was no council policy regarding showing of DVD’s within Oral Communications. Faced with the opportunity of showing a DVD under Oral Communicatios she did not want to make a decision on behalf of the ocuncil nor set precedent so she opted to not allow the DVD to be played that day. She fully expects a Council Member to request that policy discussion to be held in the future.

In a later portion of Oral Communications, Escondido Attorney Robroy Fawcett pointed out to the council that there were Rules of Procedure that could have resolved the issue. He pointed out that if another councilmember disagreed with the chair (the Mayor’s chair) he could move to overrule the chair. Councilman Ed Gallo made such a motion and it was seconded by Councilmember Marie Waldron. Both felt Gutierrez was being denied a proper hearing and should be heard that evening. Mayor Pfeiler ruled the motion out of order and her ruling was confirmed by City Attorney Jeff Epp.

Gutierrez has not only been a frequent critic of the PPH Board and the recent bond issue, but has also been critical of Mayor Pfeiler, who heads up an ad hoc committee charged with the responsibility of meeting with PPH and reporting back to the council, in public, on the progress of those meetings. No such meetings have been held, he stated. At this point, city staff is awaiting direction from a council member to agendize the item.

North County Times Publisher Addresses Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club

Peter York, the new publisher of the North County Times, spoke to the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club of Escondido this past Tuesday morning.

It was an opportunity for the Kiwanis Club to get to know the publisher and for him to become familiar with the club.

“Over the years,” said Lyle Davis, the host for the speaker, “we’ve had a wonderful working relationship with the publishers of the North County Times. Carl Appleby, then Dick High . . . and now, our new friend, Pete York.”

York joined the North County Times as its publisher effective July 1st of last year. He came from Longview, Washington. He is married with two grown sons. During his presentation he reviewed the many elements that goes into making the North County Times the leading daily newspaper in North San Diego County with 90,000 papers going out every day.

Joining him in his Power Point presentation was Laurie Brindle, long time member of the paper, (way back to when it was The Times Advocate) who presently serves as Outreach Marketing Manager. Following the presentation, both York and Brindle participated in a lively and interesting Question and Answer session.

The Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club meets every Tuesday at 7am at the Cocina del Charro Restaurant, 525 N. Quince. The meetings are open to the public and are free. If you wish breakfast, the charge is $7.50.

From L-R, Maurice Weaver, President, Lyle Davis, host, and Peter York, publisher of the North County Times

Media Outlets File Motions to Unseal Search Warrants

Four media outlets, The San Diego Union-Tribune, KFMB-TV8, KGTV/Channel 10, and KNSD/Channel 39/Cable 7, filed motions Monday in Vista Superior Court, asking a judge to unseal search warrants that may be related to the March 15 shooting of an unarmed Oceanside woman and her 8-year-old son by an off-duty San Diego police officer.

The motion contends that the standard for sealing search warrants and supporting documents is “extremely high,” with “a heavy burden on the party seeking nondisclosure.” Attorney Guylyn Cummins said yesterday that attorneys for the woman and her son have agreed to join the motion. Cummins said a hearing is scheduled for Monday before Judge Harry Elias.

Oceanside police have released few details about the shooting in which Officer Frank White, 28, fired five shots at a car driven by Rachel Silva, 27, culminating an apparent road-rage incident in Oceanside. Silva was shot twice in the right arm, and her son was shot once in the left leg.

Court records show that Oceanside police filed search warrant affidavits on March 24, March 27 and April 2, and that they were sealed by Elias. Oceanside police also filed search warrant affidavits on March 20 and April 4, records show, and both were sealed by Judge Runston Maino.

Court documents are also sealed that show what was found in some of the searches.







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